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  1. I absolutely love your work! And I’m just about to start painting my IJ army made up mostly of gruntas. May I ask how you painted the gruntas’ flesh? It looks slightly warmer than the fur, and makes them look even more awesome especially with the red hue!
  2. This month I am aiming to: - get my 5 brutes and a warchanter finished (they’re about 80% done) - paint two moonclan grot shamans - build and paint 3 fanatics and a megaboss. - hopefully build two more gore gruntas and maybe a dread maw if it arrives on time I will probably leave the basing for january though
  3. Great job! Are you going to update it with the new renown values based on GHB2017?
  4. Sounds amazing guys! So when can we expect a beta version to be released?
  5. I'm looking for ways to adapt hinterlands so that I can use the renown values from aos skirmish. While starting amount of gold coins etc. can easily be converted to renown, I find it tricky to decide what the awards for winning battles and campaign scenarios would be (for example "the winner earns 25+D6 gold coins"). Has anyone tried doing that? Or perhaps it is going to be mentioned in hinterlands 3.0? And if so when can we expect it?
  6. I love the paintjob on your orruks! How did you paint the scratched black metal armor??
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