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  1. The main reason why I am confused about the rule is that Models with the Flying Keyword ignore the rule. That would suggest that there is a height limit to the obstruction of the terrain, otherwise the exeption of the rule for flying models make no sense (to me). (and I think that if we play a game where the rules make no sense, there is little sense in playing the game at all) So, if the wyldwood impares vision for models on the ground, but it does not to models in the air. I think it would be safe to assume that there's a point (up in the air) where the Line of Sight is no longer blocked by the Wyldwood. If so, where would that be?
  2. I believe that when you can see a model you can shoot it, But since there's an obstacle between your unit and all of the enemy models are within 1" of the obstacle, it has a bonus to saverolls. You draw line of sight from each individual model from your unit to the model that is visible, and since wounds spill over onto other models you can effectively shoot the entire unit.
  3. Not looking to destroy the dude though, just want to bring something to the table that can counter his strengths a bit better than my current setup. Thanks a bunch for the advice @Lucky Snake Eyes @Waiyuren @sinksinksink @Yoshiya
  4. I think Flying might be key here indeed.. Tzeentch does have access to some nice Flying Ranged units and heroes so I will try that next time, thank you
  5. I get that rule as written. for example dryads should not be visible when they are "in" the woods. So, for instance: if you would deploy the models on top of the wyldwood I would say that they are visible eventhough they fall into the footprint of the wyldwood base. (hopefully we're on the same page so far) (if not, I truly would be interested in arguments as to why I would not be able to see the dryads). Following that same logic I think it is very strange that a model that is belly deep into the leaves, exposed from the torso up, would be invisible. But maybe i'm just not seeing the reasoning behind the rule.
  6. I played Disciples of Tzeentch: Mortal focused with 10 pinks to rake in some extra blue horror points
  7. the thing is.. I did try to fight in a Wyldwood, (mostly because I had to, because 2 of the 3 objectives were in the forest after his turn 1) and I faced 20 dryads which gave my models a -1 to hit. I simply could not fight my way through them.
  8. Hi, My opponent put his Treelord in a wyldwood, and said I could not see nor target him with shooting and/or spells. Which I kind of get because of the 1" LoS rule the Wyldwood has. However.. the Trees are only about 5" high, and bigger models like a Treelord stick out like a sore thumb. I feel like I should be able to shoot/magic them because there IS a line of sight. What do you guys think?
  9. Hi, I keep getting my AoS (see what I did there?) handed to me when playing against a local Sylvaneth player. The last couple of games he deployed his woods either on or right next to objectives. I lost first turn because of the battalion he plays, and once I got to my turn I was looking into the barrel of two wyldwoods on two different objectives. How would you handle an opponent thats firmly dug in and you have to fight him on his terms? In a 1k match he brought: Branchwraith Treelord Anchient Drycha Hamadreth Branchwych Tree revenants Dryads I'd like to know what you guys would bring to the table and how you'd counter the list
  10. What's your guys opinion on Greatswords? On the facebookpage i'm on they get a lot of criticism, due to their price cost. But in my games I always get a lot of bang for my buck. In the last two games i played against Sylvaneth they took Drycha down in a single Combat round. People seem to dislike them because they're only 10 wounds for 150 points, but when used offensively they can turn out a whooping 21 2+ 2+ -1 Rend attacks. I make sure they attack first, so that there's no attacks coming their way after that. The new edition will come with certain warscroll updates, We've seen many abilities change due to the "wholly within" updates. Do you guys think that other factors may be affected like rend on weapons or, hit and woundrolls?
  11. Hey Bottle, Fantastic Campaign although i do have a question. Models with the Hero keyword start with 50 experience. (lvl 5) Does this mean that they get to roll 5 times on the Advancement Table before the campaign starts? Or do you not roll and is this just a measure that makes the general less Overpowered at lvl 10?
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