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  1. My experience has been the same as Jabber's. Our group plays predominantly vanguard sized games on a 4x4 with the matched play Battleplans and they've worked well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Dave Witek - Garagehammer Podcast Dave's unwavering enthusiasm for all things AoS and his exceptional book reviews have been a very welcome contribution to listener's journeys through the Mortal Realms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Here's my annoyingly long list coming from the perspective of a casual player who plays a lot of Vanguard size games ... Update points ongoing online in living document Measure base to base I like Battleline in army building but play many vanguard size battles. Many unit buffs seem to be holdovers from 8th where you need to have 20 or 30 plus models to trigger i.e. Bloodletters. This makes it restrictive in smaller games. Multi-player battleplans would be great More matched play battleplans to the current 6 that encourage diverse army building More 4' x 4' battleplans Change spell casting so a spell can only be cast once successfully. Simplify pile in mechanic, I find it confusing currently and should allow models to retain base contact and move around enemies to enable more combatants to move in in subsequent turns. Ability to buy extra models for units after the base or at least in smaller denominations of 5 for example (refer comment above about smaller games) More fleshed out map campaign rules with army character advancement as it progresses Possibly restrict shooting in combat to only the models in combat I like the random initiative mechanic but think it can swing some games if a player is unlucky (or lucky) … perhaps get +1 to the roll if you lost initiative the previous roll or draws goes to the player who lost it previously Clarify multiple uses of the same artefact across multiple Heroes in the same army Improve ability or reduce cost of rarely played units … don't nerf good units Unpredictable Destruction is just well … unpredictable as a good alliance ability Check the points costs of big bads for possible point reductions i.e. Archaon
  4. Wanted to try a 'holy yellow magic' typical of paladins ... pleased with the result
  5. Those Sylvaneth rumours sound great ... Alariel riding a giant beetle!
  6. Orruk book, Maw-Krusha, Shaman, one box of Brutes and Gore-Gruntas to go with my Moonclan Goblins, River Trolls and Idol of Gork.
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