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  1. Can anyone explain to me how to Chosen of the King ability works? The Crypt Horror doesn't have the appropriate runemark, only the (Haunter) leader does!
  2. One less chainrasp and have an Extoller instead. Re summoning is just crazy good.
  3. When playing battleplans where your territory is half the map... indeed, the opponent could choose not to go in your territory. But it's quite easy to plop 20+ models within 6" of a center line objective, and force your opponent to deal with your horde of 5+ (or 4+ if no rend) skeletons that get multiple d3 models back in each of your hero phases. I feel that The Bait makes me want to play a few more Deathrattle than what I'd usually bring, hence why my list has 40-40-30 deathrattle models. Outflanking dogs or vargheists (or morghast harbingers that charge 3d6!) is useful when playing some battleplans, since they sometimes reward you with more objective points if you can claim the backfield objective. Just plopping down a unit in the backfield means that the opponent has to deal with it, or else.
  4. What do you guys think of this list? Legion of Night VLoZD, Shield, Lance (Artefact: Ethereal Armor), Trait: Swift Form, Vile Transference Necromancer, Overwhelming Dread Vampire Lord with Wings, Soulspike Wight King with Shield 40 spear skeletons 40 spear skeletons 10 dire wolves 30 grave guard with shields Geminids of Ulg-Hysh Do you feel like I should split units to have more MSU board presence? Is the unit of 10 dire wolves better since it has more threat when it appears? I don't have Harbingers, because otherwise I'd field 2 or 4 in order to make use of their outstanding alpha strike potential. The models I have on top of those I listed here are 2x5 hexwraiths, a corpse cart, 60 zombies and 10 more dire wolves.
  5. But if I play a guo along with the supported units near the frontline, doesn't it have more AoE coverage because of its base and more wounds (and native disgustingly resilient) in order to survive longer?
  6. Wouldn't that be putting all eggs in the same basket though?
  7. This is a list I will be running at a local tournament. I would like your suggestions on spells and artefact choice, knowing that realm artefacts are forbidden. Guo bell and flail, hulking physique, witherstave, (spell?) Glottkin, (blades of putrefaction?) Harbinger of Decay, (why should he have the witherstave instead of the guo? Eggs in a single basket?) 40 marauders, shields and axes, banner of reroll 1s 10 warriors, great weapons 2×5 blightkings Chaos War Mammoth (using lotr mumakil); this thing can destroy anything with 5× 4+ chances to do d3 mortal wounds. The other 10 attacks are gravy on top. In a test game I've systematically destroyed a full health unit of 5 liberators per activation.
  8. What is the name and realm of that artefact, please?
  9. List discussion. Pretenders. Keeper of secrets (devotee of torment, one other trait, realm artefact ...?) KoS Daemon Prince with wings and sword Daemon Prince with wings and axe 2x Exalted Chariot 10 warriors (shields) 10 warriors (great weapons) 40 marauders (flails) 10 seekers Geminids Models: I am keeping my 40 daemonettes, a herald on foot, a chariot herald and more seeker cavalry for summoning purposes. Realm artefact discussion: -Sword of Judgement, that gives me d6 mortal wounds on a 6 to hit. Pair with supremely vain for 5+ mortal wounds. -Ethereal Armor, that makes my 4+ save ignore rend. Pair with Allure of Slaanesh for -1 to hit. -Anything else you would suggest?
  10. Questions for you lot. 1. Can I move, run, then pile in (without charging) if I am within 6 of the opponent and with the Devotee of Torment command trait? 2. When using the non exalted keeper's command ability, must I attack once, let my opponent go for a combat sequence, then fight again with the unit that I used first, or can I pile in and attack twice in succession without pause for the opponent?
  11. Yep. My 2k list has 3x10 chaos warriors. I keep my 40 daemonette models as summons. They are great objective sitters especially with shields. You don't want double weapons if you're pretenders... but you lose the bonus after 2 wounds so your mileage may vary. Great weapons give some rend on 4+ save models, quite similar to Ironjaw Ardboyz if you ask me. Compared to Liberators they are 10pts cheaper and with shields you can get a 5+ save against mortal wounds. Pretty nifty! In my list, my heavy hitters are two keepers two chariots and two flying daemon princes for maximum wound-to-summoning potential.
  12. Can I field a Godsword champions of ruin batallion in a slaanesh allegiance army? Why or why not? It seems like a good way to get a 2nd artefact and the mechanics are actually pleasant.
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