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  1. I have a question about the Evocators. I’m not sure what should they cast to buff themselves, Empower or Celestial Blade?
  2. The Penumbral Engine looks very ”Stormcast” to me.
  3. Evocators may seem OP at first glance. But after a several new battle tomb coming out. Our Evocators are now just fine. lol
  4. Hope so. But one more thing is Stardrakes. While they are good fighting with horde. But I don’t think they can fight one on one with any other behemoth. Their damage output are very weak compare to their points. Personally, I don’t want to reduce point of Stardrake. But overhaul them will be much more better.
  5. in FAQ, it is very clear.
  6. I think it is correct. Because you have to roll to determine number of unit that you can choose but not number of attack you that can made.
  7. Do we have a good list that still use old unit of Stormcast? i.e. Paladin, Dracothian Guard or Lord celestant on foot. Honestly, I feel that they need some update rule to get some use again. Because, right now, new stuffs are tended to be more powerful than old stuffs. And another thing is the Stardrake, do you guys thing that it’s overcosted? I just try to compare it with Terrorgheist and Alarielle. It seem that the Terrorgheist is lower cost but much more deadly and has a free one unit of Crypt Flayers. For Alarielle, she has a free treelord with a slightly more point cost than our Stardrake (and without a doubt, also much more deadly than our Stardrake)
  8. I just come back to AoS. But I surprised that all of the army that released after us got a terrain feature. Will we have one sometime soon?
  9. I confuse with the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow I saw the recommend base size in here https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_base_sizes_en.pdf As I remember, base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow should be 40mm. But it is not stated in the faq, was the base size of vanguard raptor prime with longstrike crossbow changed?
  10. Hello Guys, What do you think about this scenary? Is it possible to be a Stormcast scenary? I saw a Stormcast symbol on its leg
  11. Is this a Stormcast Scenary? I saw a Stormcast symbol in its legs
  12. Who should be ally with stormcast? I wanna try loremaster.
  13. I think it must be second page of content. In my opinion, core rule must be at the end of the book.
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