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  1. Still looking for Fyreslayers!
  2. Looking to buy the following units, (from UK Seller) Fyreslayers Ideally new, but would consider assembled and unpainted or painted to a good standard. Please PM me with what you got and what you are looking to get for it!
  3. I'd pay £2 / month for this brilliant site! I also like the idea of teaming up with an online store (like Goblin Gaming?) .
  4. I get where you are coming from. Some of your challenges are easily fixed, especially the paint drying too quickly: Make yourself a wet palette - it sounds like you are not using one - it is honestly super easy to do, there are plenty of youTube videos on this topic as well. This Mega Brute was the first model I painted. I did once paint a dwarf model about 10-12 years ago or so but nothing since. I regret painting the "Boss" of my Brutes first. You can clearly see how untidy I am, paint splashes on the yellow armor, yellow paint on the face... it was messy. I do feel like I am making Progress though, these are the rest of the Brutes and overall I am much happier with them than I am with their "Boss". I doubt I will ever get as good as a lot of people on here are (there are some really damn good painters on here) but I think I will get good enough to not be embarrassed by the models anymore haha.
  5. I am glad these are coming out as I hate the current 'ardboys.
  6. You are right! The new mobile interface is better!
  7. Did the update mess with TapaTalk a bit by any chance?
  8. I see! Is there a way to change some of the font colours? Reason I am asking is because the light grey on orange to indicate the number of replies on "Hot topics" for example is really hard to read now. Just a minor thing I noticed, no biggie of course.
  9. Everything looks quite a bit different now?
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