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  1. Bretonnia vs Lizardmen starter box.
  2. Beastclaw Raiders have Frost Sabres (each 20 points) and Icefall Yhetees (each 40 points) for scoring.
  3. Asensur

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Just so I can understand. We have 3 attributes (mind, body, soul) We have X skills that can combine which each of that attributes. f. e: If we have an "Agility" skill we could throw: Agility+body for speed. Agility+mind for reflexes. Agility+soul for performance. However, if we have an "Endurance" skill we could throw: Endurance+body for stamina. Endurance+mind for madness. Endurance+soul for morale. Am I close?
  4. Asensur

    How do you play open/casual?

    Points (but with different restrictions, based on battalions) Also, use of random scenarios between open war/matched/armybooks to balance armies.
  5. Asensur

    Current State of the Armies

    Also, Tamurkhan Horde as a Nurgle addon with new allegiance abilities.
  6. I think the "stormcast chamber" will be the new model for army updates. For example, a new complete guild for the Kharadron Overlords. Updates to old armies are possible. However, the new models should be enough to build a complete new army with those models only.
  7. Asensur

    Current State of the Armies

    Beastclaw raiders have an old battletome with their own allegiance ability, aswell as Bonesplitterz.
  8. I personally consider that randomly rolling on the open war battle generator helps much more to balance than using previously decided matched battleplans. When you know your objectives, you make the army based on that (amd that is where some armies outperform others)
  9. I would prefer them as a Death faction, with Settra as a Mortarch (of Pride maybe?). And have 2 concepts, sand skirmishers (snakes, scarab chariots, scorpions) and constructs. Also, remake Bretonnia as crusaders and fuse them with Wanderers (being the Green Knight the named character)
  10. Summoning has changed dramatically for all factions in 2.0 and now it is allegiance dependant instead of warscroll/points dependant. General rule would be use summoning as normal, and units summoned do not stay in your army after each battle.
  11. Asensur

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Will the system support the use of models? Will the system support the no use of models?
  12. Tribes of Destruction (normal orcs/gobs/ogres)... Armies of Azyrheim (human/dwarf/ironweld)... Aelf Cohorts... I would buy it.
  13. Asensur

    How does one control an objective?

    Wiping out enemy army.
  14. Asensur

    Community Comp

    To be fair with mixed Skaven, you can field 1-20 clanrats per slot (minimum of every unit is always 1 as we play open system with wounds for sudden death, what we try to avoid is 20 units of 1 "champion" clanrat), and you must field one unit for each 4 points (rounding up). So, if you want, with a box you can field 20 units of 1 clanrat (for a 80 slot match) Also, they give each one a size improve to any unit of the army because of having the horde keyword (any unit with a maximum size discount in matched play has it). For example, at 8 slots, you can perfectly have: 1-20 clanrats (gives 1 improve) 1-20 clanrats (gives 1 improve) Thanquol (occupies 2 slots, leader, unique) 1-9 stormfiends (2 improves spent) 1-9 stormfiends (2 improves spent) Empty slot (gives 1 improve) Empty slot (gives 1 improve) 2 endless spells. If you pick a specific clan, other battlelines options open (stormvermin in verminus for example). What we essentially decided was to use the pitched battle profiles as a "rigid" base, without specific amendments. We tried to obtain these objectives with this comp: -Avoid character/artillery abuse (specially "unique" options). -Avoid infinite armies. -Reward for fielding some "weak" battlelines. -Battalions/endless spells abuse. This is not meant to be balanced, but to be enjoyable for both sides. A mix between rigid matched play and absurd open play.
  15. Asensur

    Community Comp

    In my gaming group we are making a comp for open play, just to avoid abuses on one side and have a quick army builder. It is based on the matched play charts but without points. Pick Army Size per side 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 slots (or other quantity) Each unit/model fills a slot. Each Behemoth option fills 2 slots instead of one. Units have a number of maximum models, you can increase that maximum for that same initial quantity for each improve point spent (up to improve maximum). Each unused slot gives you one improve point, and each Horde option gives you one additional improve point. 25% of your slots (rounding up) must be filled with Battleline options. 50% of your slots (rounding down) can be filled with Leader option. You must have a Leader, that will be your general. 25% of your slots (rounding down) can be filled with Artillery options. 25% of your slots (rounding down) can be filled with Unique options. 25% of your slots (rounding down) can be filled with Ally options. For each 4 slots (rounding down), you can pick a battalion, a command point or an endless spell. These do not fill slots. Open, Narrative and/or Matched play rules can be used. SYLVANETH example 10 Dryads (battleline, horde, +2 improves max) 5 Spite-Revenants (battleline*, horde, +5 improves max) 5 Tree-Revenants (battleline*, horde, +5 improves max) 3 Kurnoth Hunters (+3 improves max) Treelord (behemoth) Branchwraith (leader) Branchwych (leader) Spirit of Durthu (behemoth, leader) Treelord Ancient (behemoth, leader) Alarielle (behemoth, leader, unique) Drycha (behemoth, leader, unique) *sylvaneth allegiance only Building examples for 4 slots: -10 Dryads -10 Dryads -3 Kurnoth Hunters -Branchwych -Emerald lifeswarm We have 2 improve points thanks to the dryads, each one gives an additional maximum of +10 to one of the dryads unit or an additional maximum of +3 to the kurnoth hunters. -10 Dryads -3 Kurnoth Hunters -Treelord Ancient -1 command point We have 1 improve point thanks to the dryads, it gives an additional maximum of +10 to one of the dryads unit or an additional maximum of +3 to the kurnoth hunters. -5 Tree-Revenants -Branchwych -(unused) -(unused) -Emerald Lifeswarm We can give an additional maximum of +15 to the tree-revenants, thanks to the 2 unused slots and the horde option.