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  1. Yeah that all makes sense. The only shame is that GW really should have come out and explained it like that, publicly, I think fans would really understand - 4 times BSF [which is still available ] and selling out in an hour is amazing . Hopefully they can communicate this and what they hope to do or can/can't do with the game including expansions [which should be viable given they sold so many copies]. It should encourage them that a fantasy boxed game is well worth doing again in the future.
  2. Not necessarily - I'm not sure they would simply port over dispossessed into a new Duardin Nations book, I think its more likely to be brand new dwarfs in a reclaimed kingdom or reclaiming kingdoms. Kurnothi and nature elves would be a new thing. They could still have different types of elves and duardin in Cities, it all depends on wether they see Cities as purely human forces in the future, which they could well or they could see it as a blend of mostly humans with others in smaller amounts. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of new dwarf models if Grungni rearms and reorganises the dwarfs to take back their lands with KO and Fyreslayers adding to the cause. Cheers! Not sure if they are discussing the rumours that are already doing the rounds or just adding their confirmation, probably the later.
  3. Hadn't seen anything - was Atia or Bob saying anything? The rumours have been around for a while and I think they have weight. Actually WhiteFang has been strongly suggesting Dwarfs are getting a shared battle tome around new Grungni dwarfs [I think I may be misrepresenting him]. If the dwarf new models are going to 2 faction s in 3rd ed they seem to be Grungni Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs , I'd rather a good combined book with new art, new lore [and there will be as this would be a new development] and new dwarf models rather than just getting anew book for a faction. but I'm a modeller and collector. Plus there's nothing to stop GW releasing Ko or Fyreslayers models under a combined tome. For the depth of lore/art you still have your old [the current] battle tome. Kurnothi are coming, I think Whitefang again hinted that it will be combined - like Athel Loren reborn so Tree spirits, kurnothi and re imagined wanderers in one. Its a little sad but it makes sense with so many factions now In the setting with a few more to come as well. Hopefully the new Battletomes will be a bit fatter, filled with content.
  4. yeah I was thinking they could be a set of battle zone books like in 40k for updating rules and adding to factions in between battle tome releases.
  5. One of the most striking parts of that artwork for 3ed that was released was the Kharadron fleet overhead - it had clearly new ship designs- a larger ship and a massive one In the background. Kharadron are so strong a visual in AOS I can't see them disappearing or diluting. IF there is a combined duardin tome with a big model release I expect it be an AoS version of classic dwarfs but KO and Fyreslayers could get models too- the "big model" could be a larger KO ship for example, they could also try out something new for the Slayers. Really looking forward to seeing what they do for dwarfs - having seen those heavy paladins for Stormcast I could see them doing some fantastic heavy armour for dwarfs with ancestor faces and rune weapons. Plus the return of Artillery!! If they can keep or expandKo and Slayers within a Duardin Nations big fat book I'll have less of a problem with it. We still have the existing lore in any books that it replaces and that leaves space for new lore and art to come in. [Just to say obviously I'd prefer separate books and model releases for all the dwarf factions but if that can't happen I'm looking at the positives].
  6. That Artwork is amazing!! Love it! There are definitely some new Kharadron designs there - ones with extra endrins and different hulls, the frigate shape appears at the front. Hope they are in the works... Definitely looks like dwarf proportions to me rather than GSC, maybe squats??
  7. NOT PROPER DWARFS I think first battle tomes form an Order perspective could be Sylvaneth or new Dwarfs - both seem heavily mentioned on the build up to AoS3. Maybe Chaos Dwarfs as they are being mentioned in rumours now?
  8. Well that was interesting - love how they have pushed the designs forward for these factions- the Orruks have loads of oldschool references which I like plus a touch of The Hobbit Orcs as well. My favourite thing was the Troggoth -looks excellent and the Stormcast wizard lady with the mask looks awesome. Neither faction is my thing but it looks like a great set and really pleased to read all the enthusiasm for the new models. Very interesting with the hints of the Chaos Dwarfs - though we don't speak of our fallen cousins they would make. a nice counter balance to Grungni's return [hopefully with a new/refeshed dwarf faction].
