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  1. I have a theory about the lack of mortals in the book. I think we might see the return of the “Cult of Slaanesh” army based around the upcoming Aelf storyline...
  2. With Varanguard, if you were to assign them a mark at the beginning of the hero phase then surely command abilities/spells that effect said keywords would be able to be used on them? If not in that hero phase, in subsequent ones?
  3. But surely the MS generic spells fit that exactly? Eventually everyone will have their time in the sun
  4. Thanks for the kind words! Army has been done for a while now and while some elements were definitely rushed (due to tournament deadlines) i'm happy with it overall!
  5. Rob Ellis


    I’m working on an “Accended” version of Be’Lakor as an Archaon proxie, check out @robellis21 on Twitter for progress ?
  6. Also, as Ming said, follow me on Twitter @robellis21 ?
  7. Hi there! The body is a Kurnoth Hunter with Orion torso (both heavily converted, sculpted lamentiri, horns and hair etc) two sets of Allirielles wings and spear with the base converted from the GW wood kit thanks Rob
  8. I hope that this book will buff the Juggerlord with specific traits or items, I've got an Arbal the Undefeated conversion idea just sat here waiting...
  9. Thoughts on the Witchfyre coven? Does it make Acolytes usable (paired with a Wizard buff and scroll buff)?
  10. I'd like to grudge The Master aka John Matrix aka Mr Veal, if he's up for it!
  11. Here's my take, used a Sylvaneth themed rider to fit it in with the current aesthetic
  12. I'm not sure if he's on TGA mate, but pencil us in under "Dr Cocksniff & The Rhodfather"
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