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  1. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD !!! (Because it's the best way tout enhanced your miniature)
  2. I usually put some "music & ambiant" loop in background like the ones of Everness (a Youtube channel with 1hour loop music from World of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls serie, etc). Something like Dreadscar Rift, the Dreamgrove or a Rainy Dungeon from Skyrim is perfect in low volume tone.
  3. I want the revamp of the free peoples with a more conquistador vibe and a mix of men/duardin/elf in the units kits. I also want a "fishmen"/felwater army including the actualités troggoth kit and the fimirs ?
  4. Or, more likely, "just" an endless spell box for those factions without new battletomes. It's a possibility.
  5. Maybe you can take a look at some alternative range which already made "bugs-like" miniatures. Crossing tyranids & vespids bits with some alternative range parts could be a nice start for the first miniatures then molding & recasting some parts to harmonize your army. Mierce miniature produce a decent beatle/scarab monster. The daikinee elves, a faction from Rackham's (now deacesed) range with some bugs friends had a nice piece called the "mandigorn warrior". Cadwallon, who recast some old Rackham stuff, cast a nice beatleman warrior with the daikinee's vibe. The Dung Beatle knight from Kingdom Death (monstre size). Otherworld have a nice range of beatles, centipedes, ... sized up from swarm to monster.
  6. People play them, but they customize stormvermins with some skitarii and other manufacturers bitz instead of buying the original minis.
  7. Maybe skip the restriction (other than thé realm rules). In France, we get a big 40k 6-men team event where the overall ranking is base 40% on the painting/modelling level of each army and 60% on your performance during the matchs. So, pondering the rank with a painting note could be a way to go.
  8. So... if they are battleline now, maybe we can hope a Fimir battletome in the future with official plastic minis from GW
  9. You can expect a "realm of battle" pack like the Blasted Hallowheart. A pack with more massive terrain with a 60-78£ seems something we can hope for (in the hallowheart theme or in another theme). IF games workshop put is focus on the destruction alliance until the end of 2018, I would love to see a Ghur "realm of battle" pack with boneyards terrains hinting at some of the creatures of the lore. Another fancy terrain i would like to see would be a windmill or another recognizable building twitched/infused by some death/malign magic (something with an eldritch vibe) which can stand between the actual mausoleum and warscryer.
  10. My short answer : No. We don't need it in the short term. AoS currently need a better balance between the 4 grand alliance (both on battltomes and minis) and to further flesh out the background. And, like @michu said before, we already have Skirmish which is... at least decent, at the moment. Of course, in the medium & long run, I hope we will have a "Mordheim-like" in AoS. A Big box which would contain 2 bands, a campagn rules, a full set of terrain in a free-city (like hammerhall, for example) & a ssytem with renow/treasures/mercenary to hires. But, if you want some skirmish and small battle settings at the moment, you can do it with both AoS Skirmish & Narrative/Open play ressources that we have (with some minor tweaks).
  11. Just astound your opennement with some "bling". The actual most expensive list if you play with official miniatures : chaos - skryre allegiance warlock engineer (100) 5x30 skryre acolytes (1600) 25 skryre acolytes (300) 1272 ? for 2000pts...
  12. My old metal dark riders. They always hit with pillow on their weapon in AoS but, i like the raiding/flanking vibe of the unit
  13. nicely done for a first mini
  14. You can take some idoneth deepkin in your mixed order based on Ulgu. Thralls are a well rounded (2/3+/3+/-1/1 on melee & +1 attack if hitting a 1Wound model ; +1Dmg if hitting a 4+W model) battleline who can fit in your theme. They can visually match with darkriders (both actual and old metal model). Start with a couple of units and a Isharann Soulrender (if you want some healing) or a Isharann Soulscryer (if you want some positionning/charge sheaningan). 3x10 thrall + an Isharan cost 520pts and fill the minimum number of battleline for battlehost (380pts for a vanguard). I thinking of them because they will be my next buy when I finish rebasing & repainting my old druchii
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