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  1. lumineth getting delayed by multiple months, it's like poetry, it rhymes
  2. Hope for StD's fan's sakes its something more interesting than that- I can't imagine many people looked at night/gutter runners and prayed to the heavens that they could bring them along. The deceiver and the assassin are cool, though I'm thinking belakor is going to be an alternate way to play StD - hopefully something with less marauders
  3. But Khan, he plays Idoneth, not Beasts of Chaos.
  4. I love hearing about how ikrit is an awesome skaven character, and his only appearance is a book where he's a antagonist to a stormcast eternal (you can guess how that goes for him)
  5. All belakor needs to do is paste a cardboard cut out of the black pyramid on whatever he wants wrecked and it's as good as dead
  6. I stopped paying attention to rumor engines as much since basically the entire necron refresh (except for Szeras) wasn't in rumor engines at all. I think aos 3.0's armies will be just as prevalent. That would be awesome!
  7. Jokes on you, tomb kings are coming back, just with slightly more range than you remember
  8. To be fair, it's not like Psychic Awakening was going towards necrons at the time either.
  9. Age of resculpts, I hope- my acolytes are close to having a mid-life crisis
  10. release date- no idea 1 player- yep, blackstone worked perfectly fine with 1
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