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  1. Comission service in the uk - come and give us a like https://www.facebook.com/Lucifer-Painting-Studio-1430458977023672/
  2. Painting studio open for work - contact the page to discuss your needs. Open to any system, secure payments and safe return postage guaranteed New studio reduction - 10% off your final bill https://www.facebook.com/Lucifer-Painting-Studio-1430458977023672/
  3. The clarion horns sounding... The clamour of battle raging... The mix of blood and sweat hanging heavy in the air that can only mean, the attack has come... Urgluk reached for his sword of grey, donned his ancient armour of glittering grey and raised his clans battle standard, a device as old as his bloodline - a grey fox rampant on a grey mountain range. He took one last bite from the feast set out before him, wiping grey juice from his maw as he downed the last of a bottle of vintage elven grey wine liberated from the northen province of greysun... Wait a minute, sonethings not right here... You wouldn't read fiction like this, so why PLAY fiction without colour? Email me today to discuss your needs - secure payments, swift service and excellent results. Paypal and brushes are waiting Veterantrainergreen@gmail.com
  4. Hi all Looking for an unpainted (or even unbuilt) AoS force - happy to consider anything, can include battletomes and generals compendium In return I have... Imperial assault base game Bespin expansion Bossk, hired guns and Blaise Card folders and FELDHERR case
  5. Lucifer

    Base sizes

    Can someone please give me guidance on base sizes... For matched play, which would be the 'standard' base sizes in the oval section for human sized cav and dragons?
  6. So - I've had a ****** 2016 - been made redundant, working shirt jobs to make ends meet and survive each day, my washing machine has (and still is) broke, my rent has gone up ... Again! And my anxiety has gotten worse On the positive - have a new job to start in the new year, a career for sure that will help with all the above, except for the anxiety - for that I need to hobby again, I need to get back down the club and play some games and force myself to socialise... So, show me your warhammer fantasy job lots - let me buy it (nice and cheaply) and help me to improve myself!
  7. Currently on eBay though can remove if deal made outside - would also trade for imperial assault http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222289774077
  8. Can pm you to discuss if you're legit interested? What do you have to trade?
  9. His all!! So, a good one today... I have a couple of unreleased beta testing kits from a large American board game company... I'd be looking to trade for an AoS army, preferably unbuilt... Perhaps ogres? Undead? High elves?
  10. South East UK based commission painter looking currently for large job... Army to complete? Frost grave warband need a lick of paint? Perhaps you're after the iron kingdoms? Get in touch to discuss terms https://m.facebook.com/Lucifer-Painting-Studio-1762880557314389/
  11. As title - flicked through once or twice at home £12.50 posted in UK - PayPal waiting
  12. And yes - I know this is a crummy post However I also know that we often end up with multiple backlog armies that have no hope of ever being finished - I myself have gave away 3 armies in my time, twice to people just starting out and once to a guy who was scammed online and lost army... I'm not asking for a handout however, just an understanding trade partner
  13. Have the below items to trade - unusual I know but perhaps they fit in with a collection you already have... I recently was made redundant and had to sell all my armies. I am now working though in supporting myself and my partner have no money left for toys. Redundancy was the most devestating thing that has ever happened to me and, I need to get painting again to raise my spirits and chase away my current dark demeanour... Looking to trade for anything really - must be unbuilt or perhaps unpainted - offer away
  14. Get some skirmish movement trays to clump models together - then they're removable when you need them to be...
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