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  1. Ironically this makes dragons much less useful in regular "mixed arms" stormcast tournament lists and doesn't do much to reduce their power in dragon spam lists. Classic GW blunder I would prefer if GW did balance adjustments before releasing their books, so they wouldn't have to make changes 3 weeks later.
  2. GW has never been, and will never be, competent If you want a balanced and/or competitive game I suggest you look to other companies or other mediums (like video games)
  3. They will definitely do this because it impacts Stormcast the most
  4. The Stormkeep episode 12 is live now! This time we talk about the process of building lists, featuring an example list using my favourite model (Celestant-Prime)
  5. The seraphon rules are really good, though?
  6. The Stormkeep #11 is live now! More lists for Stormcast Eternals, this time with the October 2021 FAQ/Errata in consideration. Featuring 3 lists made by The Stormkeep community discord
  7. You have to fully resolve an ability before you can use another one. Thunderbolt Volley doesn't say you can shoot later in the phase, like some other abilities in the game do. It works exactly like Unleash Hell shoot as soon as you receive the command. You must shoot with TV immediately, you cannot issue the command, translocate, then shoot.
  8. Save stacking defines Stormcast and that's cool & good In some other armies it can become abusive - they weren't written with 3rd edition in mind and the errata doesnt go far enough to clean them up I think the issue is Their Finest Hour and Heroic Recovery. Mystic Shield and AOD have limitations, counterplay, and opportunity costs (once per phase, have to cast a spell or spend a command point, cant receive multiple commands, can be unbound/roared, etc.) but TFH is the last piece of the puzzle that makes 3+ HERO MONSTER units feel oppressive. It can't be stopped and the opportunity cost is really low. Heroic Recovery should probably just heal 1 always with no bravery check required, OR heal d3 always but you cant use it while within 3" of an enemy and you cant charge later in the same turn
  9. 1) Yes 2) No You can take the same Holy Command more than once, but each Holy Command says you can only use them once per game.
  10. Yeah it depends on the unit. Stormdrake Guard: "Once per battle, in your hero phase, this unit can make a normal move." It is a once per battle effect but it is specific to the unit using the ability. Knight-Draconis: "Once per battle, in your hero phase, you can pick 1 friendly STORMDRAKE GUARD unit wholly within 12" of this unit that has not made a shooting attack in that phase. That unit can shoot". Once again this ability is specific to the unit using it. Other abilities in the game state something like "Once per battle, any unit with this ability can blahblahblah"; in that case you can only use the ability once per battle regardless of how many warscrolls have that ability.
  11. They work exactly like Triumphs. You can take the same one multiple times, each one says you can only use them once per game
  12. I think you've made good arguments here, and maybe I am undervaluing it. Here are some things you did not mention: Vindicators bonus activates the turn you charge but the effect lasts until your next hero phase, so you can get multiple combat phases. Vindicators can create situations where you have two different units with explodinf 6s (because you can still use Blessed Weapons). Vindicators also allows units deployed in Scions to get the bonus, which you normally cant do with Blessed Weapons. Rerolls are good, but even rerolling a 2+ is less average damage than exploding 6s, and less potential maximum damage. The rerolls cant be used on abilities like dragons breath attacks and starsoul maces. Rerolling a single dice is good with Raptors, but is less useful for our highest damage shooter (Crossbow Judicators) since they have worse accuracy and higher volume of attacks. Picking Warbringers doesnt make your army actively worse but the effect isnt great, it requires specific kinds of units (Raptors, Grandhammers, Stardrake?) and those units perform better in other lists/stormhosts. I might be undervaluing it at D, but I don't think its worth an A ranking. Really wish Warbringers had something like battleline Evocators.
  13. The Stormkeep #10 is live now! We have updated our unit/allegiance ability tier list to account for ~6 weeks of gameplay and the changes in the FAQ If you're a new player check out the summary slide at the end of the video to get an idea of which units you should focus on for your collection
  14. Any DRACONITH general makes Stormdrakes battleline, and both big drakes have the DRACONITH keyword Stormdrakes are great, especially buffed up, but you can't heal them with Heroic Recovery or use Finest Hour, etc. They are definitely on 40mm bases, there seems to be a typo on GWs website
  15. The Stormkeep was on Warhammer Weekly last night to do a deep dive on the Stormcast 3.0 battletome. We talked about almost every unit in the book, how to approach battles in terms of your overall strategy and army composition, and even featured some lists at the end. My favourite part was showing off the Karazai + 5 support heroes list
  16. Bottom left: VI is 6, which is Slaaneshs number Bottom right: IX is 9, which is Tzeentch's number Top right: VII is 7, which is Nurgles number Top left: XI is 11. No idea who that is for Middle bottom: XII is 12, which is Sigmars holy number
  17. The Stormkeep Episode 9 is live now! This episode is an introduction to strategy and tactics in tabletop wargaming. We discuss terms like "hammer", "anvil", "alpha strike", "castle", etc. and now the Stormcast can use these concepts when approaching battles. The video also features 2 lists (2 alpha strike, 2 castles) and a ranking of every Battle Tactic.
  18. It looks like merch for a mobile phone game... Really disappointing
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