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  1. I don't mind the claw change. You put it on necromancers. That bonk branch wasn't doing anything anyway.
  2. flaming weapon allowed for mounts, but generic spells (and prayers) aren't allowed for unique heroes at all.
  3. If you follow the more restrictive interpretation it breaks soulblight subfactions altogether, as you would be required to take not just one /of/ the subfaction's command traits / artefacts, but rather /each individual/ command trait and artefact within the subfaction. Ie, taking Pack Alpha as the command trait for your Vyrkos general would be illegal, because "Spoor Tracker" is also "a" command trait made available by the Vyrkos subfaction and thus your general would be required to take "that" command trait. You would be required to take each and every command trait and artefact made available by your subfaction, and thus wouldn't be allowed to take any, and thus Soulblight Lists would be illegal if they take any generic heroes at all. The rule needs errata, and sadly it didn't get it in the new go round, at least not that I initially noticed. I expect that when we get proper clarification (not custserv responses, which are not official and can be contradictory) that yeah, you'll be required to take "one of" the options from your subfaction, just because kneejerk faq/errata tends to be more restrictive, but right now imo the only internally consistent interpretation that doesn't break anything is that the core rule only applies to subfactions that only have one command trait and artefact each. Which makes sense, since those subfactions were written with the assumption that faction armies didn't use subfactions by default, and thus accessing a subfaction should come with some sort of additional cost or restriction. That's simply not the case in the Soulblight Book, so the restriction really doesn't make any sense, but there you go.
  4. WHOOOOOO RELENTLESS DISCIPLINE FIX!!!!!! I mean, also, yeah, boo arkhan nerf, and yay elite status for the monstrous infantry, but we knew those changes had to be coming sooner rather than later, but YEAH! RDP FIX! I honestly thought we'd have to wait for a new battletome to see that. The Relentless Discipline situation is still much, much weaker than it was in 2e since we still cant stack multiple buffs from or onto the same unit in the same phase, and I might have preferred an alternative fix that just gave us access to the core command abilities, but at the very least Unstoppable Advance works again.
  5. They look alright, but in a couple cases I had to pry apart half-set plastic glue to move legs that seemed like they sorta fit one torso to the torso that they actually fit because the legs that were supposed to fit the first torso didn't fit the second at all. The pieces have little numbered tabs on the sprues to help you identify which bit the instructions are referring to, but usually I just clip and clean all the bits first, and just go by the pictures in the instructions to identify which to grab later, and that's just a bad idea with this skeleton kit. Even if you're grabbing bits from the sprue one at a time when the instructions call for them, they're still crammed close together and it can sometimes be difficult to tell which number is referring to what bit. Basically, if the hips don't fit between the front and balk halves of the upper torso bits /perfectly/, if it seems like the fit's a bit too snug or like you have to force something at all, then you probably have the wrong hip/leg bits and need to double check. The arms and heads on this kit are ~somewhat~ interchangeable. Some of the torsos have chain bits over the neck that need to connect to particular helmets, some of the arms are at wonky angles that don't work with some of the torsos, but you can mix and match a bit for these if you're careful and make sure you know where everything goes before you glue anything, but the torsos and legs aren't interchangeable at all. Honestly, there's enough variety in the standard models/poses that just following the directions carefully is the way to go, imo.
  6. Just be very careful to follow the directions, & make sure you're grabbing the right parts. It can be easy to confuse the legs especially & they are NOT interchangeable.
  7. If gotrek specifically is bothering you, you might consider trying to find room for the Soulsnare Shackles. With his low base movement it's not to hard to prevent him from charging at all on a key turn, provided the opponent fails to dispel them.
  8. 20 zombies is basically a sacrificial screen. Pop them up from a graveyard as a screen for 20 great weapon graveguard 2.1 inches behind. If you want them to be more than a speed bump, though, then yeah, 40+.
  9. A (one) artefact or command trait isn't the same as multiple artefacts or command traits. This distinction isn't just pedantry, it's /necessary/ for the rule to be functional at all. Take the example of a Vyrkos faction with a single generic hero/general in the list, and try to read the rule as applying:
  10. GW's just not very consistent about scale, especially since they ditched square base rank & flank in oldhammer for skirmishy round bases in AoS. Bigger models means more room for fancy details that the largest rival miniature manufacturers just can't match, especially not in plastics, so GW's scale in general has been creeping up, and creeping up faster for heroes and low model count elite units. These days it's more surprising when a unit /isn't/ way bigger than the game's supposed official scale. Mortek Guard, for instance, are comparative weenies, noticeably smaller than most other recent infantry units of their base size, including the new skeleton warriors.
