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  1. Depends on the models. Avatar of Khaiine & Morghasts are gonna be Talos Pain Engines, Vargheists will be Grotesques. The Blackguard conversions are the heralds of my Harlequin army, Executioners are my Incubi, and my Dreadspears are going to be my Wracks
  2. Well Black Library just released a novel for Neferata & Vampires. That plus Warcry having what is probably/hopefully the Von Carstein/Vampire symbol we'll be getting some Soulblight stuff soon (but that is my simple wishlisting) https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/obsidian-2019.html?utm_source=BlackLibrary.com&utm_campaign=bf5a6f00b3-BL_1st_April_Obsidian&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_781f7c7929-bf5a6f00b3-122588009
  3. Rhivan

    Soulblight inbound?

    Well Black Library just released a Neferata apparently setting up a political marriage between two vampires. (I haven't read it yet but Black Library just sent me an email for it) Link below for those interested. https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/obsidian-2019.html?utm_source=BlackLibrary.com&utm_campaign=bf5a6f00b3-BL_1st_April_Obsidian&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_781f7c7929-bf5a6f00b3-122588009 As for me contributing my own wishlisting I posted this in a different thread that I'd love to even partially happen.
  4. Wait but I thought the Beastmen skull faction was for Beastmen... they haven't shown all the factions after all. EDIT: Nevermind rewatched the original Warcry trailer. The generic Barbs have that. /sob
  5. Rhivan

    Where next?

    I'd love for Soulblight to get a massive release with new lords, knights, general stuff GW will add onto just for funsies, foot & flying vamps the general idea people seem to have. I'd also love it if they Nagash aligned humans were mixed in with this faction. Human Archers/Crossbowman shooting death arrows (like in that one Maligned Portents story with Rotigus), perhaps a Thrall unit that can serve as the cheap battleline and the Vampires can choose to feed on one regaining wounds, cast additional spells, or have more attacks.
  6. When looking at Warhammer TV I found this and found I really enjoy the look for as it works really well I think.
  7. I'd be surrounded by Dark Elves with a little bit of 40k imperial models. So I have the fate of being either tortured to death or purged by small men with lasers. Help me.
  8. I don't have one. Simply because no kit has a look that I 100% want. I love certain kits, like Dreadspears, Namarti Thralls & Reavers, Drakespawn Knights and Executioners. They all have tons of stuff I adore and keep buying. But other aspects I don't like.
  9. Alright so another small update with no painting. (It's honestly the norm...) My newly converted Khaine. I'm very proud of him.
  10. You know dude I really enjoy seeing your work. Your conversions (not applicable here) as well as what you paint is always enjoyable to look at! Keep up the good work! As for your still to do pile... good luck man you'll need it
  11. So you know how I said I'd do some daughters of khaine stuff? I technically didn't lie... But I'm far more focused on something else As I've said before I mainly play 40k and I decided to branch out into Harlequins and theme them as my Dreadlord/Archon's special forces and well... they certainly look like it I hope you guys enjoy it! As for the daughters of khaine I did make one Melusai as a test model to see how well the Executioner torsos mesh with them. I honestly like the results although iffy on the ponytail.
  12. Lol, That is advice I'm sure to follow in the future. Thanks man. (what would you recommend for stripping) A pile of greenstuff and the Knight of Shrouds helmet. I'm honestly dissapointed with myself that I didn't convert the model more so will probably buy another for that reason. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyway I have some plans coming up. Daughters of Khaine will eventually begin being worked on, I'm playing with some ideas of mixing an Avatar of Khaine with a Morghast as well as some other bits and see how that goes, as well as some more conversions based off of my Blackguard that I think I'll be using as Sisters of Slaughter. On another note would people be interested in WIPS I have for 40k that could loosely fit here (like Dark Eldar Raiders or my Feudal Techpriest I cooked up. I'd make sure to have those be fewer and further between but I thought I'd ask. (Mainly because of how proud I am of the Ice on the raider)
  13. I'm really enjoying the looks of everything. I'm a huge fan of the gloomspite release and it's cool to see what direction everyone is taking with it. The Mountain King just looks fun, and would be something I'd love to see on the table. (Not on the topic of the mountain king but I can't wait to see the Knights)
  14. Once Malerion elves drop I'm absolutely going to be playing with them. The Dark Elves & Malekith really to capture a lot of what I like aesthetically in Warhammer. Plus the death theme of my elves seems to be largely aesthetic barring a few major examples. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I don't have any new models I've kept playing with painting so that is the update you'll see. I'm really liking how I paint ice. Like a lot. As for the dark metal I have two main ways I've been painting it and this is the newer way I'm testing. For the infantry I'm actually disappointing how the paint job turned out. I like the idea as what I really want is (Metallic) Black Armor with golden trim with purple cloth. Problem is I have no earthly clue how to paint in general (i'm picking things up) but atm have no idea how to edge highlight effectively and well it made me do a poor paintjob on probably my favorite Blackguard If you guys have any tips or tricks on painting & highlighting I'd GREATLY appreciate them. Otherwise lemme know what you think I'd really appreciate some comments & criticisms on this one. EDIT: I'm also unsure what color to paint the spear shaft. Gold doesn't seem right for it. (I'm totally willing to change aspects of my scheme to look better too)
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