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  1. Hey dude what if What if we Dude what if we turned this model This stupid model into a game mechanic Bro... I love it Dude I'm so high right now
  2. It's a net decrease in points spent when you consider the battleline slot the Judicators are filling (520 + 115 vs 570/600)
  3. Yup. Both Longstrikes and Fulminators going up makes them difficult to use in the same list together (cant take a 3rd hammer unit, you give up a lot of screens & support heroes) but you can still do Judicators + Fulminators or Longstrikes + Drakes or Longstrikes + Annihilators
  4. We drop inefficient support heroes like the Tauralon, maybe swap Raptors for Judicators Not a big deal overall
  5. Not as long as we stay in a meta full of Archaon, Gargants, Nagash, Kragnos, etc. Concussors don't do enough damage to kill Gargants in one turn
  6. The Stormkeep had our first live show last night where we talked about some recent tournaments and the upcoming AOS game update! Despite some technical issues, it was a great time and I look forward to doing more in the future
  7. Have Eldar ever been shown to use this kind of gear mechanism?
  8. Everyone is looking at the image in the middle, but what about that gearwork underneath the frame? It looks like Seraphon to me
  9. I've been to many tournaments at X-Planet and it's like 80% casual dad types looking to get a day off to roll dice and look at cool models, and a handful of highly competitive players. The owner is a great guy and the community is spectacular. Never had a bad game there. Definitely my favourite spot for RTTs in Ontario
  10. It's definitely Fyreslayers What's the name of the Fyreslayers vs Idoneth box going to be? Fyre and Watyr Souls and Prayers Magmocean
  11. Since you had such good knowledge of the local meta I think you made the right call. How did you find your list matching up against Seraphon? Was the lack of Scions and Incantor an issue? Looking forward to bumping into you at events again (probably at the top tables, like usual) in the new year! Maybe this time you will be the one playing a stormcast castle list
  12. Yes the Incantor is a key unit any time you're not trying to play for an alpha strike Jordans list is (imo) a worse version of Hallowstrike
  13. T&N in the last round is rough. If it was the first round it might be okay because that is when you will likely be facing the weakest opponent you will see at the event. I think in this case I would avoid a list that relies on Scions, like 3x3 Grandhammers
  14. Which round is Tooth & Nail? What is the rest of your list? If you have sufficient shooting you can probably force the enemy to come fight your Grandhammers.
  15. These guys look like they have to take a dump and are looking around for the bathroom
  16. The Stormkeep Episode 13 - Stormcast Battletome Wishlisting is live! Hear all about MJs plan to cut points for all heroes, the new units we would introduce to the Stormcast range, and how to make Vanquishers useful. Please note that this was filmed the day before the Stormdrake Guard change... 😅
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