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  1. With some removal of bits and addition of bits, the Poxwalkers would be amazing zombies. You would need to reposition some arms though.
  2. Maybe Lion Rangers. Either that or even more Stormcast.
  3. This spell would be very useful to Seraphon because of their bonuses against Chaos Daemons.
  4. So, are there going to be any cats in this army? Also, spectacular work.
  5. Strike Force Tigris. 1 Starpriest 2 Ripperdactyls 8 Saurus Warriors with spears, one champion and one icon bearer.
  6. I have a Troglodon, and Oxyotl. Is it okay if Oxyotl has a cat on his head?
  7. I can't rebase him, yet I do have other stuff, including a Starpriest who also is on a square. (I just think they look better for some heros.)
  8. Well, I have a converted Skink Chief on a Slaughterbrute's head, but he's on a square. I need to finish him up though.
  9. Do they need to be on square bases? Also can I do conversions?
  10. By "Regular people" do you mean just the normal races or also crazier stuff like Seraphon, Sylvaneth, Daemons, and other non-typical races?
  11. Seraphon. I chose them because their lore is amazing, and it makes it easier to include random stuff. (Example: "Why do you have a winged Skink archer?" "My Slann has a strange imagination.") Also, they're lizard people made out of celestial magic that ride dinosaurs.
  12. I would recommend earthy colors, like browns and tans. It wouldn't make sense for a tunneling creature to be bright magenta.
  13. I have a pair of Oldbloods, named Tarlik and Takrell, and I have yet to come up with lore. What I have so far is that Tarlik is a veteran of many battles and is a seasoned tactician, and Takrell is a berserker who wins mainly by brute force. Both aren't fully painted, and Takrell's shield arm isn't attached yet. Tarlik has the warblade, and Takrell has the greatblade.
  14. @Giuseppe gdb, why did you sculpt those things on the brown demon? He needs some pants, and a nose covering.
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