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  1. I dont have more Troggoths lol. That is all I have at this time and till a new book I dont really wanna get more gitz unless I see a good deal
  2. List idea (both additional are artifacts was a click mistake) Basically bored of boingrotts bouncing off stuff not in a goodway Edit: forgot monsters can't be hunters so would just make it troggoths and 1 herd
  3. Any rumours on DOK warscroll cards?.....
  4. Cheers! Yeah its the 1st of my Avatars of Morathi-Khaine. I am going to do another but the upper half resin model I ordered hasnt come yet Yeah, BC changed the interior restrictions again due to spike in cases on Friday, Basically meant no indoor events Over 50 people. They couldnt run at just 50 as costs too high from the Uni Venue so they were forced to Cancel as The indications were the restrictions will be for a few weeks at least and Attack X was in 3. Suuuucks. Kippers is still aiming to be on in October as thats on the island and they are doing fine
  5. Finished my DOK display for now. Too Bad Attack X just got cancelled due to covid restriction changes, but Kippers and Red Harvest are in Oct
  6. We have a BC AOS discord if you are interested. 128 people across BC so far. I post them there when I hear about them. Sadly Attack X just got cancelled due to covid restrictions changing in the interior so the next one will be Kippers Melee In Nanaimo in October
  7. (Posted in the other area by accident) Played vs Mathias yesterday, my Skaventide Nemesis (he is a good player and Skaven are by Bane) He ran: Arch Warlock (General, Overseet of destruction) Amulet of Destiny, Ghostmist Plague Priest on Plague Furnace (Curse) Plague Priest (curse, Liber Bubonicus) Verminlord Deceiver (Flaming Weapon) 2 x 20 Clanrats 40 Clanrats 2 x 20 Plague monks 3 x Ratling Gun Warp Grinder We are trying the Attack X scenarios and we played First Blood He had 10 drops to my 12, so decided to go 1st and pushed up his rats to the objs and teleported via the warpgrinder 40 Clanrats to 9 of my front line and popped out his ratling guns while 20 plague monks popped out on my right flank. Raitling guns went all in on my blood stalkers (one at the time to bait out defense) and he killed half the unit. He got some good charges in and the plague monks took out my shadowstalkers (all out attack on 2+ to hit with 3 attacks each...) However, My sos were within 6 of his ratling guns and They piled in and took one out but stopped them being able to unleash hell in my turn My turn saw me fail to rally any Stalkers but I got cogs off, so withered the plaguemonks and enfeebled the clanrat 40 block. Shooting saw the cauldron and 1 avater clear out the ratling guns and a medusa and other avatar take down 5 Plaguemonks. The 2nd Medusa and Shrine took down 18 CLanrats and then most my army charged in. Avatar vs Monks fluffed, should have all out attacked as I rolled 3 x2+ lol. Killed 3 still but with battle shock the plague monks went down to 4 models. The 40 clanrat block got wiped out and the witchaelves took out 7 of the clanrats to the left, but he held them with hold fast. Over the next few turns he won priority every turn bar turn 5 which I made him go 1st anyway. The bloodshrine went down to the combined charge of plaguemonths and furnace. For 3 turns he rolled max MW damage for the furnace and it even knocked down my Cauldron to 1W. Couldnt roll a 6 to save myself lol. However I managed to push to with avatar on the right to clear that side, and cleared the middle and with the herotic healing I managed to get the Cauldron back to 5w Taken. Game ended turn 5 19vs17. Another stupidly close game but this time I won. He had his Verminlord deceiver and the arch Warlock (on 1w) was hiding behind a cornered Gnawhole so I couldnt get to him I had an avatar, Cauldron and both Medusa
  8. WHen you roll a 6 and you get a mortal wound, it ignores armour saves. Ward saves & feel no pain saves (or anything that works vs Mortal wounds) then can try and save against it What it means by "the attack sequence ends" is the model just takes 1 MW from that individial shot (the 6) and you do not roll to wound. its basically to stop you getting to roll to wound and having an additional wound chance as well as the mortal wound
  9. Attack X nearly sold out! get your tickets while you can! AOS Players for Attack X, make sure you register on best coast pairings (small numbers have so far) https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/h3ddfptg... Full pack is now also up from Andy inc scenarios: https://cdn.discordapp.com/.../ATTACK_X_AGE_OF_SIGMAR...
