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  1. So now the new rules are out, what would be the best starting point for a new player? The start collecting box of the new aether war box half?
  2. https://youtu.be/K6uLWOITgdg man who reads book is online
  3. The FAQ has been FAQed. Nagash and Arkhan have had their points increased to match the Bonereaper points. But still the FAQ in regards to knowing spells from other wizards remain so its still unclear if the original warscroll can be used for Nagash and Arkhan. Especially because the FAQ states that Cairn Wraith, Tomb Banshee, Hexwraith and Spirit hosts warscrolls are no longer used and have been replaced but nothing is said about the warscroll of Nagash and Arkhan.
  4. Played against Slaanesh last weekend for the first time and he had 3 KoS. Very glad to see the big nerf on summoning and the Locus
  5. So the new FAQ is out and are surprising Nagash is still at 850 points and not 880 as stated in the Bonereapers book Futhermore as per Designers commentary Nagash and Arkhan still know the spells from other wizards. Does this mean both will use the LoN warscroll instead of the Bonereapers warscroll?
  6. Use magnets. So easy to use and you can always swap. I even have my banners made with magnets
  7. Finally got my hands on the new book and I love it! But some questions: Can a Huskard on Thundertusk "cast" 2 prayers? 1 of the 3 Everwinter prayers and 1 of the 2 on his own warscroll? Mournfang can be taken with 2 models in a unit. Can a unit still contain a Hornblower and Banner bearer? Because in the warscroll it says 1 in 4 can be a Hornblower or Banner bearer Ironfist, does a roll of a 6 also prevent the damage taken?
  8. With the changes to Nagash, I am reading alot about an Arcane Bolt spam but I cant find the rule that he can cast Arcane Bolt multible times. Can someone please explain the spam to me?
  9. What has happend to te tyrant with the gutgouger? Had he been replaced with the new tyrant?
  10. Iron fists are fun to play with but because of the rend I prefer the Hackers
  11. Iron fists do wotk with rend. For example, -1 rend. the save roll of 5 becomes a 6 which is succesfull . atleast this is how I read it. otherwice it would be an unmodified save roll of 6. as HostilSpike stated below. Does not work
  12. In our group we play alot of multiplayer battles with the Core rulebook triumph and treachery rules. This is always great fun but with only 2 Battle plans this is getting a bit old. Are there some more battleplans out there or maybe some homebrew ones?
  13. Any chance that cities of sigmar and new orc books will go on preorder this weekend? normally 3 weeks after a reveal the preorders begin
  14. Is there a well educated guess when the new ogor tyrant will be released? normally 3 weeks after an anouncement of a book it is released. but what about models/battleboxes
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