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  1. It can be simple. Unit has 75% or less, rounding down, than its minimum size -> roll on the table. If unit has 50% or less, rounding down -> roll twice, choose one If unit has 25% or less, rounding down -> roll twice, choose both. You still play full points for the unit. If you want poonts per models instead, use the skirmish system to calculate points.
  2. You can use the new regiments of renown rules for undersized units.
  3. Black Templar unavailable... My order will have to wait.
  4. Flying+Lantern should be enough
  5. I could accept certain level of conversion (liberators using axes as blades, or maces as hammers), but I could not accept a weapon with its own rules being used as another weapon (grandhammers as grandblades). I'm most permissive with models without weapon options, as long as they could not feature another model better. Mi opinion is: If the model or weapon has its own rules, use its own rules. If the model or weapon does not have rules, use the rules of the most closed option (has edge, it is two handed... ) Another example with skyhooks in kharadrons. I could not allow another specific weapon as a proxy, but a minimal spear conversion is allowed (as skyhooks are the most similar to spears within all weapon options).
  6. While I like the "mandatory" terrain, I'm one of those who would like them to cost points as the endless spells do. Also, I would like for the "normal" terrain pieces (walls, realmgates, etc) to have points to include them as "fortifications".
  7. Pretty much almost every plastic kit since the release of the giant.
  8. I expect that the 4 grand alliance books will do something to cover issues like the aelves subfactions. Maybe we will even see allegiance made of different armies, as pure daemon army allegiance, or a highborn allegiance. Even we could see the return of the squatted factions.
  9. Generic terrain should be part of army building. Maybe modify the rules to include 1 terrain + 1 per battalion?
  10. I will say Everchosen+Warriors of Chaos+Daemon Engines+Darkoath. If there is no new barbarian box I will be disappointed. Rest of models seem fine (except Furies) . So I hope there is space for new units.
  11. I cannot wait to make a campaign with my Vermintide XIII antagonists.
  12. Skaven need a renewal of several models before. Mainly: -Eshin troops -Moulder troops (Rat ogres specifically) -Pestilens troops -Skryre weapon teams/Acolytes There is such a huge gap between 6th ed. Skaven and 7th ed. Skavens.
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