  11. Glad to see a fellow fan of the classics! It really looks fantastic.
  12. If you're using the standard zombie dragon & rider model & want the rider to be removeable, you don't even need a pin or magnet. In fact, I'd specifically recommend NOT using a pin. The armor of the rider and saddle on the dragon are shaped in such a way that the rider fits and stays snuggly in place without any glue or other bond already, and in fact has to slide in at a bit of a tilt and angle that a pin would obstruct, potentially leading to a damage paint job as you remove and replace the model over time. Magnets wouldn't cause the same problem, but really shouldn't be necessary either. As for the list... eh, it looks fine. IMO it's not worth worrying about how well early stages of an escalation list play since it won't be long until you're expanding anyway. As long as the stuff you're painting will still be decent later you're fine. Personally, though, if I were playing in an escalation league I'd also use the opportunity to combine that with a Path to Glory. I mean, might as well, right? But that would involve fielding at least one non-unique character to be your warlord.
  13. For some strange reason soulblight got kicked over to a separate forum for 3e. Try over here: https://www.tga.community/forums/forum/174-soulblight-gravelords/
  14. They're pretty significantly outclassed by blood knights point for point, though bloodborn are cheaper, so in theory you could have a list that just couldnt fit the blood knights. But you can usually find the room.
  15. Is Katakros really worth running still? +1 armor is good, but it's not ~that~ much better than the petrifex rend malus, and it seems like the big challenge with RDP in 3e won't be generating enough of it, it will be finding uses for even a relatively small handful of points now that you can't use the same CA multiple times in a phase. That makes Katakros's massive RDP generation feel kind of redundant, where as bludgeon is even more valuable than before.
  16. Vampire Knight riding any of the smaller monsters would make a good vengo lord stand in. So start with a brettonian hero on a pegasus or especially hippogriff, and apply some conversion effort to vampifying the rider (head/weapon/shield swaps from blood knights & other vampire models) and zombifying the mount (dremel away chunks of the body, then sculpt in some open wounds & exposed flesh/bones/organs to fill the gaps you make). As long as its recognizeably monstrous and vampiric, and yet clearly smaller than a zombie dragon, you should be fine. If you want a cav army, Kastelai is the way to go. If you want more a bunch of pesants with a few knights leading them, then Vyrkos or even Legion of Blood could be suitable. Legion of Blood in particular supports taking some black knights, which you might want to do if you want some visual and mechanical distinction between basic knights errant & knights of the realm and more elite questing and grail knights. Granted the army would be weaker than pure blood knights, at least for now, but these sorts of theme armies tend to be long term labors of love, and the mechanical balance between black knights and blood knights could easily have reversed itself 3 or 4 years down the line. IMO it's best not to get hung up on competitive viability with this kind of project.
  17. I don't really feel a pull towards or away from any particular units for ivory host mechanically, so if you want an ivory host army for thematic/narrative reasons, I'd just take any old petrifex list and swap out the subfaction choice.
  18. games below 1k points have always been tough for OBR. Our units are all so expensive that it's just hard to get anything going. That said, our battleline units are pretty solid in 3e - the new coherency rules in particular favor 5 model elite cavalry units and strong infantry units on 25mm bases, so Kavalos Deathriders and Mortek Guard both look pretty good. I'd recommend starting with a box of each for 20 morteks + 5 kavalos, and throw em in a hunters of the heartlands battalion. You still need a hero though, and 600 points only leaves you room for a soulreaper, so there you go. Yeah, it's our least impressive hero, not counting vokmortian, but it's also our cheapest hero, and leading our smallest forces is exactly the one thing it's useful for. For grand strategy, most of this list is tough battleline models, so 'hold the line' is the obvious choice. For subfaction, if you have a clear thematic or narrative preference, go for that. I'm a sucker for arkhan, so I tend to go with Null Myriad. If you don't have a thematic preference and instead are choosing based purely on mechanics, then I'd go with petrifex for now, provided you can change subfactions later. If you're stuck with the same subfaction for the entire campaign, then go with praetorians if you plan on adding katakros later and petrifex if you don't. Final list looks something like this: Sadly, my local store's core rulebook order has been delayed, so I don't have access to the path to glory rules. As such, I don't know if you're really allowed battalions or reinforced units to stat. If no battalions, just drop HotH for now. If no reinforcement, then I'd go for 2x10 morteks instead of 1x20. Honestly, 2x10 might be better at this points value anyway to let you claim more objectives, though it would dilute your buffing ability. Don't get me wrong - our other stuff, lieges, masons, harvesters, crawlers, stalkers, etc - it's all decent. Some of it very good even. But when you're building a skeleton you need to start with the backbone, all the other parts build out from there. So too with your skeletal army. Start with our battleline, it really is our greatest strength. The rest can come later.