  9. I'm kinda hoping the extra surprises might be glimpses as to what's coming for the edition beyond the launch box.. maybe a small sighting of new dwarf stuff.. But I'imagining the set itself should be a belter- maybe a man crusher, wolf cav.. troggoths possibly..
  10. Loved the stuff about Athel Loren regrown and reborn and Grungni revealing himself. Hope for new Grungni dwarfs to kick ass and settle grudges as well as Kurnothi finally showing up.
  11. The mount has one the screaming/leering metal faces form the rumour engines on it as a belly guard for the rider..
  12. I can understand that- I don't play just collect. But I'vereally loved the recent dwarf sculpts form them [few though they have been]- Gotrek, Bugmanson and Dagnai are all great [two of which are Kharadron so it would be a shame if they don't bring us more.] Hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised by new models, but best not to hold one's breath. I have been intrigued by the 3-d print warmaster community so I can see there is a real pull there definitely.
  13. The Gotrek sculpt shows how good Slayers can be [the Underworlds warband is rather good too]. I'm hoping for Norse Dwarf beserkers eventually when the Old World is released . I respectfully disagree, Kharadron follow leaders judged on their deeds not their status, plus they could well just be allying with his forces rather than following him, they could retain their independence - I can't imagine Grungni demanding obedience from anyone let alone the Kharadron. The KO book states that Grungni left the Duardin to get on with things without him because he wanted them to be independent, he can still respect that and ask for their support in times of war. I think we all want the same - more dwarf models, more lore and more factions - I think the compromise in the short term is that they might be in the same book. The glue of the book will be the faction between Fyreslayers and KO that bridges the two just as in the old World dwarf armies had warriors, quarrellers and veterans in-between the slayers and the engineers. I don't like the prospect of the combining the forces in one book, I'm trying to look to the positive which is the possibility of new dwarfs.
  14. As an old longbeard I love my Kharadrons, love their lore and I'm excited by the idea if them getting expanded and becoming a deeper faction. I can see the potential in Fyreslayers too , plenty of scope to do really interesting design ideas with them which I'd love to see as well [someone mentioned a short story with Fyreslayers riding giant ground sloths and wearing furs which sounds epic!]. However the pragmatic dwarf in me also notes that dwarfs as a race need more variation beyond these two nations- the classic dwarf tropes of smiths/heavily armoured warriors/warmachines/ miners /brewers/ rangers and rune weapons all could do with being brought into AoS and there's the problem. There are already what 24 factions? Seraphon, Skaven and Beastmen have had virtually nothing so far in AoS, CoS need fresh models, Malerions faction has to arrive and I'd love Kurnothi to appear next to Sylvaneth. Add to that this rumour of a combined dwarf book - Grungni's grand alliance or Duardin Nations is persistent and our own rumour monger has all but come out and said its coming, wether we like it not its happening. On the plus side I reckon its coming soon after launch as its so mentioned, maybe 3rd battle tome after Stormcast and the new greenskins. I also think it won't just be Fyreslayers and KO -I think there will be a big release of another updated dwarf faction which will sandwich between the two. Probably all three will be available to be taken as pure armies, hopefully we will get some new lore, new artwork and possibly in the not too distant future at least the odd kit for Fyreslayers and KO. A combined book gives a place to explore all the aspects of the dwarf culture, hopefully we can benefit. I just don't see the release schedule allowing a new dwarf faction AND an substantial model updates to KO or Slayers. I'll take new models over nothing everyday of the week. On the subject of Ko following Grungni- they already did in Br:Belakor and they did not because he is a god, they did because, as their culture, he is a good leader. Kharadron value skill and good leadership- Grungni can offer these and gain them as allies [not blind followers]. Again I would prefer serrate books and lots of new dwarfs of varying factions but that looks highly unlikely so I'll hope for some new dwarfs in the immediate future and new KO in the longer term.
