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  1. I'm a bit new to the game and just curious if an all Gitmob/Moonclan/Spiderfang is a viable thing, since most of the lists I've seen mix in other Destruction elements. I also have a few specific questions, which I shall number for convenience of answering: 1. Is it true that even measuring from their bases, spear goblins/moonclan are small enough to attack in three ranks? 2. Are the Goblin Warboss and Skarsnik still legal compendium Leaders? 3. Are wolfriders and wolf chariots any good? Do you stick with spears on the riders? Bows seem meh. Also can Nasty Skulkers hide inside Wolf Riders? 4. Do you feel any of the Gitmob artillery is worth it? Do you always take them in at least doubles for the special ability? 5. I also like trolls, and have always lumped them in with goblins in Warhammer. Is there any particular breed that you think works best?
  2. I'd like to give my first list a try, using what I've learned lurking here. This is meant as a starting point to build off of, and I eschewed some fancier models that I definitely want to include down the road when I'm a better painter (greatswords and the Hurricanum). Leaders: Freeguild general on warhorse w/ stately warbanner (100pts) -Reckless, Phoenix Stone Amber Battlemage (100pts) Jade Battlemage (100pts) Battleline: 30 Freeguild Guard w/ swords and shields (240pts) 20 Freeguild Guard w/ halberds (160pts) x3 units of 10 Handgunners w/ long rifle Marksmen (300pts) 1000pts total I'm going to be brutally honest in my thinking on this list as a newbie. The general has a warhorse for mobility and I probably can't hide him from shooting even on foot, Reckless to help charges but also because my army is all infantry and rerolls for running will help mobility, and Phoenix Stone because I couldn't think of anything better. I used those two color battlemages because they seem most useful. The swordsmen obviously to hold things, protect things, and grind fights out. The halberds because....honestly I really like halberds. And of course handgunners to shoot things, and also to give me three snipers. Please dissect at your convenience, I'm hopefully starting to paint my first 10 Freeguild Guard this weekend, so everything is pretty mutable.
  3. Thank you for that, MrCharisma. I'm going to have to read through that entire thread, but thank you for the explanation
  4. Thank you everyone for the input. I think I might hold off on artillery and stick to basics for the moment after reading this. Although I do see the benefits of the Hurricanum and will probably get one, if such a thing is technically artillery. One question, what is meant by 'bubble wrapping' something? I gather it's a form of protection using cheaper models but it sounds like a very specific technique.
  5. Thank you for all the advice and encouragement, it's much appreciated. I guess painting is just kind of scary because it's not like anything I've ever done. But the videos are encouraging, they produce some nice effects that seem simple enough to give a try.
  6. Thank you. I've been trying to watch online tutorials, I hadn't heard about Warhammer TV before.
  7. I'm a totally new Freeguild player planning for an infantry/handgun style army, and I wanted to get opinions on the artillery available. From what I've learned through searching the forum, any crewed artillery must be kept out of range of enemy ranged units or the crew will simply be gunned down. I also read a lot of comments suggesting things like the Luminark and such are better because they are self contained and have no crew to kill. I'm just curious as a new player if veterans find artillery useful and which they prefer. Also how to best protect them from things that can show up from table edges and rush them. I also noticed in the Order Errata that the Empire Cannon is still a unit (and the Mortar I assume) seperate from the dwarf cannon, and that a Gunmaster within 1" can buff it since they still have the keywords Human and Engineer. Would you recommend this combo at all?
  8. Hi everyone. I played Games Workshop games many years ago, mostly with my friend's armies because I couldn't afford the hobby. Even after I stopped playing I followed the literature and storyline. After discovering a shop around the corner I thought it would be fun to get back into things, this time actually buying and playing my own army for the first time. I'm still comprehending all the rules, but I want to run a mostly Freeguild army. I have to admit having never touched a paintbrush I'm incredibly nervous, especially trying to do the particolored clothing of proper renaissance soldiers. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to it all, and the people at the store seem nice and said come on in any day and they'll set up a demo game for me to try.
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