  10. Not sure atm, we saved points by not having battalions but some armies didnt use them. Then all points went up. I dont think they will move to bigger games of 2500 or 3000pts as adds time to play and makes it tighter for events (some people struggle with time as it is) GW also seem to always hate the destruction faction. They are one of the smallest and since its supposed to be a horde faction the points should be less or more options to actually horde. Atm the game is God hero plus elite support units. So we will see what the meta brings over the next few months. Its still to early to tell as only a few areas are starting tournaments but more are coming
  11. Hallo Ggom Most armies are slightly smaller now. I think everyone lost discounts to hordes (30 WE was 300, not its 360. 30 SOS went 300 to 405) Also armies are capped at 4 reinforcments, and most units unless battleline capped at 1. With points also up around 10% per army, ended up being 1 - 2 units less per army and you dont see many hordes. Its a shame at time for models, yeah I have around 20 painted snakes, 20 mixed Khinari, 20 SoS and 50 WE sitting doing much (not including all the other bits like doomfirewarlocks etc etc) But...means i have options to change up my list. DoK units are all pretty much useful, so we have a lot of flexibility in what we can play. Atm Stalkers and Morathi are popular with people but thats 1170 starting, so doest give you huge options. However, that list will be dead by next FAQ points change as Morathi will probably go up 100pts and Stalkers 20pts
  12. Got in another game last night (trying to get 2-3 a week until attack x in September as i really want a handle on 3.0)Played against SoulBlight Gravelords on "First Blood"I played very bubbled in the corner at 1st, as he had 3 mortis engines he was going to send at me and needed to be in my buffs.I screwed up his 1st battle tactic, failing to get 3 units running within 3 of eachother (his last unit rolled a 1 and needed a 2)I failed my 1st one also, as my Witch aelves failed to charge his direwolves that were on the bottom obj.However I got the double turn 1-2 and then got turn 3 and it was over as I was now up 16-6 and he only had 1 hero and 6 Direwolves leftBottom of 2 I lost my cauldron but meant top of 3 I got most things into his Vampire lord and took him down
  13. I mean....you might not be wrong there (The gods of order meeting) Morathi: "So, I read in this book there are ways to become a god. I wanna be a god too" (Teclis, Tyrion and sigmar look at eachother worried) Teclis: "We are sorry, it doesn't work that way. Malarion would be able to agree with us if he wasnt brooding in the shadows" Morathi: "Well ****** you! you create souless abortions the abandon them! and you, you abuse the souls of the dead by summoning them to to armour to repeatedly die for you...****** all your opinions" *Storms off* Tyrion: "wow, whose idea was it to side with Karen" Teclis: "We needed her as shes great at gathering gossip on everyone" *Alarielle enters drying her hair and reads the room* "Wait, what did I miss?" Teclis: "Morathi was reading qanon posts again saying we do evil ****** and that she can become a god" *Morathi-Khaine reenters* Morathi-Khaine "Haha! ****** you all! Im a god now and there is two of me, deal with that you ******!" Teclis/Sigmar ".....wtf...." Tyrion "Wait, there is two of you now? How you doin?" winks at the wall as he is blind
  14. Its like a republican defending trump, sad and deluded
  15. cause he abandoned his kids and refuses to pay alimony? Cause he caused the old world to end? Cause he got stabbed by Nagash and thats gonna bite everyone in the ass in the future? Cause he has bad fashion taste?
