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  1. Lol I was just saying it was confirmed on stream which is more reliable than the two and fro on here. I have not played cannon with the new book so can't comment o rest.
  2. For those of you questioning the wrathcannon thing. Go and watch the Wednesday stream with Ben J. He confirms it was intended.
  3. Indeed, although the my unit hasn't been wiped yet to use it
  4. They tear units over 5 apart from my 2 games with them so far. Not bad either against under 5. And hard to shift ignoring rend and benefiting from gravesites, DI, and lantern spell if you have it. Then if removed can just re-summon. The 2" reach and 8" fly is good too.
  5. Light mortal wound output? You my friend have not been on the receiving end of 16 mortals on top of normal attacks from those things.
  6. I'd like to know this too. Most allegiance abilities have the faction keyword, these do not. I would assume it's a no though but I think it says in core rules that allies cannot benefit regardless (don't have it to hand).
  7. Battalion will be brilliant I think if realm spells get used alot. Think of all the spells.
  8. I quite like the Banshee. 4up ignore rend, 1 wound summonable so easy to regen/bring back, +1 to unbind for every 4 and 2 rend.
  9. It's only go up 60 points and 50 of that is a command point. Which we'd want anyway? Also the increased casting will help reduce unbinding as that now sits at 30" range. Arkhan would have +4 to cast rather than +2. Would help against something like WoK bloodthirster that has a built in plus 2 to unbind etc. Every little helps in what looks like a very magic focused edition. Also extra spells will help cover casting and dispelling endless spells and still getting off other ones. Then if you use realm spells then don't all wizards know all from that realm during the battle? (I'm not 100% on how that all works)
  10. Haha I'm not disputing that it's not written clearly. I'm certainly with you on that one
  11. This is not the case. Watch the stream (twitch from Wednesday) with Ben from rules team. Him and Martin both confirm that it is exactly the same as it is now. Whoever deploys first chooses. 33min 41 seconds in.
  12. True, I should know better after the multiple double ones I rolled at SCGT even in Gore Pilgrims Not a fan of Reapers in 10s
  13. Goretide with some reavers to suicide, priest (blood sacrifice). One drop starts with 3 command points, 3 artefacts could be fun.
  14. I played Khorne, finished 24th. There was also a chap running Brass Stampede/Pilgrims List there too (played next to him once).
  15. How much stuff is in shooting phase but doesn't need hit rolls? I can think of Heraldor, Celestant, and star drake from SCE but don't know any others.
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