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  1. The new unit coherency rule will make running such large units unworkable. Sucks for Skullcrusher's impact rule, but it'll be tough to get more than 4/6 or 6/9 into combat. Wrathmongers should be broken into 3x5 for the same reason.
  2. So you're saying my three boxes of blood knights are not enough?
  3. I'm sure you've all thought of this, but Belladona Volga's spell is our best counter to "Unleash Hell." That unit of Sentinals cannot "Unleash Hell" into our Blood Knights charging into the screening Wardens when two of them turned into direwolves chewing on their bowstrings. (You cannot use UH on a unit that is w/3" of a different enemy unit.) I didn't pick her up on release, but I'm thinking she might qualify as an "auto-pick" in a shooting meta.
  4. I kinda doubt they would make players keep track of two different types of command points when they say they are streamlining things.
  5. Seems like Soulblight Gravelords have a good counter to Unleash Hell. Belladama Volga has a 18" spell that can turn models in an enemy unit into dire wolves. That unit would then be in contact with an enemy unit and would not be eligible for Unleash Hell, e.g., against a unit of BLoodKnights chargings into screening wardens, or something. (As I think about it, I suppose the shooting unit could use "Reposition" (if that's a thing) and try to move d6" away from the wolves in the Soulblight movement phase???)
  6. If unused command points are lost at the end of a battleround, then the player going second will not be able to use Unleash Hell (or other out-of-turn CAs) against the player going first in the battleround. Does this not make it even MORE important to get the double turn against a shooting army? Seems like a melee army's best chance to make into combat is to outdrop, choose to go second, weather top of 1 shooting, than use bottom of 1 and top of 2 to get your charges in without suffering unleash hell. Or maybe command points will be generated by both players at the beginning of eac
  7. From the article re venom weapons: "What's more, they gain this ability whether you field an army consisting exclusively of Kruleboyz or use them as part of a larger Orruk Warclans force." Maybe it's referring to Allied-in Orruks. Or maybe the rule applies to new "Orruk Warclan" faction? Or it applies to Kruleboyz only that are part of a generic Orruk force? You're probably right that it's the later. It says its a Kruleboyz Alliegence ability, so I'm not clear how it would still apply to Kruelboyz if you are fileding a "Orruk Warclan" Force, as they say.
  8. Well, does it matter what they hit on? Looks like they can be given poisoned arrows too, so it's another volley of "6's are mortals" before the chargers (if any are left) can even get into the fight. How many Sentinal volleys will charging Cav have to take now before they even get to the Warden line?
  9. Never been a death guy, but I'm about to jump in with both feet (or claws?). Would the following be reasonable? Kastelai: Mannfred Prince Vhordrai Vengorian Lord (rousing commander!) 3x5 Blood Knights 1x10 Dire Wolves 1x3 Vargheists Comes in a little shy of 2000. ....but I'd be buying everything tomorrow. gulp.
  10. That's hilarious. What would be happening in a narrative sense? Some chaos champion finally earns apotheosis, only to find Be'Lakor possessing his body?
  11. I hear where you are coming from, but with AOS people are generally not looking to recreate or to retell a historical (or historical-fictional) battle (though there is the narrative campaign system for that, where balance is never a thing). In match play, where people are concerned with points and balance, it is because they are looked at AOS as a competitive game system. In theory, I suppose, one could build a competitive asymmetrical system (n 1), but I think that would be much harder than just trying to find a modicum of balance. n 1. Just spit-balling, but how about for a modi
  12. Don't forget, he's also a 40K character. That market may justify the release w/o him fitting into StD. I can see him being the leader of a new chaos deamons faction in AOS. They certainly could do that. It used to be a separate faction in WHFB. So you have mortal chaos in StD. Deamons in their own. And then you could still have mixed mortal/deamon units if you run the god-specific tomes. personally, Blah!
  13. If it's thematic you want, run him with 4 units of 6th Circle Varanguard - all marked Khorne with ensorcelled weapons. ( And you have room for an endless spell too. ) You probably won't win, but it will be glorious.
  14. Oh well. For fun, he might make a decent teleport hero assassin using mask of darkness with his +3 charge, smaller footprint, and ability to deal wounds w/o negation - a change of pace from teleporting marauders, anyway.
  15. Azyr app has Sigvald generating an Aura of Slaanesh- that has to be wrong, no? He’s not a Slaves to Darkness Hero. It’s a cool model I wouldn’t mind throwing in to a fun StD list.
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