  15. I wonder if he will be further revealed in BR: Kragnos ..I hope he's back in Chamon after bailing out Sigmar again.. [They did say there might be other surprises as well as the box reveal this weekend.. maybe we can hope for a glance of a future duardin release..probably not but you can always dream.. ]
  16. Yep definitely .. Hopefully this has some significance for the duardin factions .. like some new models , hopefully Grungni himself popping up on some fantastical war machine.. Yeah getting that vibe a bit.. hopefully still might mean more models.. I'd really like to see updated Grungni Duardin in there - I love the iron breakers and hammerers but it would be nice to see some new units, the recent dwarf sculpts have been amazing.. well you did mention way back who Gromthi was.. 😉... I hope he signals some new duardin coming our way..
  17. It definitely sounds like they are laying down the basis for a Dwarf revival/expansion - love to see new lore and new models- Gotrek, Bugmanson and Dagnai are fantastic models - would love to see more. A battle box of them vs Skaven would be awesome too- what could they uncover in Grungni's lost hold.. where is Valaya... who is the White Dwarf... we need answers and models!
  18. I really hope they release these as a collection from Black Library - they sound brilliant.
  19. Just on the whole “everything in the same book” thing- they could act like smaller grand alliances, which would let GW add new types to that class/race without over producing battle tomes. So you could get new clans of green skins as well as new models for existing factions. Could have an alliance of Life with Sylvaneth, Kurnothi and wanderers plus what ever else they dream up. Dwarf nations could work adding additional types exploring Valaya faction or the miners and rangers etc. So you could run pure lists or mixed with limits (A bit like Cities of Sigmar) . Bigger books and more models sounds alright (although I do love my independent Kharadron..
  20. Orcs and gobbos have had hooks for hands in the past .. plus look at Azog from the the Hobbit movie - big old hook for a hand.. wolfs and squigs bite after all..
  21. I had the Lead Belcher! I remember I had a troll, a few wolf riders and a the odd goblin when I was about 12. Very nostalgic .. never did collect an army of them as I went for dwarfs. But yeah it really looks like the totem heads on the old war machines. Looking forward to seeing them revealed, I imagine they have a sneaky vibe to them form the old hobgoblins and the general nastiness of old orcs and gobbos.
  22. I really get the feeling its a legal dispute - hence they can't talk about it etc..like copyright infringement. Until its resolved they can't do anything with it- only thing that makes sense to me. Oh I love them too- fantastic models, I have a big unit painted up in my old VC army. Looks like multi option arms. Fantastic sculpt , very tempted to pick her up as a painting project.. the whole Soul blight release is really well sculpted.. must resist...
  23. Yeah I could see Soulblight getting another wave in a year or so. There isn't much in the way of AoS flavour there other than the heroes- maybe foot/flying vamp troops and a mounted vamp lord. The look like they might be designing a whole range all at once and then splitting the range up, but delivering them sooner so they aren't creating the micro factions. Its only a pain from the battle tome side of things, I'd prefer to see my army get an update sooner rather than later whenever something I like gets released rather than wait 4+ years for an update. If they aren't introducing as many new factions they could also get back to expanding the existing ones sooner too. a double expansion of most factions would be excellent. I'd love to see where they take KO and dwarfs generally .
  24. Yep, I wonder if its connected to the Old World- the new Vamps fit perfectly into VC, the core of Lumineth would fill in for high elves. Its probably because these core elements are what they see as "Warhammer" in design terms but it does leave a lot of room for crossover when the Old World gets released.
  25. I'm loving the giant bear elementals and bear calvary .. map wise - Norse Dwarfs please!! Norse dwarfs would be good to develop- not seen in ages, get the dwarf fans in and cross over with dispossessed and KO [norse KO would be fun!]. Very excited for the new game - hoping these things come in plastic rather than resin but guessing plastic will be dedicated to rank and file.
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