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  1. Silchas_Ruin

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    My Reavers are screen / Bloodtithe only. Bloodwarriors very much depends on the opponent. Played a DoK last weekend. He had 2x30 WitchAelves, charged 1 group with Bloodletters and 1 with Bloodwarriors and got to damage both units due to striking after dying. Bloodwarriors need to be 10 to give leader the special weapon and then they tend to take out some stuff pretty good. Depending on opponent they might join Reavers as screen.
  2. Silchas_Ruin

    Tenebrael Shard way to go for Mixed Order?

    not unique in generals handbook
  3. Silchas_Ruin

    Tenebrael Shard way to go for Mixed Order?

    Played a Order list with a fun little ally combo. Tenebrael Shard + Sword of Judgement. Yeah, thats it. On 4+ he can teleport into combat anywhere on the table. He then gets +1 to hit if he does and has 6 attacks. So thats 6 attacks that do D6 mortal wounds on 5+ against heroes and monsters. Talk about a cheap Sniper. Can kill anything, sure you should only count on him taking out a regular hero. But if your opponent brings something like Alarielle you give it a go. You probably take her down a bracket or 2 and if you get great rolls its: "hey Alarielle, bye Alarielle". Not bad for 120 points and a artifact slot.
  4. Silchas_Ruin

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I been giving my BT +1 dmg also, even gave it a go with +2. That +1 just feels like the difference between being scary in melee or not. In games without BT seems to have a hard time actually killing stuff.
  5. You are making this all or nothing. Should we allow everything GW ever realeased for AoS in turnaments. Noone is saying we should. But many of us think allowing a few extra allegiance abilities would be easy. Its no extra work for a TO, you just don't ban Free Cities. No matter how much I try I can't see how this has anything to do with "Domion of Chaos, Chaos Dreadhold, all the Warscroll Battalions available in The Realmgate Wars". Pretty much all of that would require extra rules to use, thats not the same as just leaving out a sentence saying you can't use Free Cities. Edit: I just looked over your post again. Thats some stupid ****** you are saying. We are talking about a couple of people in a turnament using a different allegiance ability and you bring up playing with the Malign Portents Deck. You are clearly just here to argue, so I will stop feeding the troll
  6. Again, yes TO's can choose what they use and they are allowed to drop Free Cities. All your arguments are about why TO's can do that. I have yet to see anyone argue that they should not be allowed to. The question for everyone other than you, is if leaving out Free Cities is a good idea. Thats what everyone else wants to bring up, does it make sense to not allow Free Cities. But all you want to do is make the same argument over and over about why TO's are allowed to leave Free Cities out.. So it feels like you keep arguing something different than the rest of us. Can you choose to say no campaign content. YES. But why not allow a few extra allegiance abilities, really?
  7. Thats the thing. They don't seem bad, some people just don't like them. So I can kinda see where the first post here came from. Are people banning free Cities simply due to coming out in a campaign book and dismissing that as narrative play, without really looking if there is a reason to ban.
  8. It seems the people who defend banning Free Cities mostly defend TO's right to do so. I totally support that that right. But this is not so much about that as why is banning Free Cities a thing that happens a lot in the first place. Not should they be allowed to ban them, but why do it? What I don't get is why would you want to ban them in the first place. Sure, if you want to ban them you can make a argument for it. But why stop players from playing a army they like and is unlikely to end up on top tables. I don't like Firestorm so noone can play those armies? Does that really make sense?
  9. Silchas_Ruin

    new death battletome announced!

    I'm putting my hope on the line that the new book will be all death loyal to Nagash. So they could do Legions of Nagash to make all the old stuff more playable in game, then a new Death fraction not loyal to Nagash later. Don't even care if its deathelves, if they make the old stuff usefull and get something new I will be happy. To much hoping and no facts
  10. Silchas_Ruin

    is there a TGA like forum for 40K?

    To me it looks like a huge amount of the toxic fantasy players never moved to AoS. You will find tons of them online if you try to talk AoS in other places that are not pure AoS. AoS had a pretty hard start and a was helped by some really positive community leaders (like Ben with TGA). So we got a positive thing going and many new people line up with the established tone. I'm sure it will even out again over time.
  11. Silchas_Ruin

    Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    Not played with these rules yet, but I like the idea of bonus objectives. The 1 issue I have is if the strongest armies can just play as they would anyway and get more points. Assassinate, Kingslayer and Strike first have already been named for this reason. The strongest armies in the current meta will probably get those anyway, so just makes it harder to outplay them and win on points while they kill you. Make a higher number of bonus objectives not killing things and I would be happy. The way the basic missions work its hard, but possible to outplay a stronger army and win on points while removing your models from the table. Bonus objectives should not make that harder. Which I feel like giving extra points for killing units you would kill anyway will do. I had games where I won with 2-3 points at the end, while I have 10% of my army left and my opponent has 50%. With bonus objectives giving points for killing playing smart will probably no longer win me a game like that.
  12. Silchas_Ruin

    Ideas for using Open War Cards

    Looking forward to some games where we just use the cards as in the book. If those games end up being with points, stuff like giving each a ruse card as mentioned above sounds fun. For other uses of the deck I been considering adding them to normal matched play. Depending how much random you want you can again do stuff like giving each a ruse card. The sudden death cards I would make into secret missions that give extra victory points instead of a win. Will have to actually try some games, but I think finding ways to spice up matched play games is where my Open War cards will end up seeing most use.
  13. Silchas_Ruin

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    I been looking too and have not really come up with anything making me want to go away from all khorne
  14. Silchas_Ruin

    NEW FAQs, Compendium, Forgeworld

    So Crimson Crown is now ekstra attack on 6 or more? Always played roll of 6 as a natural 6. That seems kinda insane. Not hard to get +2 hit on bloodletters, which would result in 50% ekstra attacks.
  15. Silchas_Ruin

    Changes to Battalion point costs

    My problem from what I seen so far, is that they raised most battalions by ~100 points. Thats a good raise for some battalions, way to much for others and probably to little for a few. I think we are more likely to see everyone doing the same army builds now.