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  1. Yes, but what happens to "overkill" wounds? Damage done to a destroyed unit is negated (14.1), and a unit is destroyed when the last model is removed from play (1.3). However, models are not removed from play until after all wounds have been allocated (14.2). There seems to be a direct contradiction within the core rules.
  2. Allocating Wounds is part of the attack sequence... section 13.3 and 13.3.1 are clear about this.
  3. Why would you consider an errata published before the current battletome to be relevant to the current battletome?
  4. Neither was Warhammer Fantasy Battles, until it was rebooted
  5. That is how it worked in 2nd edition. Since the 3rd edition core rules have changed how wounds are allocated and when slain models are removed, that is no longer how it works. Definitely going in my FAQ email, along with things like asking why the Lord-Aquilor doesn't have the GRYPH-CHARGER or VANGUARD keywords. I wanted to bring attention to it in this forum because it seems to be a big change in how these rules work compared to 2nd edition.
  6. I would definitely like more designer notes so I wouldn't have to hear people make appeals to the authority of random anonymous tournament organizers and their house rules. Cycle does not trigger when a model is slain. It triggers if a model is slain and when you try to remove that model. That is a distinct difference in timing. Which "specific FAQ" are you referencing? The 2nd edition FAQ is never relevant when discussing 3rd edition rules. I don't see how 14.3 is relevant to the discussion here, I'm assuming you meant to write 14.2 Leave the personal attacks out of this my dude; it only looks bad on you.
  7. You disagree but wrote the exact same thing...? Maybe you should actually read what I wrote It's a very clearly defined interaction - you don't remove models until all wounds are finished being allocated, and Cycle triggers when you remove a model. I don't really care about the house rules made by your local tournament
  8. Cycle of the Storm triggers when you try to remove a slain model, not necessarily the first model in a unit. Also worth noting that Cycle does not trigger from a model being slain, but rather when it is removed. It doesn't say "when a model is slain" it says "if a model is slain, instead of removing it from play". I think you are correct that you can end up with a unit that has two wounded models in a unit if you are dealt enough damage to slay one model and damage another, but not enough to destroy the whole unit. There is a clause in 14.1 that says "If a unit is destroyed, all wounds that remain to be allocated to the unit are negated and have no effect." Unfortunately they don't define "destroyed" anywhere, but the most reasonable interpretation is that a destroyed unit is "a unit in which all models are slain". The old way is not consistent with 14.2
  9. Gardus Relictor Incantor Tauralon 6 Raptors 10 Protectors Libs Libs Libs
  10. If a rumour mentions multipart chaos knights and warriors you know its just pure hopium-fueled wishlisting
  11. Well, once per turn as Cycle states. If you have multiple Cycles you could survive two attack sequences in a turn. But basically yes that is the argument. The core of the argument is that since: a) wounds cannot be allocated to a "slain" model; and b) "slain" models are removed after all wounds are allocated and attacks are resolved Therefore all "overkill" damage is negated before removing the model, and Cycle triggers when you remove the model, which happens after wounds are finished allocating. Therefore when Cycle triggers it heals 1 wound and the model survives regardless of how much "overkill" was done.
  12. This discussion came up in the Stormkeep discord In 2nd edition: "Once the number of wounds allocated to a model during the battle equals its Wounds characteristic, the model is slain. Place a slain model to one side - it is removed from play" A model would die as soon as you allocated wounds to it. The FAQ clarified that the model would be removed from play instantly, before another wound was allocated to the unit, then you would continue allocating wounds. Cycle of the Storm would trigger at this point to revive the model and heal 1 wound. Then you continue allocating wounds, and the model would die again. So if a model with 2 wounds took 5 damage, it would take 2 > die > heal 1 > take 1 > die, and the remaining 2 damage ("overkill") would be negated. However, this has changed in 3rd edition: Section 14.2 reads: "Once the number of wounds allocated to a model equals its Wounds characteristic, the model is slain and you cannot allocate any more wounds to it. A slain model is removed from play after all of the wounds caused to its unit have been allocated and all attacks that inflicted damage on the unit have been resolved" (emphasis mine) The 2nd edition FAQ is no longer relevant, nor is it consistent with the new wording of how wounds are allocated and how models are slain. In 3rd edition you allocate wounds and count models as "slain", but you do not remove them until you allocate all the wounds and resolve all attacks from the unit that is attacking. Since you cannot allocate wounds to a slain model (14.2), all "overkill" damage must be negated before you try to remove any models. This difference is timing is important because many abilities activate when a model is "removed from play". Cycle of the Storm says: "Once per turn, if a friendly STORMCAST ETERNALS model is slain within 18" of this unit, instead of removing that model from play, you can heal 1 wound allocated to it and the model does not count as having been slain." You can allocate 15 damage to a model with 5 wounds, it is "slain", the 10 overkill damage is negated, then the model is revived and healed 1 wound by Cycle. What this effectively means is that Cycle of the Storm allows one model in a unit to survive an infinite amount of damage from a single attack sequence. Please correct me if you see any errors in this logic. I want to understand how this ability works.
