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  1. Awesome, thanks! I didn’t know about these ones!
  2. Cheers, I know the dice That's not what I meant, but as others have mentioned, I'm talking about tokens to mark the effects of abilities from models in the armies. Like: re-roll hit rolls 1, re-roll failed wound rolls etc. Ben's scenery effect dice are ace, no doubt about that! If he has already those in the store, I don't see them, so sorry, my bad
  3. 1) Plastic tokens, definitelfy! Maybe a set of generic effects would be cool (+1 to Hit, Re-roll Wound, etc), and if you want to go further, faction-specific ones, with the names of the abilities. The cardboard tokens of some of the factions made by GW are... well... let's say they could be better. And they are lacking some of the abilities actually. 2) Plastic measuring sticks made, from 4" to 10-12", something of the like of this: http://www.brokenegggames.com/warmachinehordes/menoth/menoth-warsticks.html
  4. Hi guys, could you add our Facebook group in Japan? https://www.facebook.com/groups/aosjapan/ Cheers!! Champi
  5. Champi


    Same for Japan? I just added an event for Rising Sun GT. I am trying to get used to the site. I joined some time ago, but I am not used to Forums, sorry hehe. I don't know if there was a way to make the Events Japan myself or not, or maybe I just don't have the privileges yet? I added it to the calendar, though, but I don't see the auto thread made. Cheers! And hope some of the members here in TGA can make it to it this year. We had a great time in Osaka last year!
  6. Champi

    Rising Sun GT

    AoS Grand Tournament in Osaka, Japan. Check www.risingsungt.com for more information.
  7. Just got an email saying I have to be active or my account will be deleted. But I do react to posts and log in once in a while to check what's going on. Shouldn't that be enough? Not everyone has intersting things to say ?

  8. Reeeeaaaally late reply, but not a often user of this great site (I should visit it more), but just wanted to say a belated thank you for the reply. I noticed the mistake afterwards, should have checked this earlier Cheers, champi
  9. Does not he go on a 40 mm base? At least that is what the instructions say... And good options there. I was just checking some on secret weapon miniatures
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