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  1. gdieckhaus

    Overview of the tournament scene

    Of course some of this inludes Midwest Meltdown prior to the Spell Portal Nerf...
  2. gdieckhaus

    Realm-Specific Artefacts Rundown?

    This weekend on Sigmar and Son, we did a show where we went though it, and picked some of our favorites. https://youtu.be/E49NTkm951Q
  3. gdieckhaus

    The Rumour Thread

    Did I read this right - the general no longer gets his command ability for free... So its not like these command points are going to be firing off extra command abilities, you just are going to pick the one you want to go. (assuming no battalions and you use 1 a turn)
  4. gdieckhaus

    The Rumour Thread

    Sounds like all those Age of Sigmar 2.0 are going to be true
  5. gdieckhaus

    Anyone still using this rules?

    We just covered this pdf on our VidCast for Sigmar and Son.
  6. gdieckhaus

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    Tomb Kings already have a PDF and it has points so long as you play by that pdf and points they will be ok right?
  7. gdieckhaus

    Wanna Start Tomb Kings but how?!

    I thought this may be of interest to you guys. In this episode we talk Tomb Kings... Sigmar and Son Episode 3 - There were some significant changes to the Tomb King Desert Legions PDF with GHB2017, Vincent Venturella from warhammer weekly joins us to discuss the army in it's current form.
  8. gdieckhaus

    Sigmar and Son

    Join us Saturday 5/5 at 4:00pm us central for another episode of sigmar and son. This week we take a look at the Desert Legions of the Tomb Kings with @Vincent Venturella
  9. gdieckhaus

    Chaos Spawn Tzeentch only?

    In the warscroll builder and the warscroll on the GW site, it shows that the chaos spawn is Tzeentch only ... is this a mistake that its only showing the latest scroll from the tzeentch book? or has it been removed from other chaos god factions?
  10. gdieckhaus

    Chaos marauders with blood reavers

    I have heard of some people using 40k deathguard poxwalkers for marauders.
  11. gdieckhaus

    Sigmar and Son

    And this was our first episode.
  12. gdieckhaus

    Sigmar and Son

    Hey everyone, my son and I have started a show where we talk about Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Our Latest Episode we catch the wave that is sweeping the country and talk Idoneth Deepkin.
  13. gdieckhaus

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    Well... i think 113 out of 160. My first tournament so learned alot! I know I misdeployed the last game, and that cost me the game.
  14. gdieckhaus

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    Old School Death Tomb King List I brought to Adepticon... Really suffered from no battalions and losing the drop war every time. Allegiance: Death Tomb King on Exalted Chariot (460) - General - Command Trait : Master of the Black Arts - Artefact : Ring of Immortality Tomb Queen (120) Tomb Herald (100) Liche Priest (120) 3 x Skeleton Chariots (140) 3 x Skeleton Chariots (140) 20 x Skeletal Legionnaires (160) 30 x Skeleton Archers (300) 3 x Necropolis Knights (240) 3 x Sepulchral Stalkers (140) 1 x Tomb Scorpions (80) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Leaders: 4/6 Battlelines: 4 (3+) Behemoths: 0/4 Artillery: 0/4 Wounds: 138
  15. gdieckhaus

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Here is my Sepulchral Guard done up as Tomb Kings!