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  1. I always imagined they where ghosts (so can't rend them) but that they are (magically) carrying physical weapons (so shields and armour, etc, should work). At least that's how I painted them!
  2. 40 sentinels at 1000 points will teach the prospective new player that this is a hobby where your opponents tend to roll their eyes and hate you.
  3. Careful about allying in non-StD heroes/units - because they lack the StD keywords, they will not generate/benefit from auras, and can't be buffed by many StD abilities/spells. For example, you cannot Mask of Darkness Sigvald behind enemy lines; Skull Reapers will not benefit from aura of Khorne; etc. The asymmetry is a pet-peeve around here: marked StD units will perform well when playing God specific factions, but the converse is less true.
  4. That's the state of play. For StD to be competitive, you have Archaon-centered lists. Whereas if you want to run an old-school Warriors of Chaos style list, we can be a decently tanky but largerly toothless try-to-outlast-the-other-guy army (have fun grinding through 40 warriors, 4-5 units of summoned marauder horsemen/cultists, and all the other chaff I'm going to fill the board with - not fun for either of us). Maybe that's fine? I suppose a rationale could be when playing friendly non-competitive games, go Warriors of Chaos (via Ravegers). Think of them as skirmishes against the chaos hordes filling the mortal realms. Then think of tournament games as if they were the decisive battles, where Archaon himself (or Varanguard in a KotET list) get involved. I've yet to bring Archaon out since 3.0; I didn't want rely on him like a crutch. I wanted to make Warriors of Chaos work. But I guess I should see what all the hype is about.
  5. Our foot Chaos Lords and Chaos Sorceror Lords - if the Lore is meant to be taken seriously - should have greatly buffed survivability (maybe a wound shrug to nearby Cultists/Warriors?) and effectiveness, even if it means a major point increase. Lore-wise, we should be a top-heavy faction. Meanwhile, only the Krack Lord has staying power.
  6. Maybe we get a new book on the sooner side when they finally get around to releasing the new Warriors and Knights (and Krak Lord) in individual boxes. It would also be a great opportunity to release new chosen models. I imagine GW's designers would come up with something mouth-watering for new chaos chosen. And I whole-heatedly agree with OP. Warriors and Knights have been left in the dust compared to what they should be. And gameplay-wise it sucks to be reliant on the survivability of easy to snipe heroes for your main allegiance ability to be active.
  7. It's our friggin main Allegiance Ability - EVERY unit in the book should have some kind of mark. It's not like it's going to make them brokenly good or anything. You'd like to think GW would run proposed rules by some ACTUAL PLAYERS, even confidentially, for some prospective feedback. The stuff that is an obvious oversight is just crazy.
  8. iOS user here using it on an older iPhone. Happy to say the App is working very well.
  9. Yes, which is awesome. I put master of magic on a sorcerer lord (so I can be surer to teleport my marauders); and skilled leader on something else (because we are a command-point hungry army).
  10. I'm only really disappointed if it's true this puts-off a 3.0 tome. If it doesn't effect are place in the que, fine. I guess I'm holding out hope because we still don't have individual kits for Warriors, Knights, and Crack Lord. Maybe when they get around to releasing those (where they obviously already have the molds ready to go) we can see that paired with a new tome. IDK, I guess what we got is Tzeentch Marked Iron Golems as a good battleline choice for holding objectives. Maybe incentive to go with hordes of cheap cultists to MSU area control the table. And the two new battle tactics will make it easier to score 5 per game. The battalions help reduce drops. Blah. Just more reason to play a passive, defensive game aimed at controlling two objectives all game and scoring 5 battle tactics, all whilst your more deadly opponent tries to kill your stubborn units. That's just not fun for anyone.
  11. White Dwarf Leak: (third hand rumor for me) No significant change to StD allegiance abilities. (Blah) Cultists and Warqueen and Chieftain and Ogroid can take Marks Two StD Core Battalions? A few StD specific Grand Strategies and Battle Tactics Underwhelming....
  12. Color me disappointed. Like we really need two more snipable heros to see more play. /s. I guess maybe flooding the board with MSU cultists FTW? It's not going to make for fun games.
