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  1. Are units in warcry warband fixed? If I play stormcast, can I pick 4 Vanguard Hunter and 4 Vanguard raptor?
  2. Do you think that celestant-prime model is too big for 8 wounds model? It’s a pain to carry him to gaming group.
  3. They should rework Stardrake rule also. He can’t fight one in one with any other monster in the game.
  4. As I remember, you have to pile in at least as close to the nearest enemy model as it was at the start of pile in move. So, for example, if 2 models engage with you. and it is 1.5” (model A) and 2” (model B) far away. You can pile in to model B as long as you can keep distant between your model and model A at 1.5” or closer.
  5. Just noticed that none of Stormcast unit has D6 damage characteristic.
  6. For Longstrike, prime must be put on round base and normal guys must be put on oval base. For me, I buy 4 boxes of them. 2 primes and 10 normal guys.
  7. May I ask? What is the role of Knight Heraldor in this list?
  8. Oh... Is this the first time that Celestant-Prime get destroyed?
  9. Stardrake is untouched. How sad...
  10. Will 10-20 point change across the board change the game balance? From what I see, they change the point in very conservative way. So, I foresee that FEC and Skaven will receive the same treatment.
  11. Q: Some abilities allow a model to make a move out of sequence (in the hero phase, for example), or to make a specific type of move (a ‘6" retreat move’, for example). Can I run when I make these moves? A: You can only run if the ability refers to making a ‘normal move’ (which includes any move made ‘as if it were the movement phase’) and the ability doesn’t specify the distance of the move. Note that the restrictions that apply to normal moves (not moving within 3" of the enemy, and having to retreat if they start within 3" of the enemy) also apply to normal moves made in any other phase. Also note that the increase to the unit’s Move characteristic for running only applies to that move. So, for example, if the ability said ‘This unit can make a normal move’ the unit could run and could not move within 3" of the enemy unless it retreats, and if it said ‘This unit can move D6".’ then it could not run but could move within 3" of the enemy
  12. Any idea for using Evocator with out Gav Bomb?
  13. To be honest, I think that profile of Stardrake need to be changed. Its attack profile is very weak compared to other monster.
  14. Q: Sometimes a dice roll will trigger an effect. For example, a weapon might have a rule that says a hit roll of 6 causes two hits on the target instead of 1. What happens if another effect applies to the same roll? For example, the weapon from the previous example might have a rule that says it inflicts D6 mortal wounds on a hit roll of 6 and the attack sequence ends – would I get to inflict two hits that each inflicted D6 mortal wounds? A: When a dice roll triggers more than one effect, each effect is triggered once. For this example, this means that the hit roll would cause two hits, but only one of the hits would inflict D6 mortal wounds (you would carry out the rest of the attack procedure for the other hit normally).
  15. I have a question about the Evocators. I’m not sure what should they cast to buff themselves, Empower or Celestial Blade?
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