  16. WIP on my DOK travel display board needed something I could fly with so its 4 10x10 sections that I can pack up statues going to have blood insults on them (the teclis one is faceless) and I still have to do the shrine skulls and blood pool (with resin and maybe some floating bodies)
  17. Got another game in last night vs Seraphon Roughly he had Dracothians Tail Slann Starmaster, general, Ancient knowledge, Godbeast pendant, stellar tempest Skink priest: guidance skink priestL Curse, acane tome Celestant Prime 5 saurus guard 3 x 10 SKinks (spitters, bucklers) 10 Skinks (javlins) 3 terradons 5 cameleon skinks 2 x 2 Salamander packs 1 x 2 salamander pack Warlord, hunter of the heartlands, vanguard This was a pic near the end lol. Basically made him go 1st that he didnt expect. Got some buffs up and cometted for 6 units! eek. did 1-2 wounds on all my heroes but he got 3 plus a smite on my HQ to put her to 1 wound. Luckily, I managed to start healing her back up in my turn and I moved forwards, but with most stuff still out of range or not dropped then I just held. He won the turn, and an obj dropped on the middle line to the left. This turn did not work out for him. He didnt get any spells or buffs of note off and he just dropped some units down to chaff up my army till he could get more stuff worth while down on turn 3, however, he didnt remember how much close range fire my army has In my turn I cleared a lot of the chaff and got both avatars into the slanns hiding terrain piece. However, I failed all my charges on the left obj (which i had picked for my battle obj also) which meant I got no VPS that turn, so it was now 6-2. Playing Soul Blight Grave lords tomorrow I then won the priority which sealed the game really. Both objectives dropped on the middle line so where I already had units. I cleared out all of his army bar the terradons and with the slaan dead (he failed his rebirth roll but still had 2 avatars to attack and 80% of the shrines to go) This meant no more reinforcements for him bar the celestant prime, but tbh he comes down, kills something then dies horribly.
  18. Played my 1st game (Well 2) with the above list vs the same KO list that beat my Morathi list the week before game one I won at the top of turn 2, where I won the priority and he conceeded we re-racked so he could try some different tactics against the list, and I won top of turn 3. Worked really well. Pic 1 is from 1st game, Others from game 2 Heart of Fury was in play due to his Fyreslayer units that do D2 each
  19. So Came up with another tweek version of my avatar list. Dropped the 2nd Cauldron for a Shrine and 1 unit of shadowstalkers/witch aelves to make a unit of 10 stalkers to help support snipe. Also dropped Shackles for Cogs to give the coven 6 casts. Since I have 6 dispels i can always dispel it in enemy turn and move it to a better place Went with 2nd spell choice over Iron circlet. If I dont get Sacrament off well its only turn 1 I dont get the avatars so not the end of the world and my prayers are on a 2+ (3 for universal) with avatars
  20. I have a theory that in 2022 DOK, IDK and Malarions group will get a combined book like Orruk Warclans is getting Would explain why dok only got a few endless spells, 1 hero and no warscroll cards in our 2.0, its basically a patch book to do us till this combined one.
  21. 2 Drop Cobra Kai. Strike first...strike hard...no Mercy Morathi used Hero shooting on stalkers to clear screen of main target in hero and shooting phase (or if no screen go for support heroes) Morathi-Khaine and Bloodwrack Shrine fly up 9" of enemy with Mirror Dance Shadow queen just flies up Khinari drop down or fly up (depending deployment) and charge in to take unleash hell Ironscale makes the sisters run 2D6 and charge with now 5 attacks each from Cobra Kai/Shadowqueen (hopefully with MR) Bloodwrack Shrine, Shadow Queen and morathi-khaine charge in also. Cogs to help everyone charge Turn 2 can either use Morathi-khaines ability on sisters or stalkers WE and Ironscale just tooter around and cap obj with stalkers support firing Game over turn 2. Time for drinks. Cobra Kai tshirt and memes a plenty
  22. Yeah looking to see what the Kruelboyz bolt thrower has to offer when released next month
  23. [GT] Attack-X Dates: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS CHANGE IN THE INTERIOR Loc.: Kamloops, BC Link: https://www.facebook.com/AttackXexpo/ [GT] Kippers' Melee Dates: Oct 16-17, 2021 Loc.: Nanaimo, BC Link: https://www.facebook.com/kippersmelee
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