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  1. Has anybody had a Chance to get some games in this Weekend :)?
  2. These lists look really solid, however I don‘t See the advantage of two frigates with 10 Thunderers Each over an Ironclad with 20 Thunderers, that does significantly more damage and has a better save 🤔
  3. After listening to the Reviews and reading the discussion I think that there is definitely enough potential in our new book, however at the Moment I am having a hard time coming up with a satisfying list Concept. I think that skywardens will deinitely be the strongest non boat choice in the Book and I can imagine that we will See lists primarily built around the new Hero, these guys, some Riggers, and ships
  4. What is the thought or tactic behind that List?
  5. Does that mean that we won‘t get a Dice set 😭😭😭?
  6. Is there a release date for the set and the Battletomes?
  7. Finally the long wait is over 🥳🥳🥳🥳
  8. Hey guys, I really like the concepts of the new book and wanted to ask, wheter it would be a competitive approach to build a fast moving and hard hitting list consisting primarily of Stonehorns and Mournfangs, would something like this be efficient competitively? Thanks in advance for your Help
  9. What was your loadout for the Endrinriggers?
  10. Congrats on the win :)! I would be really interested in your basic tactic and unit Distribution between the two ships. Also, was this a doubles tournament or a singles event? Thanks in advance for your answer
  11. Do you know whether there were any streams of the games?
  12. The list looks really awesome, would love to hear the tactics behind that list. It's obvious that it's a Clown car list but it would be interesting to hear what the role of the ironclad is in that list and how the units are distributed between the two ships.
  13. Overlords just went undefeated at the CCBB GT!!!! If the brave Admiral is here on the Forums, I would really appreciate hearing about your list and your tactics. And congratz by the way on the Performance if you Happen to read this
  14. Because the plastic glue does not melt the two different kinds of plastic from the stand and the miniature together as well as it should, therefore I can second on using regular super glue. And if you are doing so, you can use an activator spray to dry everything instantly.
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