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  1. Terrible photo but it's almost done!
  2. Flesh-Eater Courts is a really fun army and has probably my favorite fluff in all of Age of Sigmar. The $180 King Vlagorescu's Ghoulish Host is a 1200 point army in a box and would be your best bet to start. They're all about making your opponent kill them several times. However, if you're only after suggestions then mine is this: go with what you think looks cool. That is the only criteria. 75% (maybe more) of this hobby is spent modeling/painting. If you try and do that with something you don't like the look of, you won't get far.
  3. It's a Command Ability so he would need to be your general to use it.
  4. This is the exact list I'm planning on taking to NOVA. Though I am considering dropping the shaman for another warchanter and coming in 40pts low. I don't think I will end up doing that though. Luckily, I'm just doing the Narrative and not the GT so winning everything doesn't really matter to me.
  5. 1. That's what Narrative and Open play are for. Build a Megaboss and see how long he can last against a neverending tide of skeleton warriors then switch sides! So long as you have a like-minded opponent the sky's the limit with AoS. If Ironjawz and Moonclan look fun to paint, paint them. Don't ever ever EVER get models that you aren't excited to paint just because you think they're 'good'. That's a recipe for burnout and unpainted models. 3 (2?). Again, this comes down to a like-minded opponent. If you were across the table from me and you told me what was up - "These guys are holding Gore-hackas because the unit will be 10 at some point, but I can't afford the other 5 currently" - I would have no issue. Some may. A tournament likely wouldn't allow it. But a lot of players are coming from the same place. Just don't go nuts with proxying. These 2 Ardboys on each others shoulders making 'choochoo' noises count as Gore Gruntas! (no wait do exactly that)
  6. Yes. I just re-read the FAQ for the 3rd time. It's right there! Oh man I feel really dumb. Time to go get some coffee!
  7. I know I've read this in this thread but is there a page in the GH or official FB post where this is laid out? Forum comments and tweets from a podcaster won't cut it, I'm afraid; I need something that cannot possibly be refuted because I just know it's going to come up (there's a few whiny man-babies at the store) and someone's going to give me grief about it. Though I guess worst case scenario I could just toss 2 units of Orruks/Savage Orruks in there and have it not come up at all. It's only 200pts. (I'm not trying to be a ****** so I'd like to apologize preemptively if I'm coming off that way.)
  8. The Start Collecting! Battalions aren't costed as they're meant for Open or Narrative play. (I may be wrong on this but I haven't seen any that are costed, including the big Flesh-Eaters box.) I really want to see an errata for the Ironjawz tome that gives them some Allegiance abilities and artifacts or at the very least an FAQ that say they can just use the Desctruction ones. EDIT: And they did! It's right there in the FAQ.
  9. Do we have a final, official ruling on the Allegiance issue? I have the General's Handbook (not on hand, presently, I'm at work making lists on the company dime) and I wasn't able to find a clear answer in there nor did the FAQ really address it.
  10. Dawn of War III is on the horizon. I think that will help quite a bit in the coming year.
  11. They did put out a lot of new plastics in the last year and while we don't know when those molds were made we do know plastic molds are insanely expensive. That could very well explain the uptick in operating costs. I'm really interested in seeing next year's financials where we may get a clearer picture of the impact of all their recent goodwill endeavors. I know I personally was on the verge of dropping the hobby until a little under a year ago; coincidentally right about the time that awesome news coming from GW became the rule rather than the exception. For the hobbyist and gamer in me, this year has been amazing. But I'm pragmatic enough to acknowledge the possibility that Kirby's GW utterly destroyed them in the court of public opinion in ways from which may take years to fully recover.
  12. Rules say: So yes. I don't understand the statement that the Brutes would have to be over 3" away? Charges and charge moves are resolved before combat begins. It's just a matter of getting a single model within 0.5" and the rest within 3" for the pile in. Then you just resolve your combats in the order that allows for Ardboyz to attack, get killed in retaliation, and then activate and pile in the Brutes that were standing right on their heels.
  13. Given the length of the Jagged Gore-Hacka it shouldn't be hard to have the tip of at least one within 1/2" even with the Ardboyz stuck in. After that the other models can go anywhere and the range on the weapon is 2". Plus if you lose some Ardboyz in the ensuing fight that can leave gaps for the Brutes to pile in to.
  14. In my (admittedly limited) experience the Horrors come out ahead every time. Their 2-3 damage output, getting re-rolls if near the king, and their healing just put them light-years ahead of Flayers in my book. Though I can see a larger unit of Flayers using their mobility and mortal wound output to make life hell for distant objective holders. I really wish their scream had a better modifier than +1. It is essentially worthless in most cases.
  15. Upon looking at it again I believe you're correct and I am wrong. Well if that's the case, I think I'm done with Flesh-Eaters Courts. I have less than 0 desire to build and paint those tiny ghouls.
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