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  1. I'm running a demo using the box set from our FLGS at our local club in Exeter (UK) on Wednesday night: https://m.facebook.com › RygasRou... Rygas Roughnecks Games Club - Home | Facebook Feel free to come along if you're in the neighbourhood? Starting at 6:30PM
  2. ..because Owen was developing a game called Battleshout, but GW got there first 😉
  3. That's not how Sam Pearson described it; the Convergence element is designed to prevent the rise of the Uber- Warband and bring balance back to the campaign. Warbands migrating to new areas have to start over reducing their supremacy and enabling less effective warbands to challenge them.
  4. @Battlefury Your penultimate paragraph is fatuous and your last paragraph is misleading. Having read your last 10 posts or so you are having a go at GW in at least 50% of the posts. You may not be a hater or a troll, but you're not a happy bunny!
  5. Well that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. It's also the 'Lets Talk' people's opinion, and their entitled to that as well. What happens next will be down to the opinion of many many people...
  6. I guess we'll have to see how the combos and objectives work, however the campaign adds that extra level plus more objectives will come out in time. The beauty of small skirmish games is they can be adjusted more easily than the larger games. Move to the middle and kill will certainly be a feature but not the feature. On top if which you have consumable and perishable items that you win and bring more variety to the games.
  7. The Harpoon guy is bloody lethal!
  8. Dunno what that is in the background, some sort of fat toad.
  9. They get bonuses for leaping down on enemies from terrain, how bloody cool!
  10. You can play with or without the cards, but there's definitely a mechanic for scenery set up using what comes in the box that means (if used) the box scenery is deployed in a specific set up.
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