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  1. Eclairs

    Armorless IronJawz

    Back pieces would require quite a bit of sculpting unfortunately, I resorted to just giving them the back plates. They have bare chests however which only need two blobs of liquid gs on each pectoral! I don't have an image at hand, but the back plates don't look too bad, I hope that helps!
  2. Eclairs

    Cult of Pleasure

    Hello all, welcome to my first blog post! I got a little confused between this and a project log thread, but rest assured it'll all mostly be documented here. As the title says, I've started the steady decline into the seedy Cults of Pleasure that plague many a city. Ive uploaded several images of a colour scheme that I'm very much set on. Those miniatures however are for a 3rd edition/realm of chaos project. The final image, the bare plastic chap, will be the leader of my Dark Age of Sigmar warband. His colours will be pink and blue, again, but I'm hoping to reproduce it in a less garish tone. i have 10 spearmen to paint up before I tackle the character, but his skin shall be grey, and his hair shall be blonde, like all my elves! I hope you all enjoy the 'eye-candy' even though they're of iPhone quality! cheers, Sean
  3. Eclairs

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Please excuse the quality, if its poor, I do all my model making in the living room with my Mam, usually watching M*A*S*H! This is the beginning of my Dark Elf fella for my warband. There's still a bit to do on him, and I'm uncertain about the sword, but I'm somewhat happy with him. He'll be painted in a less garish version of the Marauder Dark Elf, an image of which I've posted too. i hope you all like what I've produced, with not a lot of appropriate bits at hand
  4. Eclairs

    A Forest Of Stone

    The base looks amazing! It really captures the image I got when reading Dracula, especially parts in England!
  5. Hey all, my name is Sean, I live 'Up North' in Sunderland. I recently returned to the hobby after about 14 months of absence in March (I painted a true scale Fallen Angel), and since then I've been churning out odds and ends, with my painting ability increasing with each miniature! I'm writing this on a tablet so I have no photos of the few finished figures that I have. I can't promise regular updates as I do have severe depression and can go days without actually doing anything. But enough with the bad, let's start with what I have done, what I have planned, and where I see this going in the future. As the title says, this is my project log for my various Chaos related musings. Having just recently discovered the wonderful AoS28 community and the crazy, impressive creations that you've all made, I made the decision to get in on the action! I've gone with Beastmen predominantly, Gor bodies, WoC heads, and I see them as less worshiping any particular patron God, but instead a Hooved Daemon Prince with a skull for a face. Although this is firmly set in the Age of Sigmar, I'm giving them a very Celtic/Gaul feel as far as basing, banners, and other things go, so that if it WAS the Old World, they'd fit well on the island of Albion. I do have fluff written, however my writing skills only lend themselves to realism, crime, and surrealism. I did find out, though, that I can write fantasy in poetry. Let me know if you'd like me to share that with you all. Anyhow, my apologies for the lacklustre opening post, I hope you all can stick around as I slowly update this, whilst also dealing with my own mind wanting me to fail. These guys are essentially the 'antagonists' of this tale, with the gallant Sir Val-au-Vent acting as a somewhat Don Quixote (only darker) and his less than satisfied squire. Until my next post, I bid thee farewell!