  13. As stated by many, save stacking has put an even a higher premium on mortal wound output and mortal wound defense. That, taken together with the value of tactical objectives have fundamentally changed the feel of the game. I'm oversimplifying, but the game has devolved into doing tactically weird/odd things (from the perspective of someone observing a battle unfold) to score tactical objectives, whilst trying at the same time to dish out as many mortal wounds to your opponent's key pieces and preventing the same from happening to yours. I suppose that's fine. It makes for a more cinematic looking game, if that's what you're after. But it really is a sea change, and some older army books were not designed with any of this in mind, at all.
  14. So aside from wish-listing, any predictions on the update? 6-pages seems like a lot, but I figure 2 will be for Path to Glory, 2 will be Battle Plans or something else we don't need/care about, and then it leaves only 2 pages for re-written Allegiance Abilities. So I'm guessing that means they leave the Eye of the Gods as well as the Damend Legion rules as they are. I think they tweak the spells. And I think they totally rework the Mark system. My guess would be Marks give a unit an inherent buff w/o needing to be by a hero, and an extra buff if close a hero with the same mark.
  15. I've only had a few games at 3.0 - but I agree with this. Two 20-man Tzeench Warrior blocks, sitting on two objectives, are very difficult to shift. With support from a Warshrine and Sorcerer Lord(s) -it's more than half your list. But that makes you at least equal on objective scoring - turning the game into who can get more Battle Tactics. I build the list around how am I going to achieve a Battle Tactic each turn. So I've been doing that - and avoiding fielding any monsters to avoid giving my opponent that extra points for killing them. The other thing I'd add is a combo that's been working for me is Curse on the Warnshrine to cast on whomever is trying whittle down a warrior blob and Eight-fold Doom Sigil - buffing the warrior blob with an extra attack. It makes the warriors almost as effective as Chosen vs. the unit trying to shift them. In general, though, It makes for kind of boring, defensive, games - but if you're not going Archaon et al, that's our best chance winning IMO with an old-school, sword-and-board Warriors of Chaos Army.
  16. When can expect rumors regarding the substance of the upcoming White Dwarf - Slaves to Darkness update? Does that happen with White Dwarfs, or does Fortress GW prevent such leaks?
  17. I view the time it takes me to paint an army (in my twisted head) as roughly like the time spent by the fictional general mustering, equipping, and training his troops. When I paint - it is as if that is an intrigal part of preparing my army for battle. That is a big part of the sweat equity I am putting into my army. It adds quite a bit to my emotional investment in the army. That said, I will play anyone. I do not impose my subjective values on my opponent. But, truth be told, *in my head* I will bristle when I see my opponent setup unpainted grey plastic of the latest hotness. It irks me when a block of brand-new unpainted sentinels mortal wound to death from range my block of chaos chosen which I invested hours into painting, as if they were a bunch of wound counters. Certainly with players new to the hobby, I expect and accept totally playing unpainted armies - or proxies even. More than happy to do that. But you all know the WAAC guy that'll drop hundreds upon hundreds on the latest top-tier army, with no intention of ever putting the time in. That's the one that I probably decline.
  18. Did they just delete the after-ward extra ward FAQ? Doesn't that just leave it open for debate? Why didn't they just leave that FAQ in there but change the answer? Am I blind?
  19. I'm I reading this right? Looks like they deleted the after-ward extra ward FAQ?
  20. Agreed. Chaos Knights - at a minimum - should be made to be a reasonably effective hammer unit with even a modest buff. And if they need to be made 200 pts along with it, I'd be more than happy.
  21. Those are some great ones! How about Varanguard can be given a Circle no matter what damned legion they are in. Make them worth 280 points outside Archaon/KoTET lists. Mostly, I'm hoping for a sea-change to the Aura/Mark of Chaos system. I'd like to see marked units just get some inherent buff. I would like for them to make it more worthwhile/doable to run an army that uses multiple marks. Get us further away from being better off using one of the 4 other books.
  22. Well, as it stands, we can't really kill anything. So the least they can do for us make it difficult for us to be killed.... I'm using it until I can't.
  23. Yeah, I'm re-marking to Undivided from Tzeentch for an upcoming game vs. LRL. It's going to be more about mortal wound defense than buffing normal saves, I think. Warrior blob can be 5+/6+/6+ vs. mortals with general's aura near shrine. Kark Lord general with amulet of destiny near shrine can be 5+/5+/6+/6+ vs mortals.
  24. I suspect it was a choice of either nerfing the eye of shereen or raising his points. I'd rather have it this way than a 900+ point Archaon.
  25. So we got even more defensive? Warriors now get a 5+ and a 6+ vs. mortals if backed by a shrine.
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