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  1. Primer looks better too! There are still some mold lines, check the sword of the right one for example, those are pesky because they will stand out when you've painted the models.
  2. Good idea with the pin, I'll give it a try when I'm going back to the model for basing decorations. I've felt like I've done a lot of work but there is still so much stuff to do. Finished: Admiral Khemist Frigate Gunhauler 30 Arkanauts To-Do: Endrinmaster 6 Skyriggers (3 Riggers, 3 Wardens) Highlighting on 5 Thunderers Ironclad Putting some bits and stuff on the bases I've finished my Khemist today and I'm very pleased with him. Love the bulky model. Anyway here are some pictures.
  3. White is a good choice when you're working with bright colours, especially yellow can be a real bother on black primer. TheOtherJost gave some good advice. Using a lot of primer is a mistake we probably all do in the beginning because we want to get a good coverage but that's not the thing you really want. The primer serves to give the colour a good grip so just take it easy and put a light layer on it and that will be enough. I would recommend you to do it while you have mild temperatures outside, too hot or too cold can worsen your results with spray can primer. Anyway this hobby combines a lot of handicraft skills and those take a lot of practice, for a first timer you're doing great and you're already learning from your mistakes and things that didn't turn out as well as you'd have liked. Keep up the good work and keep us updated.
  4. Btw. I had troubles with the skyriggers flightstands too. I solved the problem by enclosing the upper half circle with green stuff completely. You won't even see it when it's thin enough. No more troubles now
  5. Nice Batrep, Dez. Those Endrinriggers are beasts!
  6. Phew it's been a few days since the last update but I wasn't that lazy. I've decided to assembly line paint my remaining 20 Arkanaut Company guys and 5 rifle-toating Thunderer before I paint all the more interesting miniatures. They are missing their last highlight and I'll probably finish them while I work on the Khemist or the Endrinmaster next. Haven't decided yet. Anyway I painted up a gunhauler while I took breaks from my assembly. I think it's a great model and I gave the pilot a Pistol from the Arkanaut bits, making him look more daring in a drive-by airfight.
  7. How mobile? There is an expensive citadel project box that can hold your tools, brushes, work mat but only up to 49 colour pots. It could be handy in case you do lots of traveling but it's too small for your entire paint collection. Another possibility are artists supply boxes, I can't recommend you a specific one because there are lots in every different shape and size. A friend of mine picked up one from a random art store for 35€ that was just perfect but basically a noname product. I'm using a modular paint stand from hobbyzone. You can add more pieces with different pot hole sizes, I've got one side for my Vallejo paints and the other for the GW ones. They have modules for tools and brushes too. It's good enough to pick up and carry through the house but not for travelling.
  8. I think I've decided on a 2000pts list but I'm not sure about one unit. So far I've got: Admiral Khemist Endrinmaster 3x10 Arkanauts 5 Gundrak Thunderer with rifles 3 Endrinriggers Ironclad Frigate Gunhauler 100 pts left. What do you guys think? Another unit of thunderers or skywardens?
  9. Admiral Bolfar, Reaver-Oligarch of Barak Zilfin is ready to take command of his fleet. He's the wealthiest and greediest guy of the fleet so he is the most golden. Hope I can tackle on his Flagship soon, gotta finish the Grundcorps first. Gunhauler is nearly done except for the crew and the gun!
  10. Could give a better use to the Gunhauler, trying to soak up the ship wounds with the ship-fort tactic. I really like the model but it seems kinda underwhelming otherwise.
  11. So one could use the ships as some kind of wagon fort like in a western movie to shoot into melee? Sounds fun.
  12. Mine arrived with the mail today. Took a break from painting to assemble the ironclad because I was really excited about it. The kit itself is huge and fairly easy to assemble but I recommend to dry check often. There are some optional bits too like hanging pistols, crates and scrolls and the details on the ships and the crew are crazy. Only downside is the tiny flight stand for the huge model. I reinforced it with green stuff but I still don't trust it. This army will be a pain to transport, especially when you have 4 ships. I don't care about those cheese lists with hordes of Khemists, my Barak Zilfin expeditionary force will rain destruction down on it's enemies from the skies.
  13. They talked about the paint rule and they don't like it because it takes a lot of time painting an army and rules should be tied to the points. That's basically what that they said about the painting topic.
  14. Great job! Hope I'll get the runes on my ships as half as good as yours. Don't get too crazy about the yellow, it's a hassle to do right,
  15. Thank you! No that's Iyanden Darksun from the Citadel Foundation Colours range. I have a lot older colours that still work, kept them in good condition. Oldest pot is probably the tentacle pink from around 1994/95 but I can't open it anymore. The plastic lid just crumbles away like thin cork so it has an honorary place in my colour shelf. Thank you, I used a very thin layer of Sombre Grey from Vallejo as a primer because I didn't want to paint yellow on black. On the next ship I may try black primer and airbrushing the yellow and blue. The yellow still took 3-4 layers to get a good coverage. I'll probably highlight the bolts on the yellow with Gold Yellow. The base will get some skeletons bits as soon as I get hands on my old bit crate. Btw. I really like Hashut Copper, such a gorgeous colour but the endrins still look a bit flat, any ideas?
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