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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/B9My4rtnuCt/?igshid=12nh19piej5x1
  2. Our goal for next year is 1st place. True comeback story.
  3. More points if you went second in the battle round is good. On orb of relocation taking first turn each time can actually make it harder to win.
  4. Yes to both. Stegadon can move himself or a bastiladon etc. The carnosaur command ability effects every attack on the unit. Bites and all.
  5. I was going last year but my tortoise lit my house on fire the night before so couldn't make it. Should be able to make it this year. Got the tort on freeze so it doesn't start anything.
  6. I like the second list more. Troggherd is nice but is overcosted. Although being less drops will be good for you're army as going first might mean you just walk forward without doing much. The giant spider looks awesome and having the two wizards will be awesome for you.
  7. At warhammer fest the guy in the AoS preview said others might be impacted but they hope not.
  8. I have used my dread saurian at many events. Warhammer world and others. I've never heard any not allowed FW
  9. Paint Aether pendulum and hopefully 10 saurus warriors
  10. I was at warhammer fest today and the paint seem very good.
  11. Also you dont want to send both units in on the same turn or one of them is getting battered.
  12. Hail blot toad! What do we think about firelance going up in points? Seems a strange one as it's only used because you have to for draco, on its own it's pretty weak.
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