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  1. What’s going on fellow duardin? What are your thoughts on the GHB and how the new meta affects Fyreslayers?
  2. Almost all competitive lists with high placings in GTs run at least one unit of Ishlaen
  3. When do you guys think we’ll see the first point changes?
  4. Hey guys, do you know if there are any tutorials for brown furred stonehorns out there? Kept searching and only found one YouTube tutorial and nothing else Maybe Someone knows a good one or can point out a recipe of his own brown furred stonehorn
  5. The one important question that comes up now is how will IDK fare against LRL? I think Lumineth will be a really tough matchup for IDK, almost impossible to win with all that minuses to hit in Melee and immense mortal wound output 😱
  6. I actually have to say that I’m pretty confident facing Lumineth as a KO player, being able to snipe all the characters out and delete Teclis easily turn 1 should be no problem at all even with screening, remember KO can move after they teleported with one of their ships if we take Barak Zilfin Skyport ☺️
  7. there you go https://discord.gg/SXzUAT
  8. Hello Fellow Admirals, I made a discord server, dedicated to KO, feel free to join everybody is welcome https://discord.gg/TTZCqr
  9. But the rules text clearly states one large piece 🤔?
  10. Hey guys, Just a quick question, I often see games in which two full gloomtide shipwrecks are placed, but I thought it’s either two small ones or combine them as one object? Am I missing something? thanks for a short clarification
  11. Yes it can be used, has been done on an official stream from GW.
  12. I think it’s safe to say that all new models have been spoiled by now, I don’t think there will be any additional releases
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