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  1. There is noting to do with “Unbeatable army” here. I just want to point out that army with a behemoth centerpiece actually exist. which is Gristlegore. To be fare, even it is only 1 model but there are 4 versions of them. And GW can balanced it.
  2. But it is already happen for Gristlegore...
  3. I think that need to be FAQ as someone also interpret that Evocator deal multi mortal wound for single ability. Which number of damage was determined by number of 4+ dice. Honesty, I think both interpretation is reasonable.
  4. I like this idea. So, who got the first turn has a opportunity to strike first. While who got the second turn has a opportunity to counter it.
  5. Maybe Celestant prime got a new model after reforged?
  6. SE Sacrosanct Chamber should be one of the battleforce box this year.
  7. Are units in warcry warband fixed? If I play stormcast, can I pick 4 Vanguard Hunter and 4 Vanguard raptor?
  8. They should rework Stardrake rule also. He can’t fight one in one with any other monster in the game.
  9. As I remember, you have to pile in at least as close to the nearest enemy model as it was at the start of pile in move. So, for example, if 2 models engage with you. and it is 1.5” (model A) and 2” (model B) far away. You can pile in to model B as long as you can keep distant between your model and model A at 1.5” or closer.
  10. Q: Sometimes a dice roll will trigger an effect. For example, a weapon might have a rule that says a hit roll of 6 causes two hits on the target instead of 1. What happens if another effect applies to the same roll? For example, the weapon from the previous example might have a rule that says it inflicts D6 mortal wounds on a hit roll of 6 and the attack sequence ends – would I get to inflict two hits that each inflicted D6 mortal wounds? A: When a dice roll triggers more than one effect, each effect is triggered once. For this example, this means that the hit roll would cause two hits, but only one of the hits would inflict D6 mortal wounds (you would carry out the rest of the attack procedure for the other hit normally).
  11. The Penumbral Engine looks very ”Stormcast” to me.
  12. in FAQ, it is very clear.
  13. I think it is correct. Because you have to roll to determine number of unit that you can choose but not number of attack you that can made.
  14. I confuse with the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow I saw the recommend base size in here https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_base_sizes_en.pdf As I remember, base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow should be 40mm. But it is not stated in the faq, was the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow changed?
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