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  1. I've been looking to get my hands on the Covens of Blood book in hardback, and it is apparently already sold out online. Is there anywhere from GW or Black Library together a physical copy of the book or.am I stuck with digital already?
  2. The Broken Realms book that gave us Har Kuron. It used to be called Anvilgard. The Morathi book has an entire campaign you can play involving it.
  3. Yes, but I was more or less joking about the fact they talked about them teasing Sigvald and the next week he gets a model announced. The timing was too good to pass up.
  4. Personally I think it's Vampires. They've played up the Vampire ancestry for a bit. Could some of the bare armed w/ rapier rumor engines that have been going about lately. Plus it'll give Death some love which received no love yet in Broken Realms. If Malerion gets involved (and I desperately hope that he does) it's going to be closer to the end IMO. It's just too soon to play a hand either way. Let Morathi make the big grand play, this is her time. As long as she does not die let her suffer the consequences. Next book is going to be the response to this play. I expect Death (With Vampires) and maybe Destruction to get some love here, along with Hedonites who have too big a cliffhanger to leave out.
  5. Aenarion had to get out of Slaanesh somehow. I mean Morathi killed his friends
  6. I imagine she'll only count as one since I don't believe they said anything different about her specifically there. So now that we know the restrictions of Har Kuron what do you guys think will be some builds going forward with them? (I'm more asking because while I've dabbled in AoS, Har Kuron has been my tipping point.
  7. No. I was referencing the two different parts of the name. Har Kaldra and Har Ganeth are Dark elf city names with Har being a reoccurring convention. Hence the "Har". The Kuran seems to be a very direct tribute to Kouran Darkhand in the same way Khailebron is very much a tribute to Hellebron. Not a problem btw. I guess I didn't explain my thought process as well as I thought . As for remembering Kouran I'm a huge Dark elf fan and I adore the Blackguard & Malekith so it was the first thing that came to mind when I read the name.
  8. Har Kuron likely takes inspiration from Har Ganeth and Kouran Darkhand from WHF. They will likely be the CoS + DoK faction. There are two distinct ways Har Kuron can be introduced. Either it's just some new city in Ulgu, or it's very possible this is a rebellion by the Blackscale coil (who are the (dark) Elves who secretly lead Anvilgard) against the Stormcast, and they are renaming the city in their honor (in the book the last story event is the fall of Anvilgard) If it's the latter it'd mean we have a very cool conflict in the future.
  9. So minor little point on Har Kuron I think people are missing. Everyone has drawn the Har Ganeth parallel, but I don't think anyone has also connected it with Kuoran Darkhand the named Blackguard and Malekiths loyal bodyguard. Plus CoS have Blackguard in their line. Plus GW isnt above butchering names with Khailebron being a DoK temple either
  10. It's Lelith Hesperax. The barbs in her hair is a trademark of her, as well as the knife from a few weeks ago is a Dark Eldar Wych knife 1 for 1. Only difference is a bit of cloth tied to it (which lines up with the Incubus cloth). Finally the gauntlet has the distinct dark eldar style and even the little knuckle studs.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if when Malerion comes out we'll get a Orruk Warclans esque update where you can run DoK or Malerion Elves separately with their own rules, or you can run them combined. Admittedly that is purely speculation on my part. Although IMO it would help with the "Elf Bloat" we're getting.
  12. When fighting Gargants please refer to "Home Alone" for all strategies needed to defeat them. ~Sigmar Bless
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