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  1. Oh, and here's my list of net winners and losers for our stinky bois + Furnace. It's downright tanky now with a 4+, 5+,5+ (Verminous valor). The rusty spikes and wheels can actually hurt you now and the censer can shower your opponents with mortal wounds. I wasn't expecting the Furnace to get such a buff, so I'm pretty stoked. + poisonous fumes now actually impact the game. Amen to that. +censer bearers moved from the "hot garbage" pile to the "might try them" pile. I've had about 30 sitting there for 10 years , so yes please GW. It's very strange that they don't go on 25mm. 32mm seems awkward. + the biblical amount of rules on the plague monk scroll is gone. Was so bad that even longtime Pestilen players didn't know how monks actually worked. I once played against a fellow rat general who didn't know that certain banners had to be popped during hero phase etc. I didn't have the heart to tell the guy, but no more! Now in order to get the whole shebang you need 40 monks. I still think theres a tactical value to having units of 10/20/40. In my last game I fielded 20 units of 10 and it was pretty dang effective. There were many instances where 2 immune to battle shock monks held up huge enemy units.
  2. Had a chance to try out new Pestilens. Much improved and strictly better with the inclusion of GnawHoles. Ive noticed what could be a few bugs/glitches, but rules are rules and I choose not to divine intent.... - Plagueclaws only need to target a unit to give it -1 bravery. Apparently even if it misses , it gets a little goop on its intended target anyway. - Foulrain congregation requires a Plague Priest, but does not explicitly rule out a Plague Priest on a Furnace. The battalion above it ( congregation of filth) even refers to its Plague Priest on a Furnace as a Plague priest. Interesting. - In another twist of the English language, a Furnace counts as one of the 10 models within 6". It can push itself! Lol. Interesting to note that the models pushing the Furnace don't have to all come from the same unit. Even a Plagueclaw could help push.
  3. Swamp heart , thanks for the good advice. There's some seriously bad advice in here though... "Distraction Carnifex" " just use gaunt summoner" "just kill all his dudes " lol
  4. Nagash, 30x2 grimghasts. Season to taste. You can't stop his magic and he debuffs your troops to oblivion. Entire army is effectively mystic shielded and immune to battle-shock. We play with realms as it's the default recommended setting. Have you taken on a Nagash list?
  5. Ok, thanks. Which list particularly ? Are you talking about 4x Celestar?
  6. Hello all Nagash is currently running roughshod over our local scene. It's such an oppressive list that most locals would sooner avoid the matchup than play entirely. Even our Nagash players only break it out for tournaments. What are the general concepts , builds , advice to be able to return the NPE back to the Nagash player? All options are on the table. I've heard a few podcasts that Nagash is falling out of favor in the UK, but am unable to really find those discussions. Thanks in advance !
  7. Played a game with the new Slaanesh stuff. *disclaimer I typically play and build towards winning a GHB18 game against 'ard net decks. Most of my games are against lists that win whatever Masters list the internet is currently celebrating. + Fiends are finally the elite punch-bois that were needed + Daemonettes better in almost every way + 60pt Heralds on steeds. Speed lets you get on objectives, snatch one from an unsuspecting opponent and reliably trigger your locus. + Hellstriders amazing as always - The Hosts have become redundant. AoS2 buried Invaders , the buff to Daemonettes combined with lackluster hero choices buried Pretenders which leaves us with one choice head and shoulders above the others; Seekers. - Infernal Enrapturess not worth. Double the cost of a Herald with a negligible shooting attack. Was hoping that she would be able to help counter the balance bomb that is Nagash, but alas, not so. Great model. - Depravity mechanic has missed the mark. Cool concept , but passive and slow in its nature. I see a lot of folks posting about 50+ depravity points, but I need to the game decided by turn 2. If I haven't put points on the board by then (and/or deny opponent scoring) I expect to be buried in witch aelves, Sequitors or grimghasts. Would like it to be a little more interactive like the bloodtithe table. - Keeper of Secrets (both mama and baby) as our only in allegiance wizards is harsh. Only reliable way to get off a spell is to run Pretenders. KoS horribly overcost and underwounds. Arguably what a daemon prince should be. - If you're looking at any of the chariots, you're probably still playing WHFB :p - Needs Battletome Badly. Maybe a way to trade depravity for magic bonus, new 14w KoS etc.
  8. My biggest issue as far as winning tournament games is the sheer amount of bodies that one has to move. Takes forever. It's also difficult to win scenario games which require heros. Pestilens' limited hero choices all come with some serious drawbacks.
