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  1. Howdy folks! Long time Lizardman from the World that Was, relatively new Seraphon in the mortal realms. I'm poke of the NEOs coordinating the COALESCENCE event in my local area (Orlando, FL). I'll be posting army pics, lore, and depending on my schedule, maybe even battle reports! See you all around the Realms! The Last Omnitect, General of the Spear of Dusk
  2. Event Title: COALESCENCE: The Font of Eons Event Author: Last Omnitect Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 06/10/2017 12:00 AM A one-day, narrative event set in the depths of the Realm of Ghyranas a part of the Coalescence Worldwide Event. More details to come... COALESCENCE: The Font of Eons
  3. A one-day, narrative event set in the depths of the Realm of Ghyranas a part of the Coalescence Worldwide Event. More details to come...
  4. Oldblood Itzahuan, The Tip of the Spear (Spear of Dusk Constellation) Oldblood Itzahuan was the first star to appear in his Constellation, willed into being by the slaan known as Metzlhuan shortly after the ancient mage became a star master. However, the ascension of the ancient mage was haphazard, permanently warping his powers. As a result, the normal incantations used to craft Metzlhuan's cohort are flawed; while the remembered warriors are as solid and dangerous as other Seraphon, the magic that created them is laid bare, revealing them for the flickering star stuff they are. More dangerously, the slaan's magic and mental facilities seem to slowly be bleeding into his warriors. As a result, Itzahuan is highly intelligent, and alarmingly self aware for a remembered warrior. In a scant few centuries, the Oldblood learned to speak with the eloquence of a skink scholar, and had developed an endlessly curious personality. Nonetheless, Itzahuan remains an Oldblood, and his martial skill is incredible. Wielding a blade that glows like the sun, armored in glowing celestial jade and crowned with a diadem of the three brightest stars in his Constellation, the Oldblood had turned his glowing eyes to the embattled realm of Ghyran and the curious light coming from Loch Eon...
  5. For example, I'm running my event in Winter Park, Florida in the USA. It's pretty nice in this area: less than 15 minutes from Downtown Orlando and filled with gardens, parks and lakes. Little wonder I'm setting our Event in the Realm of Life. And I've pretty much got our landmark chosen or for the shard. Beyond theme parks, Orlando's most obvious landmark is the fountain at Lake Eola, a beautiful turquoise blue fountain that sits in the middle of a lake downtown. So, for our event the armies will fight over the mystical "Font of Eons", a life giving fountain whose magical waters can cure illness and give life to the surrounding forests and waterways.
  6. As the 10th of June approaches, I'm sure many NEOs are plotting out the necessary details of running their COALESCENCE events (I myself have gotten in touch with my local WARHAMMER store and have scheduled a meeting this Saturday to discuss logistics of coordinating/running the event). However, as important as those details are, I know we're all detailing the possible narrative arcs of our events as well. We have Realms to select, landmarks to find and narrative elements to weave. To be frank, I'm curious what everybody is coming up with. So this topic is here to help folks to exchange their ideas for their respective events, whether it be what team they've at their event in, the landmarks they have chosen, or anything else they are thinking on. So feel free to brainstorm or air out any ideas! -Last
  7. ^^^ True that. Technically, NEON is a separate group from GW. Signal boosting for the important correction.
  8. When you first signed up as a NEO (Narrative Event Organizer), you should've received an email confirming that you are a NEO, and shortly afterwards you should've received an email with the first packet attached as a PDF. If you haven't, I'd suggest contacting GW at the same email they confirmed your NEO with. If you haven't been confirmed as a NEO yet, then I'd either try to sign up again, check your email spam folder, or simply call GW customer service and see what they can do for you.
  9. I'm assuming more is coming soon. They probably are just hashing out last minute details/preventing leaks of event information. Truth be told, the first packet already contains most of what you'll need to plan the event: -General overview of the Narrative -Backstory on the setting - the objectives of each Grand Alliance in the global Narrative -prerequisites for player armies (Points limits, the number of lists, how they're supposed to be built, the Army General's name, the fluff reason for their General pursuing the plot thingy, etc) -the date of the event -how to report your results ... Honestly, they've given us a lot to work with, and more than enough to start organizing the event and gathering players. I'm actually writing up some simple scenarios and an idea for a finale battle, as it stands. That said, we are a month away, and some additional plot details/scenarios and specific event info would be useful.
  10. Hey folks! I'm interested in running this in WINTER PARK, FLORIDA (Near Orlando). I'm looking into finding a venue, possibly the Warhammer Store in Winter Park Village.
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