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  1. Griffounet

    A big, warm "BONJOUR" from France :)

    Bienvenue à bord ?
  2. Griffounet

    What concepts would you like to see in AoS?

    I want the revamp of the free peoples with a more conquistador vibe and a mix of men/duardin/elf in the units kits. I also want a "fishmen"/felwater army including the actualités troggoth kit and the fimirs ?
  3. Griffounet

    The Rumour Thread

    Or, more likely, "just" an endless spell box for those factions without new battletomes. It's a possibility.
  4. Maybe you can take a look at some alternative range which already made "bugs-like" miniatures. Crossing tyranids & vespids bits with some alternative range parts could be a nice start for the first miniatures then molding & recasting some parts to harmonize your army. Mierce miniature produce a decent beatle/scarab monster. The daikinee elves, a faction from Rackham's (now deacesed) range with some bugs friends had a nice piece called the "mandigorn warrior". Cadwallon, who recast some old Rackham stuff, cast a nice beatleman warrior with the daikinee's vibe. The Dung Beatle knight from Kingdom Death (monstre size). Otherworld have a nice range of beatles, centipedes, ... sized up from swarm to monster.
  5. Griffounet

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    People play them, but they customize stormvermins with some skitarii and other manufacturers bitz instead of buying the original minis.
  6. Griffounet

    Restrictions for a small Tournament

    Maybe skip the restriction (other than thé realm rules). In France, we get a big 40k 6-men team event where the overall ranking is base 40% on the painting/modelling level of each army and 60% on your performance during the matchs. So, pondering the rank with a painting note could be a way to go.
  7. Griffounet

    Fimir Are Now Battleline!

    So... if they are battleline now, maybe we can hope a Fimir battletome in the future with official plastic minis from GW
  8. You can expect a "realm of battle" pack like the Blasted Hallowheart. A pack with more massive terrain with a 60-78£ seems something we can hope for (in the hallowheart theme or in another theme). IF games workshop put is focus on the destruction alliance until the end of 2018, I would love to see a Ghur "realm of battle" pack with boneyards terrains hinting at some of the creatures of the lore. Another fancy terrain i would like to see would be a windmill or another recognizable building twitched/infused by some death/malign magic (something with an eldritch vibe) which can stand between the actual mausoleum and warscryer.
  9. My short answer : No. We don't need it in the short term. AoS currently need a better balance between the 4 grand alliance (both on battltomes and minis) and to further flesh out the background. And, like @michu said before, we already have Skirmish which is... at least decent, at the moment. Of course, in the medium & long run, I hope we will have a "Mordheim-like" in AoS. A Big box which would contain 2 bands, a campagn rules, a full set of terrain in a free-city (like hammerhall, for example) & a ssytem with renow/treasures/mercenary to hires. But, if you want some skirmish and small battle settings at the moment, you can do it with both AoS Skirmish & Narrative/Open play ressources that we have (with some minor tweaks).
  10. Griffounet

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    Just astound your opennement with some "bling". The actual most expensive list if you play with official miniatures : chaos - skryre allegiance warlock engineer (100) 5x30 skryre acolytes (1600) 25 skryre acolytes (300) 1272 ? for 2000pts...
  11. Griffounet

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    My old metal dark riders. They always hit with pillow on their weapon in AoS but, i like the raiding/flanking vibe of the unit
  12. Griffounet

    My first model down!

    nicely done for a first mini
  13. Griffounet

    Realm Themed Lists (AoS2 in Mind)

    You can take some idoneth deepkin in your mixed order based on Ulgu. Thralls are a well rounded (2/3+/3+/-1/1 on melee & +1 attack if hitting a 1Wound model ; +1Dmg if hitting a 4+W model) battleline who can fit in your theme. They can visually match with darkriders (both actual and old metal model). Start with a couple of units and a Isharann Soulrender (if you want some healing) or a Isharann Soulscryer (if you want some positionning/charge sheaningan). 3x10 thrall + an Isharan cost 520pts and fill the minimum number of battleline for battlehost (380pts for a vanguard). I thinking of them because they will be my next buy when I finish rebasing & repainting my old druchii
  14. Griffounet

    A most boring log!

    Nice work Would not it be more practical to start with an elephant toy of the same scale as armature ? (and less greedy with greenstuff/miliput)
  15. I think what AoS 2.0 need next is some focus for the destruction : starting by updated Moonclan, spiderfang and/or gutbusters range kit or, at least, bring a battletome with fresh allegiance abilities and bataillons. An expension which benefit mixed factions in Grand Alliances, similar to the Great Cities from Firestorm could make sense. For exemple, a bataillon with a lord ordinator and 3-4 warmachines from Ironweld/Stormcast fit well in a Freecity/Sub-alliance focus on warmachine. Or for a nomadic order sub-alliance, mixing only Shadow warriors and dark riders in a bataillon who let you redeploy the bataillon (with the initial restrictions) before the first round.