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  1. Yeah I could live with the changes if it didn't mean my books and cards were so riddled with errors and if they actually improved other aspects like very over costed ships and special characters. Why did the khemist go up in points if they were also going to need the buff? I'm fine with nerfing the buff, but why increase the points. And for that matter why not bring down the admiral as well. Just scratching my head at some of the rulings. K.O. weren't exactly tearing up the tournament scene, and now all their elite units have been gutted it's hard to build diverse competitive lists, that include the cool models.
  2. It's a conversion using the back banner from the grundstock thunderes.
  3. Yeah the more I see the more I think they are a bit underwhelming from a power perspective. But that's actually what has me most excited, they are going to be a challenge to play and I'll have to up my game.
  4. Also wondering if anyone is crazy enough to run triple ironclads. It would suck, but man would it look awesome!
  5. Looking forward to the complete list of artifacts. Wonder if there is anything that makes navigators better, (other than the command traits).
  6. Yeah totally agree. This army has a lot of moving parts, it's hard to get a clear picture of how it will play. I can already smell the oil off skywarden spam though. I'm getting at least 6 lol.
  7. Yeah looking at the sprues again I see the one has 6 guys, so you're right. Man that's a bummer. They should have just made the loadouts 1 of each. I guess if you make all three of your battleline super specialized it can work.
  8. Looks like you get two of the weapon sprues in the ten man box. So yeah you can't max out on one weapon but 2 out of 3 isn't so bad. No idea on the thunderers though. Probably get two of each weapon at best I imagine. I may convert my old iron drakes into thunderes with canons
  9. I was more diassapointed in the Admirals command abilities. There is nothing terrible about him, he's just kinda meh.
  10. Take my ether-gold now!!! I'm going to ammass quite the fleet! So many guns!
  11. Ugh how do we still not have rules leaks? Someone break into GW headquarters already.
  12. Archaons sword is not 2 six's before modifiers. It specifically says 6 or more.
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