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  1. DarkWingDuck

    Favourite AoS/ Warmmer Lore Tidbits.

    Sotek gets mentioned as a god that's worshiped by some Free Guild soldiers in a recent book (I think it was Black Pyramid, although I also recently read Heart of Winter ... so it might have been in there). I was surprised by the reference, since he's always been a Skink god. So he's not completely gone.
  2. DarkWingDuck

    Theories on new models/armies from the LORE

    Now that I think on it a bit more, I agree that it's more likely that we'll see a chariot pulled by two large hounds (and that would be awesome!!!). The reason the Blood Marshal stood out from the generic Chaos Warriors/Lords that get thrown into these stories (that I'd never expect to see models for), is that he wasn't quite generic. He had a purpose and a role within Khorne's hierarchy. It's implied that the whole elaborate pit fighting setup was a mechanism to raise Blood Reavers up to Blood Warriors.
  3. DarkWingDuck

    Theories on new models/armies from the LORE

    Circling back to the topic of this thread. From the Warqueen, the Blood Marshal felt like a new "thing". I can usually spot the miniature that provided inspiration for various characters, but I couldn't think of a Khorne equivalent for this guy (other than maybe generic Chaos Lord). He's described as being similar to a Blood Warrior only 3 times the size. So an Ogre+ sized Blood Warrior. I liked how it was implied that it was his mission to create/find new Blood Warriors.
  4. DarkWingDuck

    Azyrite Townscape

    It looks like the actual contents include 1/2 a box of Azyrite Ruins + the two 2 story ruins? The 1/2 box of Azyrite Ruins is worth $15 (full box is $30), meaning the two 2 story ruins are valued at $20 a piece. I doubt this mistake was malicious, but it does lessen the value of the box a bit. I'll still probably end up buying it though.
  5. Spoilers Ho! I read it and liked it. I too liked the setting description (I got a vague "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" Elven Realms vibe to it) With all of the cameos, I was surprised that the main Khorne character wasn't Redbeard (it seems like it would have been an obvious reference). They kept referencing something awakening/rebirth, and at first it seemed to be referencing Slaanesh (who we know is hidden in the same general location as Shadespire), but in the end it turned out to be the minor chaos god Zuvassin (the Great Undoer). That caught me a bit off guard. Also, given the time when Zuvas finally escapes from Shadespire, I'm wondering if he immediately just get's pulled back in (to do it all over again). I also was surprised that the Katophrane was able to leave Shadespire (and lure other explorers to their doom), and it was hinted at strongly that no one has ever actually escaped (except Zuvas at the end).
  6. DarkWingDuck

    The Rumour Thread

    I like the undead blood bowl team. The pictures/video seems to suggest there are 14 miniatures in the team box. All previous boxes only had 12. It's possible the Mummies are individually packaged (like the Ogre and Troll), but they don't look nearly as big as those two (and there are 2 in the team shot ... which would be expected if it's 2 identical sprues like other team boxes). The Troll shadespire team is awesome too! Here's hoping for a troll hero! Looking forward to both of these releases!
  7. Not sure how many of these are canon, but there's some random AoS lore factoids (that I haven't seen elsewhere) sprinkled in the recent "500 Facts for 500 Stores" Warhammer Community post. Some of these I haven't seen elsewhere (although, to be honest, I haven't read every single AoS book). The single world aspect of #199 was the most surprising.
  8. DarkWingDuck

    What are your pet peeves at the gaming table?

    I can see the complaint if you are using dice to track wounds, but I have a bunch of wound counters (either little red glass beads or small bases with skulls on them), it'd feel weird to use them to count down wounds. With that said, when I DM'ed, I always counted up hit points. I did that so it's obfuscated as to the number of hit points a monster has left (that way I don't need to worry about hiding the sheet I'm using to track hit points). I can see how it would be annoying if I thought someone was doing it for that reason in a wargame like AoS. IIRC, the wound counters in Silver Tower also count up. I lean on the side of counting up, but I'd ask the first time my opponent took a wound if there was any confusion.
  9. I always thought the carrion king was Ushoran founder of the Strigio line of vampires. Although which original bloodline the Von Carsteins came from, was never explained, and I always thought Vlad and Ushoran had some similarities (not the same vampire, but maybe Vlad came from the Ushoran bloodline).
  10. DarkWingDuck

    Gods of Aqshy and Chamon?

    Minor spoilers for Tainted Heart Minor spoilers for Soul Wars And minor spoilers for Warbeast
  11. Minor Soul Wars spoilers:
  12. DarkWingDuck


    IIRC, Old World Halflings were also almost complete immune to the corrupting effects of Chaos. It's thought they were created by the Old Ones as an answer/remedy/weapon against the Ruinous Powers, but that they never finished the project. Since Ogres were created at the same time, it's speculated that the two were to be combined at some point and a powerful anti-chaos creature would be created. Rogue Explorator already talked about the Ogre/Halfling similarities, how about Sigmar weaponizing Halflings against Chaos. A Halfling might be able to "deal with"/guard/wield chaos tainted objects with little to no corruption. Azyr Halfling Witchhunter bands! Complete with the big hats and brace of pistols.
  13. I like-like Kraak the Old Thing! He's suitably Skaveny! Since you mention wanting idea's in the topic title, one easy way to do book text is to get a Micron Pen 005 (or 003 if you can find one). They sell for about $3.50 at Michaels if you are in the US. It's much easier to write "scribbles" with one of those than to try to do it with a brush (unless you have Golden Daemon level brush control skills). Also useful for dotting eyes and various other tasks that require a very thin line. Something you might want to try. For Skaven I'd go with either the black or brown pen (although dark blue also looks good for "cleaner" magic texts too).
  14. DarkWingDuck

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Finished the last warband for Edition 1 for Shadespire. Woohoo! These have the same basic colors as The Farstriders (less white ... more gold). I painted them at the same time. I also edge highlighted using Troll Slayer Orange instead of Fire Dragon Bright Red (to give them a "warmer" glow).
  15. DarkWingDuck

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Finally finished The Farstriders.