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  1. Hopefully they will fulfill battleline and new models for characters?!
  2. Will they be the same size as the current blight kings? If yes, I wouldn’t consider it, too small. the Ogor blood bowl team is great for converting, if you’re interested
  3. They finally released a new flesh hounds box years after the one that was included in the AOS starter box. But as a long time gutbuster I am used to waiting 😆
  4. I’m interested in getting one set, will they probably be around 140 points total? The sculpts are awesome, but I’m going to hold out for a new cats boxed set
  5. Which channels? Sounds interesting
  6. Why the mournfang pack? It seems out of place...
  7. How many gnoblars are included in a box of ogors?
  8. Are these comparable in size to the older ogor models?
  9. Do the Abilities from the Bloodgullet Mawtribe apply to both Butchers and Slaughter Masters?
  10. The arms of the 2 kits are interchangeable, your idea should work
  11. I might be thinking about this wrong but if you have 2 FLSHs , use the command ability on one and the cloak on the second. Use the command ability first on a target, then the one with the cloak second.
  12. This sounds like it might combine well with a second FL on stonehorn with the doppelgänger’s cloak? Seems like a potential answer for the activation wars...?
  13. In lieu of their own I’m going with Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws! Maybe they’ll be able to cast that one boosted like the Cities book...
  14. Does match play rules allow for Slaves to Darkness battalions to be taken as part of a Nurgle allegiance army?
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