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  1. Excelsior Warpriest. Such a beautiful model, but it was stuck in a faction that was horrifically bad for a few years and then scrapped entirely despite being a beautiful recent sculpt. To add insult to injury, it was the only human in the game with a black skin tone and they never gave him the time of day.
  2. The Matched Play rules in the current General's Handbook proscribe 5 pieces of terrain; 3 of them large (up to 10" across at its widest point and 18" tall at its tallest) and 2 of them small (Up to 6" across at its widest point and up to 6" at its tallest point). Matched Play is for evenly matched competitive-style games. In addition to that, many factions have their own faction terrain which they will add to the table (in addition to those pieces). For other game formats that aren't as focused on balance/fairness/competitiveness, the Core rules recommend one piece of terrain for every 2 square feet of play area. But you can really do whatever you want. I recommend just making the table look as cool as possible. Create a world you would like to play in, then play in it.
  3. The complexity of AoS has increased so much over the last few years that there's now a significant learning curve when it comes to learning how to use your army. Even after you have designed it, it takes a lot of practice to memorize the major stats and remember all of the: stacked bonuses, special abilities, etc. From a practical perspective, how do you do this so that your first games with your new army don't take you 3 hours? I know an escalation league or Path to Glory campaign are great ways to do this but that requires convincing a few other players that it's time to do such a campaign even if you're really the only one learning a new army. I'm thinking maybe I should split my army into two and somehow play a number of solo games against myself using those army halves in order to familiarize myself with the units and the army in general. Has anyone done this? What other tricks do you use to learn a new army?
  4. Personally, lore has never mattered to me. I doubt I've read more than 20% of the lore in the battletomes I already own, even for my main armies. So, no I would not buy such a book. However, I really liked the format of the old "The Realmgate Wars" books which included lore/narrative content alongside additional battleplans, battalions, and other game content. I never got around to purchasing any of them because I always felt the price point was too high but I would purchase them at a lower price point.
  5. I think that fully answers it for those two. The only question left is whether Malign Portents Heralds are still a thing then. The latest Errata for that book still says they are, but that errata hasn't been updated since 2018. Here's what it says:
  6. But that's all your opinion of what we should do; you aren't pointing to any sort of official rulings. So, is that really what it boils down to? Nothing is standardized and we have to negotiate the rules with every opponent every time?
  7. I'm unclear on what rules are considered valid by default in the current game. Some of these rules are old and seem to have been forgotten but they were originally intended to be legal for Matched Play and I can't find anything that says they were removed. So, for example: 1. Can you still take your Grand Alliance Herald from Malign Portents? 2. Can you still choose a Firestorm City allegiance like "Tempest's Eye" or "Greywater Fastness"? 3. Can you still take Mercenaries from the General's Handbook 2019 list?
  8. I've dreamed of fielding an army of giants since I first picked up AoS. I'm the only person I know who regular uses the Aleguzzlers despite their lackluster stats based purely on how much I like their looks. So, to say I'm excited about this is an understatement. This could be the army I always dreamed of having (assuming this is an all or mostly giants army).
  9. No. Honestly, I don't really know the lore for the most part. It's never interested me. I enjoy the building, collecting, and playing; I don't much care for lore.
  10. Any time you allow competitors to influence the scores of their competition, you are opening the system up to abuse. A logically minded competitor would naturally give the lowest score to the toughest opponent and the highest score to the easiest therefore helping them improve their own standing. Since voting tends to be in secret there is no social pressure to act in any way other than the most logical way. Perhaps a better approach is to make the voting public. If you want to give an opponent a bad sportsmanship score you have to stand by your vote; at least that way there's some social pressure to be honest rather than strategic about your voting.
  11. That just means that part of it can be 'pay to win' if I'd like. I think that would be my preference as well; although I'd eliminate best sportsmanship. Optimal strategy for winning "best sportsmanship" is to give all your opponents the lowest possible score. Having a category which rewards those who act in such an unsportsmanlike way is probably not a good idea.
  12. I enjoyed the discussion on soft scores so far. I have never attended a tournament and am not sure if I will ever get around to attending one. But all this discussion brings up an important question. 1. I have models I did not paint myself (because I purchased them already painted). Is it unethical for me to compete with those models? What if I win best painted or something like that? My intention wasn't to join a painting tournament, but a gaming one. Can you opt out of the painting side? 2. If competing with models someone else painted isn't unethical then isn't it in everyone's best interest to contract out their painting to professionals so they can max out their paint scores? It's better for me not to paint any of my competitive models because I'm not a very good painter; it's in my best interest to hire a pro-painter to do all of that for me.
  13. The battleplans will almost certainly not be repeated. Nor are they likely to reprint the material for siege warfare, triumph and treachery campaigns, and the other cool Narrative and Open stuff in the book. I would hope that when it comes to allegiance abilities, they wouldn't reprint the ones in the GHB 2017 but rather add more for the factions that still haven't been covered.
  14. I'm surprised this still hasn't been errata'd since it is confusingly written. Does anyone have new information on this? Any rulings on this?
  15. Yeah, that was it. I guess it's dead now. There are vague references to the existence of other systems out there, but there don't seem to be any links to any of them. Since Hinterlands is gone, does anyone know of alternatives?
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