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  1. That would be so amazing! Local store doesn't have any black templar yet, hence why I'm not testing myself atm. I imagine I'll have to test all sorts of things (like watering it down slightly or using contrast medium).
  2. Hey all, Been out of the hobby for several years due to rules, local store being less than acceptable and most importantly no time to paint my armies. With the release of the Ossiarch Reapers however I want to get back in to it. Problem there is that if I have to paint any more bone after my Tomb Kings I'm going to lose my mind. What I want to do is paint their bodies a green tinted black obisidian, which I've done before (with red) but is just hugely time consuming. What I want to know is this. If I base with a bright enough green, would the black templar contrast paint create the effect I'm after? That effect been green edges and a very dark green fade into black in the deeper areas. This effect would need to be almost completely black with green when looked at right with the right light but a fairly distinct green edge. IF you have any thoughts or experience with something like this I'd love to hear from you as this would take my models from hours each to maybe a half hour for the body. Cheers
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