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  1. Elves in Warhammer have always worshipped a moon god. Og Teclis had a crescent moon on his hat, and a lot of shields and trinkets on both the dark elves and high elves depict moons as well.
  2. Ulgu Elves, Hyish Elves and Vampires (old and new I'm happy with both, but I'd prefer the old style first)
  3. I'm really enjoying the far right helmet it almost looks like a Crystal.
  4. Are you going to do a full Tomb Kings Bonereaper army to go with Settra?
  5. You just said it's a bunch of people you've never seen before. Quite a few (if not all) of those older guys who play AoS now won't quit and new/old blood will come in via this renewed interest in the old world from WHFB players or those that became interested via the video games. You're reaction right now seems to be fearmongering and paranoia. Things will only grow from both games, it will be fine.
  6. I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts on Drakespawn Knights? They seem durable but overall eh in damage potential (at least from what I've been reading) Beyond that what are some combos/builds you guys are interested in?
  7. I am quite excited for the Anvilgard Start Collecting myself and plan to grab at least one. I can finally start preparing for Cities of Sigmar
  8. I think the models have potential. They have things I don't like about them but things I really like about them. The foot soldiers I'm the most hesitant on but I think I can fix them in a way I like. The Cavalry I'm sold on. I'm really loving the different Undead horses we are getting in general. The Mini-Ghasts I really like and want to play with (but I'm doing a headswap & making them lose a set of arms) Overall I'm cautiously excited.
  9. So I'm writing the initial stages for my Free City. It's admittedly very much in a WIP state (First Draft) but I thought I'd post it and see what you guys think of it so far. Nagganar ~~~~~~~~~~~ Realm: Shyrish (Formerly) Currently: Flying Size: Metropolis Inhabitants: Aelves and Humans Factions: Darkling Covens, Freeguild, Daughters of Khaine, ??? History: Nagganar was originally a city situated in Shyish. Settled in mountains remote and cold, but rich in minerals both precious and magical in nature. When scions of Slaanesh invaded the realm of death some found the aeleven city and began to lay siege. While Nagganar was well armed and armored the chaos hosts were numberless and covered the entire mountain range destroying everything in their wake. The inhabitants desperate to escape their doom bid their sorcerresses and mages to find some way for them to escape. Lest their souls be anguish for eternity, and escape they did. The Mages of Nagganar devised a scheme to rip their very mountain to the skies. Since than Nagganar has soared throughout the skies aiding various factions against chaos. While not always successful in saving the lands of those people, there are many new towns, villages, and cities that orbit the mountain. Physical Description: I want to talk about this as I've had fun imagining how the city looks although I have very little in the ability to write or describe it. I imagine the top of the mountian to be a sprawling metropolis of aelven architecture with a massive tower crowning the top of the mountain, while on the underside of the mountain there are stalactite esque towers (that are connected by massive bridges that crisscross between the spires) that climb down to reach the earth with ballista and other weapons of war addorning them ready for war. The tower that crowns the mountain also is the lowest raching stalactite, and has a drawbridge or ramp like structure that can be lowered to deploy Nagganar's armies or it's traders with it's fellow groundbound cities. Now orbiting Nagganar and connected by great bridges are cities and lands that have been connected to the mountain over time. These will be primarily human cities, but I like the idea of having daughters of khaine temples and other structures here as well. Colors: Black, Purple, & Gold are the primary scheme of the Elves of Nagganar however many of the different cities that orbit Nagganar have an additional color to represent their former kingdoms & homes. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I decided to embrace the High Fantasy nature of Age of Sigmar, and make my city fly. A reason for this is I can now just insert my city into any narrative I'd like with "Well my City flies so they are here now". One thing I've been considering but haven't decided on is having Nagganar raid different cities, lands or factions for food, or plunder. I'm not 100% sure on the direction I'm going to take the city yet though so it's up for grabs.
  10. Not a model update, but with Cities of Sigmar being announced I'll be buying the book and properly building these models for an army now. This should be fun
  11. Cities of Sigmar. I've always really liked the Empire & Elves and this is probably one of my best bets to actually play with some of my favorite models (and convert up a ton)
  12. That Syll'eske Sigvald is simply... Magnficient! He captures the original model's style to a T. It's fantastic how well he turned out. I have to ask are you using an Avatar of Khaine Torso on him? I don't recognize the shoulders.
  13. Depends on the models. Avatar of Khaiine & Morghasts are gonna be Talos Pain Engines, Vargheists will be Grotesques. The Blackguard conversions are the heralds of my Harlequin army, Executioners are my Incubi, and my Dreadspears are going to be my Wracks
  14. Well Black Library just released a novel for Neferata & Vampires. That plus Warcry having what is probably/hopefully the Von Carstein/Vampire symbol we'll be getting some Soulblight stuff soon (but that is my simple wishlisting) https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/obsidian-2019.html?utm_source=BlackLibrary.com&utm_campaign=bf5a6f00b3-BL_1st_April_Obsidian&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_781f7c7929-bf5a6f00b3-122588009
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