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  1. Does anyone have a screenshot of the updated allies table for slaanesh please?
  2. They've lost a little to not being battleline as soon as one pink splits. That could cost you vp in scenarios where battleline and heroes gain control of objectives. One unit at most is enough now I think
  3. anyone had any fun with sigvald allied in ? He looks like a great body guard for a loc
  4. It's to help with debuffs , a 1 to wound will still fail but it will still be a 2up to wound with a debuff.
  5. Hes also avoiding the fact he played dok for over a year very successfully because hardly any armies had an answer for hagg nar and morathi, it wasnt till the points were addressed a year later that it calmed down.
  6. Bring some chaff and weight of dice units no? KO, living city, bonesplitters etc are all tough matchups even for changehost.
  7. I'm sorry but a shooty tzeentch changehost is a hard counter to a melee orientated ELITE OBR army. Just an unfortunate matchup to be honest. Everyone keeps batting around that it needs FAQing.... what needs FAQing ? The rules are crystal clear
  8. The guild of summoners rules ultimately refer to summoning a lord of change from the fate point table. This to me is normal lord of changes only and not kairos/exalted greater demon
  9. The balewind will automatically dispel if you changehost teleport a model that's on it as its left the battlefield. Nothing is stopping you auto dispelling it, teleport and then recast though.
  10. I thought this initially too but eventually held my hands up on facebook as I was totally wrong. In the core rules it describes warscroll battalions and it states:
  11. Good catch, previously the banner could take you over your starting model count.
  12. Correct it takes two destiny dice if it's a two dice action. Will be the same for charges! I'm sure mastery of magic isn't classed as modifying the dice.
  13. ofcourse they do, deployment is a 'setup'
  14. Does anyone have a download link for hearthstone/MTG style spell cards for tzeentch?
  15. im i seeing hints of tzeentch in this article or am i just seeing what i want to see lol .....
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