  13. You can definitely make a list work with both TV and UTH. You could do any combination of 6/9 Grandhammers, 15 Judicators, 6 Raptors, and 10/15 Protectors and end up with a pretty strong list because it has the power to delete multiple key units quite reliably. The best list I have seen out of the new book so far is 6 Raptors + 10 Protectors in Hallowed Knights. 6 Starsouls up front and 9 Glaives in the back can be cumbersome if get hit on weird flanks, but you can always Translocate and reposition for a 5" charge. You don't have to bring 3 priests; you can get exploding hit6 from other sources, like the Celestial Vindicators. I can definitely justify bringing a 2nd Lord-Relictor, especially since you can stick em with an Arcane Tome like you said. Divine Light is a good accuracy boost that activates on a 2+ and your opponent can't stop it. You haven't truly experienced Stormcast in 3rd edition until you charge something with 4 Fulminators buffed by +1/+1 and exploding hit6s against an enemy you just debuffed with Divine Light. It will do an average of 81 damage all with Rend-2.
  14. Good post. Wanted to add some thoughts about this: 1. Starsouls are better against 3+ saves or better, but glaives pull ahead against 4+ or worse. If you use Unleash Thy Hatred starsouls are better on any save value. Since (almost) every army is capable of getting to a 3+ Save because of the existence of All Out Defence and Mystic Shield, it is fair to make value judgements against 3+ saves. 2. You can take Unleash Thy Hatred and Thunderbolt Volley in the same list if you gain an extra Enhancement (eg. from a Warlord Battalion) 3. Divine Light is really good, too. Going from 3+ to 2+ is a 25% damage increase, while re-rolling hit rolls of 1 is about 17% damage increase. You can stack them together for a 46% average damage increase, which is greater than the sum of their parts. If you stack them with exploding hit6 (25% damage increase on 3+) you can get a 75% average damage increase compared to just hitting on 3+.
  15. Are you guys really entertaining a random user who only registered an account 2 hours ago to post one message? You must be really desperate for news and rumours.
  16. The Stormkeep #2 is up Come hang out in our community discord server! https://discord.gg/C7hk88jd Right now we are doing a community contest for next weeks episode. The two community lists with the most votes get featured in an upcoming episode about list building
  17. Don't worry their minitrue department will be certain to edit all references to fit the new truth Battletomes were always going to be released in September
  18. Wow another space marine!!! and he is blue omg
  19. Gonna paint mine purple Don't tease the octopus, kids!
  20. Being able to retreat and charge is nice, but Comet Trail only happens when you make a normal move - it will not activate if you made a retreat move. Send an email to GW (AoSFAQ@gwplc.com) and ask if it is intentional that the Tauralon is excluded from picking mount traits. The more people ask, the more likely they will respond in the FAQ.
  21. Hmm yes you're right complaining about a company's bait & switch anti-consumer business strategies on a forum dedicated to discussing the company and it's products is definitely the same thing as being beaten in the streets during a pandemic - great analogy, truly a 10/10 post
  22. Mods must see all the deleted posts - the rest of us plebs are only at 2986.
  23. I think I would rather have an Arcane Tome on the Relictor/Imperatant rather than Call for Aid
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