  9. Doh! Just saw your reply. IIRC, my counter charging units bounced off his eels. They were blunted by that pain in the ass turtle and some mystic shield. He had an item on his SeaWizard that took him out of a combat for a turn. I had dedicated a considerable amount of my reserves to killing him, so that pretty much sealed the game in his favor.
  10. The list I've been running is 1920. Having that CP in your pocket is mighty helpful against 'Top O' One' fun.
  11. Ah, the old Noob Stomper. The only way to protect against Noob Stomping ( or seal clubber, kitty stomper etc) is to make sure the club self polices. There's really no other way. Helping your friend tech against a particularly busted list is fine , but the root problem is the vet abused the new player and failed to make it a fun game. You'll have to make sure you talk about it pregame to avoid this kind of thing in the future.
  12. I got mashed to a pulp by an Eel heavy Deepkin list. I committed a horrible blunder by putting cogs out on top of 1, which let his entire army strike when and where he wanted. A unit of eels has 100% chance of buzz sawing through a unit of monks. In hindsight , without cogs he could have only landed about half his army, which means I could have countercharged and taken down some eels with me. Gotta have those monks charging. Interestingly enough the next game was also against a deepkin army. Not as many eels, but similar build none the less. I made it a point to *not* cast cogs and things went better. I swarmed the field , grabbed all points and braced for impact. With such small model count, he couldn't be where he needed to be. Worth noting that the -1 to charge actually stopped a big charge of his. I know I keep harping on this, but the inclusion of the Grey Seer was ace. I originally tossed him in to be able to reliably Gemenids (pre nerf) , but his command ability is downright sinful.
  13. Sweet! Will post more , just ran out of times. I'd like to discuss Pestilens command traits and items in AoS. I tied against a Nagash army , which in the future I'm pretty confident against. Tied against a moonclan army in which basically everything died. Both scenarios were variants of knife to heart. Tournament had an odd scoring system in which you needed +500 army points destroyed in order to break ties. Virtually impossible unless you wipe your opponent while taking no casualties yourself.
  14. Ok, fellow supplicants of the withered word, here's a tournament report(s). Played in two recently. Tough crowds with rough lists and Im here to report that the horde did well. I actually tied for 3rd in tournament 2 Tournament 1 2W - 1L Tournament 2 1W-0L-2D Instead of going game by game, I figured I'd go unit by unit and discuss their application in competitive AoS2. First and foremost... - Plague Monks. I've been running 10x20. So thats 200 rats that basically cover the field. They generally come at you in 3 rows if you spread them out evenly to cover objectives etc. Its possible to misdeploy and not use 1/3 of your plague monks. I do not find staves worth it *ever*. Hitting with 75% of your attacks is consistent. In all 6 games the most monks I ever lost was about 100. Its incredibly difficult to kill more than that with the time allotted to a 2-3 turn tournament game. Moving this many plague monks is an issue, but can be dealt with if practiced regularly. Debuffed plague monks are waste of time. If opponent defbuffs monks, just retreat the unit and let another one of your units do the job. I find that most opponents don't fully appreciate the plague monk warscroll. -1 to running and charging while within 12" can make a huge difference. - Corruptor After much hemming and hawing, I currently give the corruptor a thumbs down. On paper it's stock seems to have gone up with AoS2 and Malign sorcery, but its still a 220 point sink. I tried giving it the -3 sword, but in every game it was much too preoccupied with scoring points than killing enemy. Grabbing objectives wins you games. - Plague Furnace I've actually had a 'Come to Nurgle' moment with the Plague Furnace recently. 12W, 4+ save (+only worthy target for mystic shield) and verminous valor shunt, means its the only model capable of playing in the "Hero must take" scenarios. You can fully expect every tournament to have a heavy load of these missions. The furnace can be sped up by packing them tight with rats and a the expenditure of a command point will guarantee that your furnace gets within 6" of a point on turn 1. I've never had them do anything in combat. Most of the time, they're ignored. - Plague Priests I've had another change of heart with these guys. I've been running 3x and they're fairly important to keeping your Hordes within CP range. I find them pivotal. In every game they allowed me to fish for a turn 1 Neverplague which pretty much guaranteed the turn 2-3 prayers went off where needed. There's not a reason to take one without the book.
  15. I'm so confused by what you've written. This is not how Breathtaker works. It doesn't say that the targeted enemy becomes the " LAST thing to attack", it says that it becomes the last eligible enemy unit to attack. How did you get 2 full rounds of combat + all daemonettes nearby against it? Once the enemy had no more units to activate , that drake would have activated and mashed your girls into grape jelly. I'm also giving RandomGuyWhoSaysHesAPlaytester 0% credit. The rules are very clear when it comes to Slaanesh artifacts.
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