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  1. The spells in question are Curse of Years (Arkhan the Black) and Blood Boil (VLoZD). My assumption is you keep rolling until you have no more successes rolled or the unit/target dies. One side said that the Rule of One on spawning extra attacks would cover this sort of idea, as you don't get bonus attacks from your bonus attacks. The other side said that the spells, as written, were fine and didn't trigger that clause. That's how I thought, but I was the Death player (running Arkhan in 1k games, thinking about using VLoZD in a 2k list) and let the others decide on it. We couldn't find anything in any FAQ addressing this. It isn't "casting a spell three times" sort of deal, like Kroak, so I don't think that would apply. Anyway, if anyone has any insight, or can point out an FAQ/tournament rule set that say something either way, that'd be a massive help.
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