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  1. I vote for the hackers- the added reach may come in handy given their base size and larger unit size
  2. The kit even has a bag of trinkets
  3. Did anyone else notice the absence of the large gut plate from a previous rumor engine during today’s gargant reveal? Could this mean a new over tyrant could be on the way?
  4. Thank you for clarifying, this makes that ability far better than how I was playing it!
  5. In the combat phase of my turn, I must attack with the demon prince first. Do I then get to immediately choose another one of my units to attack?
  6. Was that issue published on April 1st?
  7. Must be a good feeling to have your army ready to go so far in advance, I’m usually painting up until the day of🙂 nice work and cool army!
  8. Hopefully they will fulfill battleline and new models for characters?!
  9. Will they be the same size as the current blight kings? If yes, I wouldn’t consider it, too small. the Ogor blood bowl team is great for converting, if you’re interested
  10. They finally released a new flesh hounds box years after the one that was included in the AOS starter box. But as a long time gutbuster I am used to waiting 😆
  11. I’m interested in getting one set, will they probably be around 140 points total? The sculpts are awesome, but I’m going to hold out for a new cats boxed set
  12. Which channels? Sounds interesting
  13. Why the mournfang pack? It seems out of place...
  14. How many gnoblars are included in a box of ogors?
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