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  1. I've got 10 kairic acolytes basecoated, with 3 mostly done. Ogroid is partially painted. Lost some will to paint last week, so I have gotten a lot more stuff assembled. Though...I'm eyeing Ironjaws or Kharadrons for some Path to Glory coming up soon....
  2. 10 Kairic Acolytes, sorry about the picture quality/background
  3. Paint: Finish Ogroid Thaumateurge (if not already done by July) 10x Kairic Acolytes Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch 4 Familiars
  4. Finished my Kairic Acolytes, pics coming tonight. Ogroid Thaumateurge is still on the desk, some base coating done. Might finish him tonight. We'll see.
  5. Current progress: Exalted Flamer: Complete Flamers: Complete Kairics and Ogroid (and Gaunt Summoner): In work
  6. Mid-month update: 3 Flamers and Exalted Flamer completed. Kairics are all base-coated and 5/9 have some details done. Ogroid...not yet primed.
  7. Brand new here, but I love painting motivation. I'll paint: 3 Flamers of Tzeentch 1 Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch 9 Kairic Acolytes (test model already done, 9 to go) Ogroid Thaumaturge Already started this morning, Kairics are primed and the Flamers are base coated!
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