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  1. Evocators seem insane. Is there ever a reason to take Retributors? The Sequitors seem to have made the Liberators obselete too I don’t play much so I may be way off I should buy more of these
  2. Nice job! Your army is incredible. I’m worrying on my Haunts
  3. Thanks. I can't wait to try out with the Palladors.
  4. Has anyone used him in battle? any ideas on kitting him out and his steed? paint is on him. Now I need to get his hands dirty.
  5. Thanks for the recon. I wondered about the aetherwings. I can't wait to get my nine longstrikes! dont bother running cuz you'll only die tired
  6. Do they have different sized bases? Hurricanes look circular. The longstrikes look oval. Can you put up a pic of those sometime?
  7. I am working on the Lord Aquilor and 6 Palladors. The models are amazing. Anyone use these yet?
  8. Would you place them back middle of your side with liberator wall?
  9. I'm just getting started. Its been a lot of fun. As a beginner any advice is great I bought a lot of the new stuff because they look amazing.
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