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  1. Looks great!! I imagine it’s a significant savings as well?
  2. I’m hoping there are updated allegiance abilities/rules for grand alliance destruction under Kragnos to make a competitive destruction soup list
  3. It’s my understanding that this changed when GW removed much of the malign sorcery content from match play, including the realm artifacts from the malign sorcery book.
  4. Thanks-I like the idea of running them as MSU, I think that could be a fun way to play them. Skullfiend tribe sounds interesting as well, definitely will give that a look. Appreciate the information!
  5. New to Khorne. Are khorgoraths worth taking in a competitive list?
  6. For sure! I’ll be running 2 Aleguzlers in my battalion, I wish the rules of the battalion applied to them as well but I still enjoy including them.
  7. Did you consider dropping the extra command point and upgrading one of your dankholds to a second troggboss? You would lose the one drop but might get better coverage for command point use and other abilities - edit never mind, the points wouldn’t work 🥴
  8. Thats awesome! I’ll either need to convert one or dish out the cash🤔
  9. Thanks! This looks pretty close to what I would like to field. Although I’ll need to switch out the hag for a webspinner shaman on aracnarok.
  10. What was your list? With the mega, hag, and troggboss, did you have enough left over to play the objectives?
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