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  1. Rumour = New Skaven Doomwheel esc model? -VonRunestorm
  2. Just wanted to update why ive gone Silent. I have been changing around my office workspace so I have better room and light to work with. Also my Airbrush seems to have died on me after alot of cleaning and taking apart its still spitting rather than spraying last thing I have to try is seeing if I can fix the needle but ive got a Spray can on its way to tide me over so hopefully back on it soon! -VonRunestorm
  3. You could always stick a magnet to the Gunhauler and cut away some of the gun and stick another magnet on there. The right size magnet would just took like part of the barrel if done cleanly. (Or build /sculpt a box to cover the magnets). Hope that helps. Thanks! I'm not going to lie this seems to be an army that's going to pull me in and harm my wallet. -VonRunestorm
  4. There is alot for the kit of that size but I like it no problems at all putting it together. Very similar to the Frigate in instructions, I haven't yet magnetised the front gun but it's a smooth join so simple enough. -VonRunestorm
  5. I can see a new GUO similar to how Khorne has Bloodthirster/Skarbrand and Tzeentch has Changer Of Ways/Fateweaver Nurgle should have Unclean one/Glotkin so I wonder if it will get 40k rules. -VonRunestorm
  6. Soak some plastic trees etc in some Paint remover but keep an eye on it, once it has started to eat away at them removed and ready in soapy water. You now have more rotted looking trees. An easy and simple way to add the Nurgle rotten look is to add Mushrooms and Toadstools. They add to the decaying damp forest vibe and are simple to sculpt or cheap enough to buy that it won't cost the earth. Chuck a few skeletons hidden vines and rota to reinforce this. Insects would also fit in, you can use Tyranid devourers pointing up to look like little hives for example. Finally colours make sure everything is painted from the same colour range as this helps the idea of a spreading rot. If you have the time maybe have a cut of point so it looks like the rot is encroaching on untouched land. Hope that helps. -VonRunestorm
  7. While I'm still fiddling with some bits to clean up magnetised joints here are some pictures of the Arkanaut Company. Then I went in store to get the new releases and Kinda built one. Also got some cheap telescopes for the scenery. And we have started spraying! The struts for both ships have been sprayed (along with Slaanesh Daemons I have on the side). Once I start spraying again we will have silver and brass basecoat and then I can start painting in earnest. I might paint the ships up and then the infantry once the Thunderers are built also. -VonRunestorm
  8. Ahoy! Just a quick update on how terrible today is going. Normally magnetising miniatures is nice and easy today not so much. Some messy connections on the Arkanaut Captain and Specialists, I'm trying to clean them up so they are not so obvious but fear these may still be visible to those looking at the at joints. So as these are still drying I am going to pop off and grab my Thunderers and Hauler and crack on with the rest. (Just need an Endrinmaster after that for my first 1000pts list). -VonRunestorm
  9. Personally my biggest wish is for them to use games like this to breathe life into established AoS ranges that otherwise won't get attention for a while. Seraphon, Beast Claw Raiders, Slaves to Darkness etc But if I had to pick 1 faction I'd like to see included it would be more of the Darkoath tribe, I love the Chieftain model from ST and would like to see where they would go with the range as the Mauraders are just too outdated. -VonRunestorm
  10. Okay I fear I put the flight stand facing the wrong way in comparison to my crater so I may need to repose that. But on a new section of news I have decided with the WD apparently including WQ cards for KO Units to rethink my WQ Hero. I really liked the concept of an Aether-Seeker so I am thinking of making some revised Aether-Seekers to stand in for the Stormcast units for the Aether-Strike Warscroll. Winged Automantons are the vibe im going to go for but that will be after the main force has been built. On lunch now so playing around with some Arknaut Company building. -VonRunestorm
  11. Not a problem. That sounds cool. well in part ive discovered you have to be carefull that you have it facing the right side as if you have it on the wrong way it will try to tilt. I agree with the Ironclad might pose a problem but nothing that a bit of pinning can't fix. -VonRunestorm
  12. Bar easier ranking together of miniatures which I don't see being that helpful I have no idea why there is hate on square bases. It's all preference, personally I like the look of rounds bases better but each to their own. -VonRunestorm
  13. Looks like a repack like the Skeleton Warriors got recently, I think this one was done along with some other Alt Warhammer Quest Heroes. Seems like a good few are slipping through so we know what Factions will be expanded in the future. -VonRunestorm
  14. This gets better with each addition! Great work. Can't wait to see the whole thing. Fingers crossed for a Ghost ship! @April Just a few hints if you haven't built your Frigate yet! It's uh a little heavy at the back when built if you don't glue it in so just a heads up. Also if your thinking of transport options the Large orb and it's struts are heavy enough that if you pin the bottom of the struts they will hold themselves in and the smaller struts are quite safe if you glue the vent to the ship that connects to the large orb. -VonRunestorm
  15. Thanks Fretful, I've added the flames and a glow effect on them now. Still might darken it a little more as it still looks to light to me. Also I White Tacked the Frigate together as I still need to spray it in parts. The large struts are pinned and gun magnetised. I need to smooth some gaps and tidy up a few bits but other wise all done. My review of the kit is it's stunning you won't even need to go up to the Ironclad to impress with size and looks. I'd recommend painting in parts and that's unlike me just because of how its built. The kit actually has no spare parts not even a head just the two gun options. I'm really impressed with the kit and can't wait to add some colour. So before painting we are going to build up the Arkanaut Company first so keep posted. -VonRunestorm
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