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  1. larger companies with higher cash flow manage to give release dates far in advance and it does not make their stock go crazy
  2. double post not allowed, sorry bud- look at the flowers, the mods will make this quick
  3. Valarak said he knew about giants months before they were revealed so i think the major leakers just don't care to share the information
  4. these easterlings are the new dragon model this week
  5. some guy at a spanish tournament wore the white pride symbol, swastikas, and some arrow symbol i'm not familiar with to the tournament
  6. I'm pretty sure the reason they haven't gotten anything like that is that they have the worst liked aesthetic out of every army according to all polls I've seen on the subject by a wide margin. Even then they still got spells and terrain at least
  7. Maybe gw will listen to it's community now (lol)
  8. all roads lead to rome - all warhammer conversations turn to bashing elves, as god intended
  9. sce have like 70 warscrolls in 6 years, I think we have reached the same level especially based on how popular they are
  10. mans speaking in mkultra activation codes over here
  11. Correct. Why do you think each release is coming with a billion characters? It's not for gameplay reasons.
  12. kragnos is boc meme replaced his real memory
  13. Dark eldar no unless you count the refresh on drazhar and incubi as expansions. Tau admech are not likely to get a significant expansion. Chaos space Marines are likely. I don't think psychic awakening indicates any sort of renewed focus for the army, same with broken realms.
  14. Both are sisters of battle characters. Other armies in psychic awakening to get characters were orks, thousand sons, chaos space Marines, Marines, Tau, elves of course, and admech got a wave
  15. Why would I forget whfb? Well over half of the named characters in the game are from there
  16. skaven gnawing their way across the realms feels like such a lazy copy-paste of living underground from WHFB.
  17. that certainly was a stream. finally getting the 3rd tome of 3rd edition 2* months after it was supposed to be out
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