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  1. One reason is that lists in the UK are designed to work in a singles event - so a strong list will be built to take on all comers or at the least the armies you would expect to see on the top tables. In a match up situation you don't need to take such a list - you may well meet a list that would be poor in a singles event, but has been built specifically to take down certain armies or excel in certain scenarios. It doesn't need to take on one and all as it will be protected and pulled out in the match up process against a favourable opponent. (If anyone hasn't looked into the ETC match up process I would recommend they google the 9thAge ETC pack from last year, just for the match up process and how heavily this can influence games/armies) For example a 4 Stonehorn list might be poor in a singles list as a mixed destro - but perhaps it would do well against DoK as it could pick off the hags. Or shooty STormcast etc. You don't need to think 'how will my army perform at an event' and more build an army for certain instances or scenarios (largely depends on how the pack ends up) - so you might want to take (as a team) a mix of lists - perhaps an elite shooty build, a swarm list, smash list, healing/summoning list, etc. If you just take a reg tourney build for each army chosen you could come unstuck against a team that has put more thought into specific match ups and taken more esoteric lists as a result. Also local meta means they're approaching the game in different ways. The UK scene doesn't have much shooty stuff right now, so rush and smash lists are doing well. But perhaps in another country they're seeing some success in some more shooty builds. Thinking outside the box a little or just have different influences locally. A good example is Dwarfs from 6-8th ed. They were very poor in singles as struggled to win big in games. But they're great at castling up and getting a draw. Lots of countries would take a Dwarf list just to draw 10-10 in every game. Put the list up against someone's smash list and you have an opponent that expected to win 20-0 suddenly getting a 10-10 draw meaning that the opposing team are 10 down on expectations........ meanwhile you look to get a smashy list of your own against something it can beat big. AoS doesn't have a 20-0 system, but I would expect to see some variance on win mechanic/scoring/scenario. ETC hammer and Warhammer have long been different from one another (which is another kettle of fish entirely in how the ETC packs influence UK event packs and not something I was overly keen on myself....)
  2. DoK would likely be even higher rated if it weren't for me taking a list with min WE and nig stompy stuff instead. And only having a 2/3 at 3 events with 'em. So yeah, players and builds effect the rating. But it evens out given enough data gathered.
  3. Started listening to the latest ep - the guy going fishing put me over the edge and I was giggling away. Mate at work asked what was so funny - he's now on ep 4
  4. Had a terrific time at BLACKOUT - well ran, great venue, awesome people! Chris' events remain up there as my fave events and I'll always make the effort to attend though solicitors nearly scuppered me this year! Regarding Realm rules I think some minor tweaks regarding teleport and move (hopefully to be errata'd soon) or perhaps just using the feature, sig spell and command ability would be simpler. A couple of my games ran close on time as there's a lot of stuff to take in, especially a new spell deck (I just ignored them myself to save time!) There is an awful lot to take in in AoS2 so I wouldn't mind the simpler approach to realms. Terrain; there was a decent amount of terrain, though most of it wasn't AoS friendly. To that end I'd have had no issues with Ben J's terrain as it looks like an AoS table and also blocks LoS and has an effect on the game. More of that sort of thing please! A lot of my games did look like we were playing on an 8th ed table. So constructively I'd like to see more AoS suitable terrain (I wouldn't mind bringing my own either) Painting was awesome. Aaron's army was fantastic and a deserved winner. Got my vote as soon as I saw it. Great event, I can't believe how the main attention seems to be on some second-hand gossip as opposed to what was a cracking event and great time. I imagine it is very frustrating for Chris to have ran an awesome event with nay a gripe to come on here and find people verbally crapping all over the place with half-heard and mis-understood semi-facts. Forums hey? Thanks to Chris, Rob and Loz for their hard work over the weekend and the Firestorm staff.
  5. Bobo was a fantastic event. I've been attending tourneys for 18 years now and this event is in my top 3 of all time. * Good venue - loads of space between tables (not a touched bum all weekend!), large bar, plenty of food, mats on tables, 4 big screens, good PA system (and compere!) , well timed, good data entry, cello band to welcome us! ,awesome mini games and prizes..... great coverage by The Honest Wargamer and also his roving reporter, nommed armies getting photos, it was stunning and has set the bar for all. * I've been to many events - most big events in the UK multiple times, numerous GW HQ events, the ETC a couple of times, Munich GT, Dutch GT. I reckon Chris Tomlin's Weymouth events, Bobo and the old Munich GT (7th ed) events where my favourites. Couldn't put them in order though.
  6. Finished 10 Blood Sisters for BOBO this weekend gone
  7. Sent Paypal over for my ticket last night. Old Man Adi has buggered up his achilles so I'm gonna come and be his taxi and carer over the weekend! :0P
  8. Overread, Yeah I think you definitely could! Though you'd need to do some chopping and scraping to get parts to fit nicely.
  9. Ben J and Martin said on the tactics stream (yesterday) whomever deploys first goes first - no change there. About 33 mins into the TACTICS stream
  10. If I used him as a 3rd Avatar the list would be illegal as I already have max 4 Behemoths in Morathi, Cauldron and x2 Avatars. I do have another 2 Avatars as I planned a 4 Avatar list at one point but I think I'll go with 2 Cauldron and 2 Avatars instead and sell on the other 2 FW Avatars.
  11. Thanks guys. The Eidolon is on the base it comes with. It's an allied Eidolon not an Avatar or anything. I just converted and painted him to match the army better.
  12. I managed to paint 2k in time for the Heat 3 AoS event at Warhamer World a couple of days ago. I was fortunate enough to get a painting nomination which was nice! Here's some pics of the 2k army. Also, Dan of AoS Shorts fame asked me to answer a few questions about the army, conversions, basin and painting etc. You can read the interview and see more army pics here https://aosshorts.com/showcase-tim-daughters-of-khaine/ blood effects and basing Q&A can be found there too
  13. Thanks guys! I had planned to airbrush them, but the airbrush clogged almost straight away so I had a sulk and switched from my plan of deep red up to duck egg blue highlight and instead went with gal vorbak red (FW Paint) all over that I highlighted up with VA azure blue with kkaki edge highlights and then knocked it back to a smooth deep red transition with many washes of nuln oil, carroburg crimson and drakenhof nightshade. and multi coats of gal vorbak (its very thin) in between.
  14. Good call on sorting out the price of food and drink to be more reasonable. T’other than that I really enjoyed last year. Any narrative or more laid back gamers I would highly recommend Warhammer Achievements- Stevey Wren always run a good event and the terrain and player packs are exceptional.
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