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  1. Had a go creating a custom Necrach Vampire by following some of the bloodline abilites from an old Vampire Counts army book. At 140 points he is the same price as a normal vampire lord, but more directed towards spell casting. I like the idea of using the leader from the Grymwatch as a conversion for this model and changing the halberd to a staff to represent the Unholy Staff.
  2. I saw this as more of a tool to create thematic heroes that are represented on the model. So with the Ethereal, I would expect an explanation and a conversion as to why it had it. If someone can give me a good reason why a giant squig or khorne lord would be ethereal I would play against it, if it's just an obvious power move I won't. Personally, I think this is great and I can't wait to make a custom Lahmian Vampire for my army!
  3. Just a small update, finally started work on my Dire gryph hounds once I got over the conversion fears. The first one went pretty well so that’s good. And I even got one painted in a scheme that I think matches my other stuff. So full steam ahead now.
  4. Well at the minute when I play at 1000 points I run the Skeletons in a block of 40 and two units of 5 dire wolves. The problem is if I want to leave a unit defending a backfield objective it has to be a unit of wolves because I can't waste the skeleton block, but then I loose of on their movement and screening usage. So adding a small unit of chainrasps or skeletons would let me cheaply hold a back objective without sacrificing a mobile, useful unit. Most games now I leave one unit of dogs in the grave and then bring them out when I need them later on. But if I want to try and alpha stri
  5. Is it too much battleline or not enough? I do like the Mortis engine idea, so that might be the way I go with it. Would that work positioned behind the skeletons and with the necromancer to form a pretty solid centre to the army?
  6. Evening all, I’m after some shields from the dwarf ironbreaker/ irondrake kit for a conversion on my grave guard. Don’t fancy those pointy shields at all. So if any dwarf players out there recently put together some irondrakes and have the shields going to spare I would be very happy to buy them. Just let me know. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi everyone, hoping to get some feedback on my list as I take it to 1500 points. I just play fun games at my local gw so it doesn't have to be super effective and some choices are purely thematic but if I'm making any really stupid mistakes please let me know! So I have been playing 1000 pts games so far and have only played two games with the new legions of nagash book. I went with Legion of blood because it fits with my Lahmian vampires, plus I like the bravery mechanic. I enjoy the carryover from old-school vampire counts of lots of keep heroes spread around my army with big units of s
  8. There was a great brown nighthaunt army on the community website recently. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/10/23/oct-23-community-spotlight-bens-soul-warsgw-homepage-post-4/ I really liked it.
  9. An exciting update today, well I think so, and I hope the pictures show for everyone first time around! I bring you my converted female vampire lord on a nightmare. Obviously, the nightmare is a chaos knight horse, which I like to think looks suitable brutish compared to the more delicate looking vampiress riding it. I included the purple of the army colour scheme but also made her dress red to try and make her stand out as a general. Plus it's suitable sanguine. I also finished the rest of my skeleton command group, which only leaves ten left. Which is tes
  10. Ah that's not ideal. I have re-inserted them, let me know if they work now.
  11. Got a few small updates today, I have been busy but spread out. First I have finished another 3 spirit hosts that brings the total to 6 overall. I have also started working on my wraith. He needs a bit more work. I want to use some green stuff to make it look like he is summoning up from the skeleton, like the spirit hosts. The reason I have had to do the extra base work was that I removed the stand bit ages ok when I had the idea to have him coming out of that big coffin if anyone remembers that. I have also finished the first member of the command group for my skelet
  12. ah I dunno. I've gone way off topic and mainly focusing on the narrative V matched play side of the discussion
  13. Exactly this, you guys are acting like match play completely removes the open and narrative options. It doesn't. Even my local GW often runs narrative events over weekends where everyone brings everything for a messy but very fun day of gaming.
  14. But tournaments are fun... Yea some people are a bit too competitive and can be an ******, but most are pretty chill and looking to have fun in a competitive environment, like with video games, card games or sport. I don't want to have to "figure" things out with my opponent every game, that's what I pay GW for. Matched play gives you a nice format to play games with without having to worry about your army getting stomped flat by a silly list.
  15. Yesterday and this mornings progress have included another ten skeletons, bringing me up to a weird 22 finished. I have also re-based my spirit hosts with the new gravel style and included some nice purple on their extra-base details to help bind them to my army. Mara my necromancer has also had her base re-done to match and has had some highlighting work done to her robes which I think improves things. I also had to make her a new staff as her old one broke during transport to games, which is why it's a lot shorter now. Cheers
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