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  1. 10" move + 6" advance (for a cp if needed) + 6" pile in. so 22" for first attack.
  2. 10" move + 6"advance +6" pile-in with grasping plate = 22" threat range. You don't need to charge to activate for combat w/grasping plate rule, so you can run to within 6". Regarding the second pile-in, the wording of grasping plate modifies when you can be chosen in combat phase for activation to w/in 6". I suppose that's not crystal clear w/how it combines with "Relentless Killers" In my games I only every needed the 3" for the second pile-in anyway (or even more typically I had to use the second attack to keep fighting the first target). Doubt we'd get a FAQ on that.
  3. So I had pretty good success with a Knights of the Empty Throne list at a doubles tournament over the weekend. We went 4-1 (losing to the champions). Anyway I had: Varanguard (general) (khorne) (reroll charge trait) (6" pile in artefact) (deamonforged weapons) Varanguard (khorne) (demonic weapons) Sorcerer Lord (mask of darkness) 5x knights (khorne) 5x warriors (khorne) [Partner had Gore Pilgrims and Blood Thirster] Anyway, the 6" pile-in artifact (grasping plate), together with the once per game attack twice is REALLY effective. When that unit gets Oracular Vision'd and Demonic Powered - holy hell. The 6" pile in gives your general a 22" threat range. (And it was REALLY handy at avoiding the insane overwatch fire from CoS handgunners). That second pile in I was often able to use to get to some juicy prize behind a screen. In the two tightest games we won, both units of varanguard were ultimately killed - which required a lot of resources to do - but in each game I got one of the 5-up's to bring on a new a unit of Varanguard from a table edge to secure an objective (and the win). (And as a new unit, it gets to attack twice). I think that 2000 pt Pleasurebound Warband list above will probably be extremely good. Although, as I read the rules for that battalion, those other units of Varanguard will need to get that initial charge in b4 they can use the 6" pile in; whereas the general will be able to camp at 6" after a run, and then pile in 9" - twice). I'm thinking maybe making the general a unit of 6x varanguard - 22" threat, followed by 2x 9" pile in's: talk about limiting your opponent's deployment/movement options..... Another note, I ran the numbers b4 the tournament: W/O Archaon, Daemonforged Weapons and Mark of Khorne give you the best expected damage output vs. most defensive profiles, no matter the buffs. (They were reliably doing 10-14 damage vs. a 4+ target). In Host of Everchosen, with 6th Circle, etc. - then enscorcelled weapons are the way to go....
  4. ....love it. (Except you can only give your General the Command Trait) Maybe give the Sorcerer Mask of Darkness instead so you can teleport a reincarnated Varanguard to where you need it?
  5. Mind you, I'm not trying to get greedy. I'm super-excited that Empty Throne is now a a damned legion. But if I read this right, Empty Throne Varanguard still do not get to chose a circle b/c that only applies to the other damned legion, correct?
  6. Culling clubs are more consistent and math-out better vs no armor. I like the -1 rend on the hackers. Also with larger units of Mournfang the 2” reach can really make a difference. But apart from that, it’s BCR we’re talking here, GO BIG OR GO HOME, I say - of course gargantuas hackers!!!!!
  7. So, I proposed the following partial solution to the FAQ team (given that it would require too much to rewrite Knights of the Empty Throne as a sub-faction): ". . . . A simple way to remedy this would be to make a slight change to the “Overlords of Chaos” Battalion in the Slaves to Darkness Battletome to allow “Knights of the Empty Throne Varanguard” OR “Host of the Everchosen Varanguard” to be included in the battalion. That way, Knights of the Empty Throne Varanguard would have access to Circles without giving them the whole Slaves to Darkness Allegiance. " I was trying to ask for a remedy that wasn't shooting for the moon.....
  8. Great idea. Maybe it's an oversight.... What's the email address for that? Maybe the more people that ask, the better the chances.... And, it is a bit oddly worded. They do mention that you are choosing a "Slaves to Darkness" army, but then say you have a different allegiance. Does that mean you can take any StD units? If so, what counts as battle line? etc, etc. They left quite a few questions.
  9. It has a few other things: a command ability mechanic to reduce the number of enemy models that count towards holding objectives, 3x command traits and 3x artifacts, and also a once-per-game mechanic to bring back a dead varanguard unit on a 5+. It would make a nice Legion choice under StD instead of its own separate allegiance. IMO, we are way better off running Varanguard in the Host of the Everchosen to get the Circle and Auras.
  10. Thundertusks are not worth it anymore with the nerf they got, IMO. The only exception I see to this is maybe a Huskard on Thudertusk with the mount trait that requires enemies w/in 3" to fight last. You can surround that guy with Ironguts or Leadbelchers, put them in a central position and force some bad choices. But, personally, if you're going BCR, it's all about the aggression anyway, so Stonehorns and Mournfangs.....
  11. Knights of the Empty Throne - Really disappointed in how this was written. I like the idea of making Varanguard heros. But they made it it's own allegiance, so you lose StD, including the Chaos Auras AND the Varanguard Circles. I mean, you're already required to lose Archaon to run it, so I'm not sure whey they felt the need for the additional handicaps. Then I thought, maybe that's the purpose of the Overlords of Chaos Battalion to get the circles back, but no, that entry requires "Hosts of the Everchosen Varanguard." Maybe they'll FAQ it, but I doubt an allegiance meant for narrative games gets much attention.
  12. I LOVE this gritty look! Would you mind sharing your process??
  13. I think it's best to err on the side of assuming mental illness. I'm careful not to poke someone, even an anonymous someone, who might be actually hurting. Best simply not to engage if you're not sure.
  14. hmmm "mind boggling logic and bizarre symmetry" How about they can manipulate the phase order in a turn? Already in combats you like? (1) Combat phase, (2) Movement Phase, (3) shooting phase. Want to shoot and scoot? (1) shooting phase, (2) movement phase. Scared of bugging out? (1) Battle Shock phase.....
  15. I don't have the models anyway to try it. But 200 free wounds! I mean, it feels like it at least deserves some field testing. You still have 1000 more points after the Gaunts. Maybe something fast and somewhat tanky. FWIW I'd hide the Gaunts behind terrain at deployment. Obviously, one would have the teleport spell. I don't know. Someone else can fill-out the details. Not my play style anyway.
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