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  1. The Stronghold

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Like others in this thread, I really want a Gargant faction!
  2. The Stronghold

    How tall is Forge World's Rogue Idol?

    He's here! I'll give him a bath and get him assembled this weekend ?
  3. The Stronghold

    WTF is a "Huskard/Frostlord" on Stonehorn/Thundertusk?

    Yep, new edition in June.
  4. The Stronghold

    How tall is Forge World's Rogue Idol?

    Perfect! Thank you!
  5. The Stronghold

    How tall is Forge World's Rogue Idol?

    That would be helpful, thank you! Trying to work out if it'll fit on my existing display shelf, as you say it looks pretty tall with the arm raised up.
  6. The Stronghold

    No Destruction Models Revealed at Warhammer Fest?

    I'm definitely ready for new Destruction minis, they're bound to have stuff in the works - Moonclan this year would be fantastic! We've had no new Ogor minis since the Ogre Kingdoms range was expanded back in 2011, right? On the greenskin side of things, we got the lovely but limited Ironjawz range, a few Grot Scuttlings, and a Shaman since the last O&G releases around mid 2012 IIRC (maybe a couple of things from Forge World too?). Not a lot of new models for 6 years.
  7. The Stronghold

    How tall is Forge World's Rogue Idol?

    Could someone do me a favour and measure the height of their Rogue Idol please, all the way up to the top of the raised fist? Cheers!??
  8. The Stronghold

    Fimir Warriors

    You've just reminded me, what happened to all the new Fimir models Forge World had planned? Must be about a year and a half since they showed what they were working on, hope they didn't get binned.
  9. The Stronghold


    Feeling unmotivated these past couple of months too. I'm sure that'll change for me once the AoS model and battletome releases pick up again.
  10. The Stronghold

    AoS Wish For 2018

    More new models.
  11. The Stronghold

    Forgeworld in AoS tournaments

    That's super strange!
  12. The Stronghold

    Ironjawz 2nd place at Warhammer World GT

    Congrats James Williams! https://twitter.com/WarhammerGC/status/917096690225700867 Death and Destruction both under-represented again, Beastclaws seem to have been largely left at home.
  13. The Stronghold

    Army Paint Schemes for rules

    Very happy with that response from GW!
  14. The Stronghold

    Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    Sad to see Destruction under-represented (I wonder if it's due to the lack of new models for everything not Ironjawz?), but congrats on your excellent result! Living up to da Megaboss name Congrats to Nicky too!
  15. I brought Destruction up to date with General's Handbook 2017 recently, haven't touched the other Grand Alliances though. Edit: not sure how many people have access to edit the doc but I'd be happy to make changes for the other GAs if people post some here