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  1. Despite in all honesty I'm not very interested in the Idoneth range (apart from the "sharks". The sharks are wonderful), this is so well-written and passionate that it has completely got my attention! Looking forward to hear more from you, see a couple of pic and (in the future) maybe here your opinion on how they behave in the table! P.S. Since you don't like to play with unpainted miniatures (and I agree with you, I hate it) and you need some time to finish your entire army, maybe you could think about trying some units in Skirmish mode!
  2. Thanks @brankignole!
  3. To the users who also post and have an account in Lustria Online... Can you tell my why if I try to open that forum I now see a web page advertising the "best usa dating site 2016" instead of our lovely scaly forum? Don't tell me Lustria Online is no more, please!
  4. Marvelous! These shields are fantastic, reeeeeeeally nice job!
  5. Which causes some serious issues everytime there's a Troglodon on the battlefield...
  6. I'm a BIG fan of simplicity elegant game rules, but in all honesty I believe the most reasonable way to deal with Line of Sight would be: A) choose your attacker; B) choose the target model; C) choose a point of your model base; D.1) if you can draw a straight uninterrupted line from that point to every point of the enemy base your attacker can see clearly the target and can attack/shoot normally; D.2) if you can't draw a straight uninterrupted line from that point to any point of the enemy base your attacker cannot see the target so can't attack it/shoot at it; D.3) if you can draw a straight uninterrupted line from that point to just a part of the enemy base your attacker can see the target and can attack/shoot at it, but the enemy has to be considered in cover. Now the problem would be: "What if the enemy hides behind one of his allies?" To me the answer would be "In that case, you have to shoot at that ally (since it is nearer to your attacker, so said model is a more immediate threat)". ...but despite I think this would add a tactical layer to the game, others might find it an unnecessary restriction. Oh, and of course we are assuming we are measuring from bases, but as we know the AoS rules don't suggest playing this way.
  7. Battletomes: as many as possible. Then Aelves (and some infos on Slaanesh), as soon as possible. AoS DESPERATELY needs these 2 things. To me, GW could decide not to release anything a part from battletomes (no new models except for Aelves, no new GHB, no new products at all): I'd honestly find it a smart thing to do. I know this is absurd and impossible, but think about how good it would be to see a battletome released each month, and to have all the races of the Mortal Realms finally complete.
  8. Good job, Oracle! How did your units perform? Are you planning to change something of your army list in the future?
  9. You could split your knights into 3 units in order to have a Firelance Starhost (3x Knights + 1 Carno scar vet)... But this would make you exceed 2000 pts, so if you want it you should drop something else. Choose what you prefer, and let us know!
  10. I have always had a true love for fantasy (meaning imaginative stuff) and colours, so when I came across Warhammer nothing excited me more than seeing a crazy army of reptile warriors and wizards known as Lizardmen reigning supreme in the jungle... I fell in love 'cause they were in my eyes the true embodiment of (Warhammer) Fantasy, while the other races were simply the same old Tolkien's stuff: elves, dwarves, orks, dragons, etc. Now with AoS everything is moving away from the traditional fantasy style, and I couldn't be happier: we see flying armoured pirates, monstrous cannibals who believe they are noble knights, ... and the "simple" Lizardmen has become Seraphon. Feral beings filled with magic who give space and time little meaning, and who represent the very essence of the universe: inscrutable, sometimes silent and cold, sometimes brutal and frightening, but always seeking balance and justice. How couldn't I love it?
  11. I actually would appreciate a little more variety in magic casting, but not in the form of 8 different lores with various spells each (to be chosen at the beginning of the game). What I'd like to see is a larger choice of what to cast in-game and I'd represent it this way: since in the AoS rules it is written that you should choose in which Mortal Realm you and your opponent are fighting it would be nice to have a list of 8 spells, each one rappresentative of one Realm. When in the hero phase you select one of your wizards to cast a spell, he can choose to cast the spells listed on his warscroll, arcane bolt, mystic shield or the spell relative to the realm you are fighting on. Maybe, there could also be 2 (or 3 max) Grand Alliance/Faction specific spells, as @AverageBoss said. This way any wizard would know: - mystic shield - arcane bolt - his warscroll relative spell - the Realm relative one - the ones relative to the allegiance he belongs to (A total of 6 spells circa to choose from while in game, not before the start of the battle) --- But I admit it sounds a bit overcomplicated
  12. Seraphon. Space lizards that arrive in someone else's realm/territory/planet to "bring peace" and other positive stuff... While in reality brutally killing anyone along their path who is judged by them as a "servant of chaos". Hell, it reminds me of Visitors in a lot of ways! [But I have to admit I haven't seen all the episodes of the various series, so I may be wrong] --- Oh yes, and you can see a detailed portrait of Wanderers in the Ewoks from STAR WARS: The Return of the Jedi! Just joking, guys
  13. Check out the Cosmic Herald ability of the Skink Starseer (from the Seraphon range). I believe that was the most problematic rule: it was easy for a Seraphon player to use that ability and heavily influence the outcome of the Initiative Roll!
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