  19. On the other hand, endless duty is also restricted to a single unit per phase, which means you'll have to look elsewhere if you want to give offensive buffs to more than a single unit, which imo raises the value of bludgeon every bit as much as the new restrictions reduce it, if not more so. And while the petrifex rend malus isn't quite as good as katakros's +1 save, it doesn't use up any of your RDP and doesn't require you to field a near 500 point character. IMO, petrifex is very competitive with Praetoreans right now, close enough that I wouldn't want to call between them before seeing some real tourney results. They're certainly both well ahead of the rest of our subfactions.
  20. Avengori want monsters, and the most cost efficient means of purchasing them is FEC start collecting boxes. It's ever so slightly cheaper to buy the monsters on their own, but if you've got an Avengorii monster spam army then you've also got the better part of a Gristlegore FEC army, so you might as well pick up the FEC units on the cheap while you're collecting your zombie dragons and terrorgheists so you've got them at the ready down the line. I'd start with: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (biggest generic monster hero to take advantage of avengorii traits, artefacts, and monster bonuses) Lauka Vai (regular Vengo might be a touch better, but I'd want to run Lauka if I were playing her dynasty, plus she gets to be a second general while saving your artefact and trait for the dragon lord) Zombie Dragon (you pick avengori to monster mash) Terrorgheist (you pick avengori to monster mash) 10 Dire Wolves (round out obligatory battleline with some wolves to screen/chase objectives 2x3 Fell Bats (to screen, harass shooty units, in particular to soak 'unleash hell') That leaves not quite 400 points in a 2k game. You could grab a bunch of zombies to bubble-wrap part of your deployment, or a block of 20 skeletons to sit an objective, a balefire corpse cart help protect your monsters from first turn alpha-rushes, more wolves, maybe a necromancer or other small hero for core battalion requirements, another big monster. Whatever you want really. It's not particularly on-theme, but several of the non-Avengorii special characters are also worth considering here, including Volga, Radukar the Beast, maybe mannfred. Radubeast + a balefire cart would exactly fill your remaining points. .... Vyrkos have a much broader set of abilities, rather than being focused down on one narrow gimmick, so there's a lot of ways you could go with them. Big infantry blobs buffed by their vampire auras off of radukar the wolf (plus torgillius, maybe a couple units of nightguard, maybe an additional generic vampire lord to spread the aura). Such an infantry list could focus on grave guard for hitting power, or zombies to take advantage of spoor tracker and Gorslav, or maybe a faster list with wolves, blood knights, maybe volga and/or radukar the beast, maybe a vargskyr or two, or maybe a dragon lord with the ability to count wounds characteristic for objective capture. If I were to make a Vyrkos army, I'd want something that heavily featured their unique options from Cursed City, maybe something like: Beladamma Radukar the Wolf Torgillius Gorslav Vampire Lord Vargskyr Balefire Cart 3 Blood-born 2x2 Kosargi 2x10 dire Wovles 60 Zombies 5 Blood Knights Maybe a necromancer in place of the blood borne, or maybe radukar the beast and a necromancer in place of radukar the wolf, torgilius, and the Korsargi, maybe cut the zombies back to 40 and shift some other stuff around to fit in some skeletons for objective camping, i don't know. Again, Vyrkos have a very broad ability set, like the old Warhammer Fantasy von carsteins, plus they have a lot of bespoke units and heroes to consider - especially after the cursed city crew was broken up, so there's tons of ways you could go about building a vyrkos list.
  21. I really doubt that they intentionally let arkhan multicast arcane shield if they went out of their way to prevent nagash from doing so. Seems like a build that isn't long for this world.
  22. Yeah. She has the casting strength to pretty reliably get it off, at least within Vyrkos lists, and if you kill even one model that unit is now w/in 3" of an enemy unit and thus cannot use 'unleash hell' at any other nearby units you happen to charge with that turn. If you kill a couple models, then, depending on positioning, you might even be able to have a model survive the combat phase against a dedicated ranged unit with little melee ability, preventing the unit from firing at anything else in the subsequent shooting phase.
  23. The endless spells cost more, but they also got stronger, particularly the bone-tithe shrieker and nightmare predator, and they no longer impose a penalty on their caster's subsequent spellcasting rolls. All in all, they do look to be decent options that are at least worth considering even at the increased points cost, though it does make it harder to use them to fill leftover points in a list.
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